The Language of Love: Coach Giveaway

Motherhood has made me many things, but one thing I can say for sure is it’s made me really understand and appreciate the word “love”. My own heart just keeps growing as my children grow to encompass all that they are and an even greater understanding of the world and the people around us.

It’s so big that defining the word love and what it means to me is difficult; Words simply don’t do justice.

Love is my heart.

My heart is my children and my family.

My family is my entire world.


Coach has launched a new fragrance in time for Mother’s Day called Coach Love.

You can head to Coach’s Facebook page and create a Mother’s Day card inspired by something that you love.


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I’m giving away three bottles of Coach Love in honor of Mother’s Day.

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling me what you love about being a mother or parent.

Contest runs from today, April 30th until Monday, May 6th at midnight, PST. Winner will be selected randomly.

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  • I love how my son seems to discover new words, feelings and theories with each passing day. I love chatting with him at the end of his school day and hearing his excitement about all that he has learned.

  • Being a parent offers me a second chance to see the world through the eyes of a child, the magic of simple joys, the wishful thoughts, the focus on the present. Being a mother instills feelings inside my heart that would have never been there except for surrendering my life to my children.

  • Watching H grow and learn is so awesome he shocks me everyday with the things he remembers and the funny things he says.

  • I love the silly questions my daughter comes up with.

  • I love the unconditional love that is between parent and child!

  • I love being a mom to two teen daughters, not always easy, not always appreciated, but the second they leave the house I miss them incredibly! One day they will appreciate me, but for now I appreciate them.

  • I never knew how being a mom would change my life. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Knowing that every morning I get to wake up to those two little smiling faces that God has blessed me with and that I get to be a part of their life and help them grow and become Mom’s themselves one day! Being a mom is the best thing in my life!

  • Best part of being a mom….there’s this little person, in my case little girls, who -no matter what I do, say, look like- love me and look up to me and who call ME mom. They don’t belong to me, they are children of God, whom he sent to bless me with unconditional love, laughs, crazy hair days, nailpolish, hairties, dresses, twirly skirts, sparkles and pink. Lord knows that somedays it’s just not easy, but it’s those day I thank him the most for b/c I know I can get through it b/c he blessed me with them and they are an incredible gift from above.

  • Becoming a mother (I have three children) has been the most rewarding, heart wrenching, glorious, and difficult thing I have ever done. I love being a mother for so many reasons, but most of all, for the privilege of learning what unconditional love really is.

  • While being a mother can be stressful and difficult at times, I love my 3 boys with all my heart and wouldn’t trade it for the world! I love seeing the world through their eyes. I love reading to them, playing with them, teaching them and watching them learn, I love their smiles, cuddles and kisses.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • I lost my father last year to stage 4 lung cancer and we were so so very close! I know that if I didn’t feel the love form my 3 little ones each and every day I most likely wouldn’t be able to get through this! The way they look at me and smile with so much love reminds me of my father and I am grateful I can teach them to be a good person just like he was! I love giving and helping people and its very fulfilling and gives a whole new meaning to life! I hope the me and my kids can be as great as a parent as my wonderful father was and I am so thankful for his wonderful example

  • I love that I didn’t remotely realize the depth of my love until I had kids. I didn’t realize how much I could miss them until I had to be away from them. I didn’t realize how much fire I had in me until I thought they could be hurt or in danger. I just didn’t realize how much everything until I had them.

  • I love how humbling parenting is. We try to teach our children, but I think they end up teaching us more.

  • Watching them achieve new goals and milestones.

  • Recently I have loved getting lost just looking at my girls faces. Their expressions, what they are thinking about, how it changes every day.

    I love that they have a future with endless possibilities. This also terrifies me, but I do love the idea that I get to guide them so they can accomplish anything they want in life.

  • Looking at the face of my child first thing in the morning and being filled with love.

  • I love the little things and moments that catch me off guard. The unexpected “I love you mommy,” “you’re the best mommy in the world.” Sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is the right thing, but then those moments make me know that I am:)

  • I adore knowing that I love someone else so unconditionally & that she fills my life with joy!

  • What I love most is that my son loves my unconditionally. His love is pure and true. There’s nothing like being a mother.

  • I love watching them grow, learning new things and snuggle time.

  • I love the magic is seeing things experienced for the first time through their eyes

  • I have a 3 year old and a 5 day old – I just love being a mom period to these two gorgeous boys!

    Recently, my oldest has randomly told me that he loves me and I am his best friend – it just makes me so happy! Last week, when Liam’s little brother was born, he held him, kissed him and announced that he is the big brother to baby Reid. This mommy heart just melted!!

  • I love being a mother because I feel that I am becoming a better person as I learn from my children every day.

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