Resident Tourist: American Museum of Natural History

The first museum that we got a family membership to-thanks to my amazing in-laws-was the American Museum of Natural History. That was nearly four years ago, and since then it has become really like a second home to us.

It’s a bit of a daunting task getting there with the kids by myself, so I generally wait until Justin is home so that we can go as a family. Being outnumbered by what feels like 10 children (Beau counts as at least five lately), the extra hands and eyes within the busy museum is necessary.

We’ll set aside a day and head out early in the morning, stocked with plenty of snacks and lunches. A trip to the American Museum of Natural History will soak up hours in itself, not to mention the hour it takes to get there and back home depending on the mode of transportation we choose. A walk home through Central Park complete with either hot pretzels or ice cream cones is almost always certain, welcome, and truly so special.


Often we’ll check the new attractions that the museum is having any particular weekend (ProTip: If you aren’t using RedRover yet, this is a great time to start. It’s an app that can help you find things to do in the city and it’s always updated). Even though the special exhibits at the museum are always changing into something even more interesting and spectacular than the one before it, it’s the ones that are there year-round that we really go to see.


It’s been a really long winter here in the city. It’s still chilly, even as I type this on April 25th (I wore a scarf and wool coat out there today). We rely on the museums and libraries during the colder months, and even during the scorching hot ones in the summer. We’ve spent so much time here, that the American Museum of Natural History will always be such a special place to me, and hopefully to the kids as well.

It’s been so much fun introducing Beau to our favorite institution now that he’s a little older. He has really gotten more out of it than I expected him to-watching him absorb the gigantic wonders is such a magical feeling.


Every time we’re there, a new nook full of something incredible is discovered.

It is a palace of endless imagination.


Right now the museum is running the Whales, Giants of the Deep exhibition, and while we recently went to check it out. Although I wasn’t allowed to take or share any photos, I can tell you that we were all amazed, completely entertained, and we all learned so much. It may have been the greatest I have seen there. It’s now open and runs from March 23, 2013 – January 5, 2014. The special exhibits are an additional charge to general admission-which is a suggested donation rather than a fee. If you are in town, I definitely suggest taking a trip to the West Side to check it out.

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  • I’ve never been to AMNH but that sounds like how I feel about the Field Museum. I can’t wait for my family to move to Chicago so we can get a membership. And as always beautiful photos.

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