Fridays with Theo and Beau

It occurred to me that putting a weekly roundup of my photos of Theo and Beau would serve more than one purpose, rather than having them exclusively on my Instagram feed (I’ve been blogging for almost five years and this only just occurred to me). Each day the amazing community over on Instagram leaves many comments on my photos, mostly if not completely lovely sentiment, and often there are questions about certain aspects of the photos. Mostly the inquiries center around Beau’s clothing and my extensive blanket collection, but sometimes a conversation also comes up depending on the photo itself.

It’s been about five months since Theo came to live with us and he and Beau began their impossibly sweet relationship, including their naps together. Here I am finally rounding up a week’s worth of sweet moments and nap time captures.

Better late than never.

Pants, Nununu. Tee Quinn + Fox

Tee Mini & Maximus, pants Mini Rodini both from Poppy’s Closet, Moccs Freshly Picked

Tee Appaman, shorts & belt, Zara.

Hoodie Appaman, Pants Nununu, Blanket from Urban Outfitters

Tee Stella McCartney from Melijoe, Shorts Volcom.

Tee Kira Kids, Pants Indikidual, Blanket from Urban Outfitters

Tee Quinn + Fox, Pants Zara

Tee Mini & Maximus, Shorts Volcom, Blanket Anthropologie

Sweater and Shorts, Appaman

Sweater Splendid, Pants Zara, Blanket Anthropologie

Tank top Volcom, Cardigan Nununu, Shorts Mini & Maximus from Poppy’s Closet, Blankets Aden & Anais, Snake Land of Nod

I did a little backup from weeks past on this post, and there is more outfit and other information on this post and this post. I’ll try to do more but for now lets plan on meeting back here for Fridays with Theo and Beau. Or you can follow me on Instagram for a daily nap time dose!

Have a great weekend!

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  • How do you not just curl up with them! They’re so cute, especially whe they sleep in the same positions!

  • My question is…DO you curl up with them sometimes? And has anyone else ever gotten that in a photo?

  • I absolutely adore your instagram and blog, which I have only recently discovered and followed. Theo and Beau are absolutely gorgeous, as are your other children. I think the beauty in your Theo and Beau photos is that they are totally natural and relaxed and exudes innocence and peace.

  • Sweet Beau is looking more grown up these days, and less like a baby! Guess it’s just in time for #4! Glad he’s still the baby for now… Love these pics everyday 🙂
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!


  • These pics are too adorable, need to follow you on instagram for that daily dose:)

  • So incredibly sweet! What a memory you have created for your precious children!

  • Nossa sou brasileira do estado de Minas Gerais.
    Amei suas fotos. Tenho um filho de 6 anos. E amo cachorros.
    Qual seria a raça desse cãozinho tão lindo?

  • So amazing. They are both getting sooo big!! You are truly blessed and have such a beautiful family. I love following you on Instagram!

  • Love these pics! The friendship between these two is just beautiful!

  • Thank you so much for taking these pictures and posting them!! I love it.

  • Maybe I’ve missed an explanation somewhere in your blog…but can you please share just exactly where/how you are positioned when you take the adorable pics of Beau and Theo? The pics appear to be taken from directly overhead…but I suspect you are NOT standing on the bed! Do you have a loft that allows you to overlook the napsters and snap away? Love love love keeping up with your family and watching the joy that comes from simply loving and being together. Thank you!

    • Hi Nadine!

      Actually I have stood on the bed before, but lately I use my desk chair to stand on. They are getting SO big and it’s been increasingly difficult to get their long arms and legs into the frame! Fortunately I too have long arms and legs 🙂

    • LOL! Thank you so much for taking time to reply and answer my question! Like so many others, I have checked on Beau and Theo ever since your first week of napster pics! And every day I ask, “How’s she doing that???” And now I know! 🙂

      In your quiet moments (as few as they may be) I hope you truly understand how much pure joy your generous spirit has brought to so many around the world. Adjectives are insufficient to describe the unconditional love that radiates not only from your photos…but from your cheerful, down-to-earth blog.

      Lots of halos in the Shyba household! And the world is a better place for it! Thank you! 🙂

    • Well said. I, too, get immense joy from these photos and I know that many others do as well. Thank you.

  • Everybody loves a feel good story! Congratulations on your success, you make people (including me) smile everyday. I love your instagram and your blog. What a beautiful family! Theo and Beau are magical, but I believe that is because of you… xo… a mom of three boys…

  • The peace, comfort and ‘calm’ that washes over me when I see your photos is something I’ve come to look forward to and cherish every day.
    Thank you for such remarkably innocent beauty.

  • When I watched the video, I was so touched and full of emotion. I was never allowed to have a dog or cat as a child. I got my first dog in my mid 30s. We have two jack russells, the one that chose me, makes me feel like a small child, and makes me wish I had him when I was little so I could experience the adventure your child has. So beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes.

  • Oh my goodnesssss!! How is more cute?? kkkkk I hve no idea! kkkk Love your website and love love love your photos!! xoxo Day from Brasil! 🙂

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