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Personally speaking, there are relatively few things that have stayed the same since my transition into motherhood. Aside from being an almost entirely different human being mentally, of course there are the physical changes that have come along with three babies and 7 years.

I’m not throwing a wrinkle and gravity party, but I am also not complaining.

It’s become a welcome challenge to remember what used to motivate or excite me before having children. The music I used to listen to that my world would literally revolve around is so nostalgic now that I can almost touch it. I’d paint or write or advocate for the environment and it was very much everything on the inside making it’s way into my physical world, outside.

My children and family are my entire mental and physical world now. My days revolve around their schedules and needs and I am grateful to be able to say and do just that. It’s become more and more important to revisit those passionate glory days and pick and choose how to include them in my lifestyle now.

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I’ve brought back old music that I used to listen to and I love painting with the kids, but on a daily basis it’s actually so fun using style, wardrobe and accessories to be me on the outside. I don’t live and die by the labels on my arm, but being able to put something on that makes me feel good is as important as it is fun, and I keep it the furthest thing from complicated. There are a handful of accessories that I go to every single day, especially during the week, when I’m running errands with Beau after doing elementary school carpool. I don’t over analyze my outfit before leaving the house and honestly I probably look like a total slob half the time, but if I’m wearing awesome shoes and sunglasses I feel just fine-even great.

I’ve also been a complete sucker for a great pair of sunglasses most of my adult life. I have saved in a stash some of the pairs of shades that I wore when I thought they were The Coolest, and of course I think now they are hideous. They made a statement then and that statement sits with my youth in that shoebox to be revisited by my daughter one day. Up until recently, I’ve bought a nice (expensive) pair of sunnies at least once every couple of years and I wear them every single day.

That was until I discovered Lookmatic a couple of months ago, and realized that every pair of their spectacles are also offered with tinted lenses for outdoor use. Not only does this cut down on decision time based on frame size and shape, but it’s also considerably cheaper and dare-I-say even more fun. Rather than having my one pair that I stress out over losing or breaking every day, I have several that I can go to, choosing a particular style depending on my mood or the one least covered in toddler gunk. Lookmatic has a great stock of stylish frames for women and men that can be personalized with prescription and you can try them on virtually or in home-and all of them are available with tinted frames. This makes it easy if you don’t get out all that much to be able to spend hours and hundreds of dollars on high-end frames.

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Perhaps style is innate, and I’m inclined to think that it is based on my five year old daughter and her penchant for choosing fantastic outfits, but it motivates us and it’s fun to experiment with. More than anything, it’s a timeless way of expressing oneself no matter the stage or circumstance of life. And, if you can do it for a little cheaper without risking quality, you’ve found a golden ticket!

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Win it

I’m super excited to be giving away three pairs of Lookmatic glasses along with an iPAD MINI to one of you!

Just leave one comment below telling me your favorite pair on the Lookmatic site. If you’d like another chance, share these sweepstakes on Facebook and leave another comment with link. Two comments total per person. Sweepstakes run from today, February 28th until Sunday, March 9th at midnight PST. Open to US residents only (sorry!).

In case you don’t win, Lookmatic is offering their glasses at $62 (35% off) now through March 31st.

UPDATE: Winner Selected

Thank you all for entering and for your kind comments!! Fortunately I have a program to choose the winner at random or else this would be terrifically difficult.

Congratulations, Sari! I’m emailing you. XO

This post was sponsored by Lookmatic. All opinions are my own.

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