Spreading Love, the Theo and Beau Way

Justin and I knew once we decided to bring a dog into our family that it would drastically change our lives, the lives of our children and our family dynamics. Having both grown up with dogs ourselves and knowing the tremendous value animals bring to a child’s (and adults) life, we were more than ready and exited to adopt a puppy.


We had hoped for finding a dog that was gentle and loving, energetic and playful. Theo has obviously surpassed all preconceived notions of what a family dog can and will bring to a family. The bond that he has made with Beau is one of the most surprising and wonderful things I have ever witnessed.


His connection and dedication for all of us is truly remarkable and completely reciprocal if not more so.


Ever since the photos that I took early on of Theo and Beau napping went viral in November, the amount of support and love that we have received has been incredible. Given that I have been running this blog for four years, I already had access to share this story and use it to pay it forward by sounding off our support of rescue organizations and shelters around the world, specifically to the Santa Cruz SPCA where we adopted Theo.

Dreams Do Come True

As announced last month, I have a deal with Feiwel & Friends to publish a children’s book, Naptime with Theo and Beau, in February of 2015. Until now, that was slated to be the first time that our Theo and Beau photos were to become commercially available.

I’m completely thrilled to announce my partnership with Evite and their digital social expression platform, Evite Postmark, with the launch of our Theo and Beau Greeting Card, the cornerstone of Evite’s Valentine’s Day digital greeting card gallery.


This card is available on Evite Postmark for free, and for every single share, Evite will donate 50 cents to the Santa Cruz SPCA up to $5,000.

This collaboration is a brilliant way for us to not only spread the love that Theo and Beau bring to our lives, but also offer you a personal way to share amongst your loved ones too while supporting countless other rescue animals.

Most importantly, we are able to pay all of our blessings forward to Theo’s family at the Santa Cruz SPCA, and hopefully help them get a little bit closer to building their new facility.

I would like to encourage you to take a peek at our Theo and Beau Valentine’s Day card, personalize it how you like and share it with a loved one. It’s easy, fun, free, and supports other shelter animals.

One of my favorite months of the year just got sweeter and lovelier, and we are all really excited about what is to come!

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  • Love it! Getting one now

  • Love this idea, and these pictures are just so incredible and precious. So nice to know that there are still people in our world looking to pay it forward!!!

  • This is SO SO cool, Jessica. I am so inspired by your commitment to give back to everyone, always, and now particularly to the Santa Cruz SPCA. Your generous spirit is infectious and because of that (and your adorable boys!), I know this will be a great success.

  • How sweet! I love that it’s available on Evite Postmark!

  • I am so inspiresd, impressed and entertained by the Theo and Beau posts. Purely from the heart and bringing an awareness to a worthy cause. This is from an absolute dog lover as my lab Logan is very dear to me and fits the role of the child I never had. Congratulations on what has manifested into a world of happiness that can be shared throughout the world thanks to technology. You most certainly have this dog lovers support as I have a lot of people to wish happy Valentines Day to & I can’t think of a better way to say it!

  • How could I not share the card. After all, the Santa Cruz SPCA took excellent care of Theo until his family claimed him.

  • Just when I thought things couldn’t get any cuter, you do it again. Both the first picture of Theo in this post and the card are absolute stunners. Thank you once again (I keep repeating it on the Instagram pics cause they just make my days) for sharing your lovely family with the world and for doing so much to further the cause of rescue animals.

  • Ah, so exciting for you! I found your blog through your instagram, and I have been so, so, so in love with your Theo & Beau series. Like the rest of the world. :] Thanks for sharing all this with us all!

  • Congratulations! It is wonderful to see so much success lead it’s way to you as a result of your sharing out love and joy.

  • This is fantastic! How wonderful for Evite to do this.

    I will spread the word with a post this week about it!

    GO SPCA!!

    xo Jen

  • How satisfying when your dreams come true and they benefit the world around you. The card is adorable. Can’t wait for the book next year!

  • I feel like such a dummy! I have followed your blog for a long time but was WAY behind on my reading. I never even put it together that those ridiculously adorable pictures all over the web were of your little one!

    So glad that getting a dog has been such a gift for your family. Reading this made me feel a little more grateful for our seven-year old dog who sometimes drives me nuts. I found having a baby and a dog to be a huge hassle but it’s definitely better now that our baby is nearly three (and yet I still refer to him as our baby!).

  • I live in Hawaii and the love of my life lives in Italy, I had been trying to think of the perfect e-card to send him for Valentine’s Day. Thank you, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your marvelous effort in supporting the Santa Cruz SPCA while sending an adorable, unique Valentine greeting to il mio amore italiano! I took your sample text, translated it into Italian, and sent it off to him last night….he LOVED it!! Theo and Beau are absolutely the (adorable) dynamic duo. Buon San Valentino, Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • I love love LOVE Theo and Beau’s pics and follow you on instagram and can’t wait to see the pics daily! So I was super excited when I saw these FREE and very cute valentine’s day cards! But, I haven’t been able to get past the “enter and customize text” step on my computer or my phone πŸ™ Are the cards sold out because you guys have reached the $5,000 mark? Either way, I hope you and your family have a day filled with lots of love! Happy Vday!

  • Hi, the story and pics of Theo and Beau are really special! Very cute website also ;-)! Do you know Queenie Liao? She also captures her sleepig son in a really fantastic way… Find her on: http://wengenninwonderland.com/
    xoxo from Flanders/Belgium

  • i just love your photos of theo and beau. they are absolutely precious. it’s amazing to me how puppies and kids bond. priceless!

    i just wanted to add that i do believe your handsome theo has some shar pei tossed in the mix πŸ˜‰ there is no mistaking the characteristics of that face!!

  • Lived in Santa Cruz for 20 years live in southern California now, your photos are the best.

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