Land of Nod: Jack & Beau’s Room Reveal

Our move from NYC to California was a really big deal and life changing in so many ways. We transitioned during a very poignant time during our children’s lives, even more so than we knew at the time. Jack was entering the first grade and Zoe started completely anew in elementary school, while Beau was just getting his bearings as a little human with all kinds of new words and opinions in which to use them. Our horizons were expanding at the same rate as our square footage, and just in the nick of time.

With Jack and Zoe being as close in age as they are, I didn’t think there would be large development gaps, but there happens to be what feels like eons of space and time between Kindergarten and First Grade; For instance Jack is reading chapter books while Zoe is sounding out letters. Their interests are growing more and more different, and with that comes the need for individual space and ample room to carve out their own paths.

When we invited the Land of Nod and the amazing Project Nursery teams into our home virtually to design a space for our oldest and youngest boys to share, my expectations were tempered. I knew that they have a keen eye for playing on the whimsy and joy that comes with childhood, but having the ability to create it without falling into the standard “boy” themes was surprising and fantastic. I put together an inspiration board on Pinterest for the Land of Nod design team based on what the boy’s interests are, and they followed them and mine while going above and beyond. They even created a layout, where Beau was given his very own big-boy bed and Jack has his own nook with a desk and Radial Wall Shelf for his treasured Legos. The Knighty Night and Super Hero themes of the bedding are awesome and perfect for both of my boys… Jack is a lover of stories while Beau actually thinks he possesses super powers. I couldn’t not have put something together like this on my own, yet it is so perfect and well beyond what I had hoped for.


There are books all over the room, including a bean bag and small acrylic book cart right at Beau’s level. This was hugely important to me, as I think a child’s bedroom should invite curiosity, imagination, fun and comfort. I personally remember everything about every single bedroom I had growing up, and that space was always my safe zone, my happy place. It feels great as a parent to know that they have a clean, organized and yet vibrant place to call their own.


With their new beds came brand new, organic and hypoallergenic mattresses from Naturepedic for both. Jack’s allergies and accompanying asthma made the need for these mattresses not only preferable but necessary. Piece of mind for me as a parent is everything, and I feel good knowing they are spending some of the most important hours of their day in the best and safest ways possible.


The boys are over the moon for their new room. They are both so pleased with their newfound independence even though they’re technically in the same bedroom. While Jack often sneaks away to read a book in bed, I’ve also found them reading and doing floor puzzles together, and even playing basketball with their new hoop. This is a monumental transition for them, and I see their relationship as brothers blossoming into something incredibly special already.


It was also time for Jack and Zoe to have separate bedrooms, and as their mother I’ve watched in amazement at their relationship develops in parallels. I am eager to see how their bond shifts now that they have their own rooms separate from each other for the first time in their lives. We are so grateful to the Land of Nod and their design team for creating an incredible space for our boys as well as being the fun part of this transition for our family. We couldn’t be happier.


For more details, photos (including before photos! yikes) and information, please head over to Project Nursery for more of the story and process behind our room redesign.

This post was sponsored by the Land of Nod and Naturepedic. All opinions are my own.

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  • So fantastic! I’m a big fan of Land of Nod and just updated all our kids’ rooms with some of their great pillows and bedding (and a tee pee for Ivy! ) Huge fan of their artwork, too!


  • Their room is absolutely gorgeous and I am loving the fact that everything is so vibrant! Will you also be posting a room makeover for Zoe? Would love to see your ideas come to life for a little girl’s bedroom!

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