Celebrating Mother’s Day with Chaps


Mother’s Day is one of my most favorite days of the year. Ever since I had my first child, I’ve appreciated celebrating what I love most in this world on this day more than any other day. I also appreciate taking the day to celebrate my own mother and my best friend, although we haven’t spent a Mother’s Day together since I moved to New York City.

This year on this very special day, I’ll be in Disney World with my children and my mother and we’ll share an amazing breakfast and the rest of the day at the park. Together with with almost all of the most important people in my life…I can barely dream up a better or more special Mother’s Day.

Of course, I’ve started to think about what I might wear on that day, so I’ve teamed up with Kohl’s and Chaps to help find the perfect dress at a great value.

I chose two of the various different styles to feature: The Chaps Floral Dress and the Chaps Black Color Block Dress.


I paired the Chaps Floral Jacquard Dress with an acid washed denim jacket that I found at Zara. I was so surprised how well they went together, and how much the jacket complimented the dress without taking anything away from the pretty style. This dress is versatile and comfortable-the colors are vibrant and the cut is complimentary to various different figures. I would be comfortable in an upscale restaurant or even at an outdoor brunch with some lighter colored flats-I always appreciate options if it’s going to be taking up valuable real estate in my closet.


The Chaps Black and White Colorblock Dress is the more flattering of the two with it’s slight asymmetrical pleating and stretchy jersey fabric, it also feels nice on and retains it’s look even while walking. This is more of an evening style, and would also look nice with a pair of knee-high boots and a clutch or heels.

Both of these dresses are well priced at Kohls– less than $100 for a decently made and nice looking outfit.

I would probably choose to wear the Floral Dress with the jacket to our brunch on Sunday, and know that I’d feel nice and properly dressed no matter the venue at Disney World. I’m really looking forward to the day spent with my mom and my children at the happiest place on earth.

UPDATE: Giveaway Terminated

I’m so sorry to say this- but there was some confusion and I needed to take the giveaway down. The dresses are available on the Kohl’s website though!

This post was sponsored by Chaps. All opinions are my own.

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  • I love the Chaps Floral Pleated Dress

  • I love the Chaps Floral Jacquard Dress! Very flattering!

  • My favorite dress is the Chaps Floral Dress!

  • I like the color block one. I recently cut my hair and this goes with it more.

    You look amazing in the floral one. Have a lovely lovely time at disney.

  • Love the floral chaps dress!!! Need that pop of color in my wardrobe. Smiles!

  • You look gorgeous in both but I love the black dress on you, Jess! xo

  • I love the black and white colorblock dress!!! I need stretchy especially after having my second 6 weeks ago!!

  • Lovely Jessica! Where are the shoes from? I’ve been searching for a pair just like those.

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