Into the Belly of 2014

The response we received from our announcement that we are expecting a new baby later this summer was completely heartwarming. I am consistently touched and surprised by the love that we are receiving on a daily basis from so many people from all over. It is always humbling. We’ve read each and every one of your thoughtful comments and messages and they have made this experience even more magical than it already is.

Thank you.

I am swiftly and smoothly moving through my second trimester and finally feeling pretty good-I was much more nauseous though out my pregnancy with Beau, though that could’ve been the taxi trips around the city taking the additional hormones for their own ride. Jack and Zoe are thrilled-their reactions were completely unexpected and I can’t believe they were actually caught on video. Normally they’re less than fazed by “big news” at least on the outside, so their excitement was a really sweet surprise for us (yep, I cry every time I watch).

We are all so excited, though let’s be honest: Fourth baby. There are nerves slightly tempering my enthusiasm.


I’ve been able to sneak a few naps in with the boys while the big kids are at school, and that is the absolute highlight of my day-until school pick-up anyway. Through the wave of new opportunities coming in and my ability to manage things (haphazardly) on the home front simultaneously, I’m often surprised that 2:30pm is when my mood shifts and I begin to feel me again. Having all of my kids together and knowing that during that time I’ll be entirely devoted to them despite the nagging of emails and phone calls… That is my peace in a day filled with the tug-of-war that comes with parenting and working from home. I suppose the emotional side of it for me is truly loving what I’m doing and creating, as well as being able to help with the piling expenses at home. Beau isn’t in any kind of program and we haven’t had a babysitter, so Justin and I have been taking turns working and being with him and Theo. We’re both getting busier though, and it seems as though Beau may be ready to be in a montessori or nursery school where he can be a little more independent and socialized with children his age. It’s a step that I’ve been somewhat resisting knowing how fast time flies and before I know it, he’ll also be in elementary school.


Jack and Zoe’s lives are incredibly full, which of course makes our lives even more jammed than they already were. It’s exciting to be taking this step into being Parents of Big Kids, though I never quite thought that I would be living it so quickly. There are soccer and baseball practices and games throughout the week, with swimming tied in on two days and playdates filling in the gaping holes on other afternoons. Fortunately these are all outdoor activities, so the younger kid(s) can come along for the ride. Life in California truly feels like a cornucopia of opportunities to be outdoors, active and enjoying every moment the Santa Cruz sunshine has to offer. We have grandparents, aunts and relatives that come to see us weekly and are actively a part of their lives and it is so wonderful and refreshing. I didn’t grow up with those things, so watching them rise confidently around so much love and support is something that makes me consciously grateful.

They are absolutely thriving here. We all are.





Right now it feels as though we’re sitting on the launchpad about to be catapulted into the belly of 2014. There is travel in my future and with the family in the next couple of weeks, and we have some major changes happening to our home during that time. Many of these changes and opportunities are happening because of this blog, and as they happen physically the programming on this and my other social channels will also be ramping up. It is all really, really great, though not without it’s growing pains including my ability to make sure that these changes happen carefully and thoughtfully.

Sponsorships and Philanthropy: A Happy Team


The growth of my audiences both here and on Instagram and Facebook since Theo and Beau became popular has been amazing. Many of you are new to my social channels and to me as a blogger, and I sense there is some confusion regarding sponsored posts here and on Instagram. I want to be perfectly clear that it is an obligation to not only myself and my family but to my readers as well to be completely authentic when it involves a brand or not. I began this blog as an online journal for my family, and it remains that today. I have been lucky to gain an audience and subsequently obtain some really fantastic relationships with brands that have ultimately given me opportunities for sponsorships, and I appreciate being able to monetize in that way. It is helpful to our budget but also my own psyche being able to help to support my family financially and I am proud of what I’ve established.

With the opportunities with brands that I’m receiving, I’ve also been able raise money for the Santa Cruz SPCA and while each campaign that I sign on for doesn’t always include a donation on the brand’s behalf, with it comes more opportunity for all.

Going forward, for every sponsored Theo and Beau Instagram there will be a donation to the Santa Cruz SPCA on behalf of my family. I’m also looking into creating an Instagram page solely based on auctioning off articles of Beau’s clothing with proceeds going to the Santa Cruz SPCA, as we’ve been given tons of beautiful pieces from all kinds of different brands (his wardrobe far surpasses my own). I want to be absolutely sure that I feel great about sponsoring content on my pages, but that you know that these partnerships are ones that I not only am happy to be a part of, but are true to my voice, my blog, and my mission as well.


