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Like any seasoned, spoiled Californian, I’ve caught myself cursing the gorgeous weather more than once. A terrific snowstorm is currently engulfing my Manhattan and there is a part of me that is longing desperately to be there to see it. Christmas feels more Christmassy when there’s a chill in the air, and better yet snow on the ground.

Those days are somewhat limiting when you have young people around, as traveling through the cold, slushy city with babes in tow is no easy feat. Museums and other indoor activities are definitely a gift, but one can only do that so many days before the hustle and bustle becomes entirely draining.

I found that our family together time was often sandwiched between the stress of bundling up everyone and traveling on foot or public transportation to and from our destination, and almost always completely hectic. Our life has considerably slowed down since our move to Santa Cruz, and Justin and I couldn’t be happier to feel as though we are fully taking advantage of this time with our kids in the prime of their childhood.

The gorgeous weather here is always inviting and completely seducing. Our days off from work are spent outdoors in some way; Either we feed the ducks at our neighborhood pond, we hike around the hills, we head to the beach, or we just go outside our front door. There are children all over our neighborhood, many of whom Jack and Zoe go to school with, and they are all sweet and fun, super cool kids.

Since our move to suburbia, we couldn’t wait to fill our garage with everything, and I mean everything. Holiday storage, school art storage, memento bins to the ceiling, a washer & dryer system (finally), and finally the fun stuff: Bikes, scooters, sporting gear of all kinds.

Razor Worldwide decided to partner with us for the holidays, basically making our family’s entire year and coining us the Coolest Family on the Block in one fell swoop.

photo 4

Since the Razor products arrived, we have been spending much more time outside, laughing and getting exercise and enjoying completely stress-free moments together. All we have to do is put our shoes on, open the garage, don the helmets and go. It’s simple and awesome.

This is how I imagined childhood should be.


A Powerwing for Zoe.


A Dirt Rocket MX350 for Jack.


A Kixi Balance Bike for Beau

photo 1

A Crazy Cart for Justin

Serious fun for the entire family. I mean, wow.


The Rip Rider 360. Taking the big-wheel to entirely new and amazing levels.

photo 3
photo 2

We all have a blast on the Crazy Carts-they go pretty fast and are squirrely if you’re not used to driving. Lots of laughs that really and truly never get old.

Jimmy Fallon and Chris Helmsworth tested them out on Late Night a few weeks ago:

While we all miss the culture and unique craziness of living in New York City, we are so grateful to living in a place where we can all truly get the most out of our days. These outdoor products make living in paradise and relentlessly gorgeous weather that much more fun.

The best part for me is spending quality time with my family right out our front door, and simultaneously reminding me to make sure that we do this far, far more often.

Giving Back

Razor Worldwide was generous enough to allow me to find a family that could use an extra bit of magic in their lives and gift them some scooters as well. After crowd sourcing on Facebook and in our community, we found four children in different families across the United States to give a Razor to. So far, this has been my favorite part of the holidays. I am honored to work with such an incredibly generous company.

This post was sponsored by Razor Worldwide. All opinions are my own.

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  • Nothing better than seeing your kids on a Big Wheel. My son wore his out, we took it everywhere we went. He’s twenty now and won’t let me get rid of it! Glad to hear that you could help with needy children, we just bought Christmas presents for three kids in our area whose mom can’t take care of them. Gratifying to know that you can make a difference and we all should help out wherever we can. Happy Holidays from the east coast!

  • Hello, where is your dog? He must love the place.. I would like to see him around is so lovely!

  • Vincent wants that crazy cart. It’s on his Christmas list. It looks totally fun. But we already bought the ipad mini, so maybe next year!

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