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When my babies were born, I made the unconscious lifelong decision to protect them in the best way I know how. Protecting my children means that almost, if not every single decision I make is based on their safety and best interests. For us, that meant breastfeeding (I was lucky to nurse all three), organic milk and foods whenever possible, first aid kids in the strollers, the best car seats… I seriously could go on and on.

As they grow older, protecting them is beginning to mean different things. Jack is old enough now that he doesn’t want to use a women’s restroom when we’re out in public, but I’m not comfortable letting him go into a men’s room alone. I am super careful to make sure that everywhere he goes and whomever he is with, they are aware that he has a severe nut allergy and asthma. They hold my hands crossing the street, and I am vigilant about the television shows they watch. However, now that we are slowly entering the digital age, especially with Jack, I am more and more concerned about his internet exposure, iPad usage and even fiddling around on my personal iPhone. I know that in no time at all he will be wanting his own phone and will be using our computer more and more.


Raising kids in this age is much different than when I grew up. Parents today have pretty serious things to be aware of as far as the internet goes, from social media to the endless world wide web, and of course identity theft. It’s unnerving to think that all of our identities can be stolen simply from our personal internet use, amongst other things. The more I read about it and research preventative options, the better I feel.


I was interested to learn about LifeLock‘s services, as they are more than a credit monitoring service. Their suite of offered services helps to prevent identity theft by tracking, monitoring, scanning and responding to alerts and potential breaches of security. As a parent, that means that I don’t have to be over their shoulders, watching and being hyper-interrogative… Things I certainly don’t want to do to my own child. There are times that even I put our information in risky situations online without knowing as well, so I can see how a service like LifeLock would relieve some worry when it comes to identity theft.

I am grateful to know that there are services out there that can help protect against things that we can’t see or even touch. It makes this parenting gig seem a little easier, and that feeling is always welcome and appreciated.

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