With a new baby on the way and a book going to print in a matter of weeks, I’ve found myself in a very exciting place both emotionally and physically. The life and spirit of growth is so present it’s nearly palatable. It doesn’t come without challenges of course (which I’m trying to embrace), and there’s definitely a learning curve. I’m doing my very best to make sure we all ride these changes out smoothly.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey with me and my family. It is a dream come true in so many ways.


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  • Is the kids’ reaction video posted online? Would love a link so I can cry too. πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful family πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with all of us. Your posts brighten my day when I’ve had a tough one. Your generosity to the Santa Cruz rescue is admirable! Thank you!

  • You have a gorgeous family. Thank you for sharing them with us. I follow you on Instagram and always look forward to new posts. Congratulations on your new edition. Can’t wait to watch your family grow thru your amazing photos!

  • What an incredible journey you are on. I LOVE hearing about all of it. The picture of the four of you is so sweet. Even my husband commented on it, your daughter being mini me and the boys being so absolutely darling. Thank you for sharing with us and I look forward to the new pics daily.

  • I was born and grew up in Northern Ireland…but have lived on the West Coast for almost 18 years and the Bay Area for 9 of those years. It does a body good.

    Congrats on everything you do.

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy.. and thanks for sharing that wonderful video …. your children are sweet and loving.. We enjoy your daily posts of Beau, Theo, Jack and Zoey and look forward to your new arrival!!!!!

  • Congratulations and many blessings to you and your family Jessica!! I love seeing your beautiful pictures!

  • Thank you for sharing your family! I look forward to Theo & Beau everyday!
    Thank you for that!!!

  • I am one of the new followers to you and your blog but I just want to say congratulations on your opportunities and your 4th baby! Thank you for sharing your family with us!

  • Gorgeous children! You are so down to earth kind of person and humble, that it is a joy to read your posts. Also you give hope to other working moms,who are juggling between home, work and busy schedules, such as me: shift work,3 kids and a hubby πŸ˜‰ Good luck and keep the posts coming!

  • Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us! I’m so jealous of your Cali lifestyle ( I grew up in LA but we’re currently in Chicago for my husbands job). After seeing your Theo and Beau posts we’ve been inspired to adopt a puppy! I wasn’t so sure as they are a lot of work not to mention I’d have to walk her in single digit tempertures. But it’s just too cute and I want that bond for my 22 month old son. We get our rescue puppy Baylee in 2 weeks and are so excited! Hopefully our cat doesn’t get too jealous!

  • As a Santa Cruz native, (born here & never left!) it’s really exciting to see the pictures of your little man and your puppy and know your only 15 mins away from me!

    Tip on preschools, from your pictures it seems like you live on the westside/midtown, but look into St. Andrew’s Preschool in Aptos. My girls went there and LOVED it! I have had numerous friend’s whose children have gone there in the last couple years too who have also had a wonderful experience. Teacher Melanie and Teacher Kathy are loved and adored by the kids and parents alike. It’s also very affordable.

    Congrats on the new baby! I’m sure that the latest will be just as precious (and well dressed!!) as your other three! Good luck with your book, glad to see another business woman from Santa Cruz thriving!

  • Congratulations!! You’re such a beautiful family. Real life inspiration!

  • And yet another outstanding post. Yes, I found my way to your blog after Theo and Beau burst onto the scene. I’m so glad that I took the time to read through most of you past blog postings. Your posts are well written, thoughtful, heartfelt and have something for all of us. I join the many who continue to look forward to the pictures of Theo and Beau…and the rest of the growing family as well. I also continue to look forward to your wonderful blog posts and the wonderful things you’re doing for your family and others. Keep up the great work! You inspire us all in various ways.

  • I became a new follower of your blog as a result of the Theo and Beau photos and I have to say that I love your positive enthusiasm and the joy you exude when talking about your family and your children. Congrats on all you have accomplished with your blog and keep those posts coming.

  • I can’t wait to see the book!! You seriously need to find someone to do a calendar as well.

