Disney Room Makeover: The Reveal *Spon

The month of May has been almost complete madness for our family- and nearly all in a good way. Justin’s family flew in from various parts of the country to watch him graduate dental school, we went to Disney World the following day, and upon our return Justin left for California for more than two weeks. Before all of this happened, we had our Glidden’s Disney painting to complete as a part of our Disney World Surprise for the kids.

I should preface this by saying that interior decorating is really not my forte. I like to be in pretty areas and appreciate interesting aesthetics about living spaces, but putting them together feels like dancing with two left feet for me. I just don’t have that knack.

Fortunately, Disney’s themes and branding is all very cohesive, right down to their interior paint.

We chose to go with the Toy Story theme, since it’s collectively everyone’s favorite in our household and happily gender neutral for two boys and a girl co-habiting a single room.


Using the Ready Set Glow and Great Slate, we painted stars, the kids’ names, and an area for them to use as a chalk board on their closet doors. This area that we chose to use is the largest, most unobstructed wall space in our apartment-and I think it turned out pretty nicely, especially for someone who has no clue what she’s doing.


All of the paints that we chose are virtually unnoticeable during the day-which is nice when you have small spaces. The feeling of colors on walls and different designs always feels quite claustrophobic to me, so I was happy to see that they mostly dried an off-white color.

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I was really impressed with how easy the paint was to use and how nicely the results turned up almost immediately. With my art background, I know that paint-depending on the type-can be pretty temperamental. I was pleasantly surprised to find this paint’s consistency was pretty smooth to work with. That said, I think I would use a tinted Great Slate chalkboard paint next time so that it’s more obvious where the area is, and so it doesn’t feel so much like they’re drawing on the walls.

Family came into town and we were able to celebrate Justin’s graduation, our Disney World Surprise, and our room reveal all together-and it was quite the to-do, and so memorable.

One of the comments I remember the most about the new paint was how vibrant the paint actually was, and how easily it absorbed and recharged with light. “Now we don’t need a night light, momma!” said Jack.

They were positively thrilled with their new room, and of course the Disney World trip surprise.

It seems appropriate that their favorite ride at Disney World was Toy Story Mania, and the only two characters I could get their photos with were Woody and Jessie.


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