West Coast Allergies: Room to Breathe

My husband and I moved to California with lofty expectations for our son’s seasonal allergies and asthma. We moved to New York City before he had shown any signs or symptoms of either, so naturally we attributed his reactions to the environment. We began Jack on a regimen of maintenance medication to ease him into the change of seasons while his body adjusts to the new pollens.


We were pleasantly surprised that after we moved, he has yet to have an episode. Our new pediatrician here in California recommended that we continue the regimen he had been on in New York, though we haven’t seen any sort of resistance from him physically. Regardless of that, we installed the Sharp PCI Air Purifier into our home upon arrival… There is so much agriculture where we live, despite the ocean breeze. The purifier also eased my nerves and worries about any new dust mites or other environmental factors.


We’re all doing so well emotionally and physically, and I am grateful to have this particular appliance to help us ease into our new environment. Now if they could invent something that also folded laundry and made dinner, I would be set.


The following video is a really neat roundup of my fellow Sharp PCI Air Purifier campaign blogger friends, each with our own personal testaments about the purifier and how it’s helped our lives.

This post and campaign was sponsored by Sharp and Mom It Forward. While I was compensated, all of my opinions are my own.

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  • So glad to hear he’s doing better with allergies. I know it sounds goofy – but ever have him try acupuncture? While I haven’t had major allergy issues, moving to NYC area really stirred them up! Acupuncture seems to have eased them.

    Love the pictures!

  • Having lived in the Midwest my whole life I never thought of myself as having allergies but a perpetual stuffy nose except when I’ve been to California or the south it always goes away! Perhaps I should look into this purifier, maybe less expensive than relocation. =)

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