  • J, what a beautiful and authentic journey you are on. I am very new to your blog but love hearing your story of balance and attempt to stumble through this amazing life as a mom! I have three young boys and am starting a new company after years of freelance and yes it feels like jumping off a cliff! My favorite thing about our newest being so much you get than our oldest 8,5 and 1…is that the baby is the best part of everyone’s day! Even though I think daily…how are we going to get to all these games, practices, homework…the true joy comes with this baby!!!! Praying that for your sweet family!!!

  • You have an incredible blog. Congrats on Project 4.0 πŸ™‚

  • Congratulations! Very exciting time for you and your family! I love your posts and Instagram feed…it’s also fun to see the pics of the family in and around SC. I have a lot of family in the area and we are down often, so getting glimpses of it here and there are always great. Definitely check out Santa Cruz Montessori. My cousin (18 today) went through their program from preschool on and my aunt is a teacher in the toddler/preschool there.

    Have a great day!

  • Your honesty is so refreshing. I feel all the tugs at your heart. Can’t wait to buy the book, and love the idea of a calendar. I want to be able to give back something to you and your family, other than my love and support. You give me so much every day.

  • Jessica,

    Your kids look just like you. You’re very blessed to have such a beautiful family and life!

  • Love love love. All of it. So much.

  • Beautiful family! ….and congrats on the addition! My daughter attended a Montesssori school from the age of 2.5 til 6th grade! Montessori is amazing and Beau would blossom in that environment….

    Continue doing what your doing …

  • This post really resonates with me me. Working from home is mostly a blessing, but doesn’t come without complications.

    I also admire that you are able to remain true to yourself while building relationships with brands that are meaningful to you.

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Between the written posts and the pictures of your beautiful family; both human and fur babies, I find myself always feeling sunnier after reading your updates. You and your family are doing wonderful things for animal adoption and I can not thank you enough!

    Please keep journaling and taking such gorgeous photographs! I look forward to seeing/reading your updates!

  • Congratulations on the new addition to your beautiful family! I follow Theo and Beau on instagram and I look forward to your posts every day. They definitely bring a smile to my face!

  • Your children are adorable. Their eyes and faces exude the innocence of childhood. I see so much enthusiasm for life, so much love, joy and happiness between the siblings; you 2 are obviously doing something right. I was never much of a FB person but now I have to get my daily fix of “Beau and Theo”. Don’t feel rushed to send Beau to school just yet. He will get socialized with his peers soon enough. Developmentally, and especially language scores are higher in young children who are cared for primarily by enthusiastic and devoted parents as compared to infants and toddlers in day care type situations. And I will admit that I am being selfish but what are we all to do when we can’t get our daily fix of
    those 2 precious boys?? Bec of Theo’s early abandonment issues, I can’t decide whether he believes that Beau is his mother, or if he thinks that Beau is a litter mate, i.e. his brother. LOL Do you know???

  • I’m a 26 year old independent woman, I’ve always had the “I dont want kids” mentality.. until I found you on Instagram.. You’re a true role model.. I am sure your family is not perfect.. But knowing true happiness can be accomplished, gives me hope!! God bless! cant wait to see your new baby!! hugs to theo and Beau!

  • It’s so nice to see you living your passions and reaping the rewards for all of the love you put forth. I love the work you are doing for the animal adoption…my 9 year old daughter and I just baked dozens of dog biscuits to sell over the holidays and raise money for our local animal welfare society. Congrats on baby #4!

  • Love this post! Enjoying your journey as a fellow mom (private blogger and dog lover too.)–rock on!

  • So happy for you Jessica. Wonderful blog, wonderful family.

  • Confucius said “Find a job you love doing and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Based on my observations you have this down to a science. How refreshing it is to watch you and your family live your lifes with such grace, gratitude, and thoughtfulness of others. We hear on the news and read in our newspapers of all the dysfunction surrounding us on a daily basis. I come to your page and am reminded that there’s more to life than dysfunction, that the world is still full of good people. Thank you for restoring my belief in humanity! And don’t worry how to handle life with a fourth child, once you’ve had three children any more just seem to fit in the mix! Congratulations on your recent successes, and bless you for being a loving mother

  • Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been following your IG posts and blog for a few months now. I’m pretty busy working in a hospital and most days are pretty stressful. Your afternoon IG post brings this sort of inner calm & peace to my day….to know that out there, there are at least 3 kids and 1 pup who are loved to the moon and back. I don’t have children right now, but your posts give me hope and a little ray of sunshine. …love captured in a photo. Congratulations on your pregnancy…may you and your family always be blessed.

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