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When we moved to New York City, everything changed it seemed. The basics stayed the same of course, like fundamental values of parenting: I want to be able to provide health, happiness, and good nutrition no matter what.

I packed my babies into a stroller and walked miles with them to the nearest Whole Foods, pushing the kids and pulling a packed cart behind me through the tiny aisles. Sure, I could have ordered from an online marketplace like every other parent I know, but that wasn’t what felt right or normal to me. I actually enjoy grocery shopping (I know), and I want to be able to see the products I’m buying before paying for them and feeding them to my family. Four years we lasted here in the city and we ordered online groceries two times.

That is life in a nutshell here for me as a parent in Manhattan. It’s a challenge to travel with kids around the city, and I often have to prepare a bag full of supplies for Jack, Zoe and Beau to last us for hours-We very rarely leave the apartment without snacks, waters, disposable bags, wipes, diapers, and a medical kit. Given that, I found that my pantry also changed once we moved here-I began to research the best snack/travel foods for the kids.


I began buying Happy Family way back when Jack was a baby. In fact, I ran a Happy Family giveaway when my blog was brand new in 2009-I knew then that I wanted to work with them because I actually use their products in my life (photos down due to a photobucket issue). I started buying Happy Baby Whole-Grain Cereal when Jack was 6 months old and have started all three kids on their first solids with the same. We still buy their organic fruit and veggie pouches, as well as the HappyCreamies almost every week. While I’ve maintained the practice of making my own baby food at home, I found that it’s often not easy to transport. So, for those times that we are out and about as well as at home, the pouches and organic snacks are my go-to.


Truthfully, all three of my kids love the Happy Times Sunny Buddies and Veggie Pals, as well as Happy Puffs since they were teeny (easy to eat because they dissolve), added bonus: The containers are repurposed Method Wipes containers that the company bought, lowering the carbon footprint. For me as a parent and consistently environmentally conscious, I appreciate Happy Family’s ease of use and commitment to the environment and community. Not to mention, the ingredients are organic and enlightened.


My priority first and foremost is to feed my children homemade, nutritional and almost always organic foods. Given our lifestyle and hectic routine, I’m happy to use and even promote Happy Family Organic Superfoods products for those times when we’re in a pinch and I need something quick and yummy.

This post was sponsored by Happy Family and MomTrends. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • THOSE ARE SO YUM…..yup I snacked on a few while waiting at the RMV with my littlest little!

  • I remember that first giveaway because I won! Love happy baby

  • Yes, Happy Puffs are great!! Our son loves them, too!

  • Having snacks in Manhattan is soooo challenging. I also love Happy Family and and learning how to navigate with a 13 month old and City outtings! Thanks!

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