Polarn O. Pyret + thredUP, Repurposing in Style

I love living in an actual house as opposed to the five of us (and all of our things) being crammed into a teeny two-bedroom apartment. There are so many perks to having more space, but of course with that extra space comes more STUFF to put in it. Living in smaller quarters forced Justin and I, to constantly pare down on our belongings, and while it was definitely a weekly task, going through our things and donating as needed, has been just as therapeutic, as it was necessary.

With three children, a puppy, a cat, and a garage; the landscape is changing drastically every day. The kids are growing out of toys and clothing at what feels like a breakneck speed, and I’m finding myself constantly organizing and re-organizing their closets. I have bags and bags of toys and clothing to donate on any given day- the nice thing has been, being able to load it into our car and take it to a donation station – a luxury we certainly didn’t have while living in New York City.

Part of this parenting conundrum is bringing in the new things as fast as the old ones are getting transferred elsewhere. They constantly need new clothing and shoes, whereas new toys and other things are either gifted or earned.


I love shopping for new clothes for them, but it’s something that can’t happen all the time obviously. I have to stay within a budget, and I don’t want to inadvertently instill the sense that we have endless resources. It’s important to our family to be, apart of a community that helps one another, and in honor of Earth Day – it’s important to instill within our children, that we’re also residents on our planet and that we must respect and cherish our environment.

I was recently introduced to thredUp, which is an online consignment company that allows you to sell yours and your children’s well kept but gently worn clothing (or almost new clothing) in return for online credits or cash. The exciting news here, is that
one of our favorite children’s clothing companiesPolarn O. Pyret has teamed up with thredUp for a pilot program to provide thredUp pre-paid bags for filling up and shipping your gently used clothing and in return the consumer will get credits towards the purchase of new items at Polarn O. Pyret!


It’s an absolute win/win for me. I’m able to not only clear out our old stuff that we generally don’t wear for all that long and are able to repurpose it while getting credit for new items in return. Not to mention, it’s a very easy process-which tends to be a make it or break it deal for me – all you need to do is leave it on your doorstep or near your mailbox for your mailman (or lady) to pick up or you can drop it off at USPS or UPS. Anyone who wants a ThredUp bag for themselves can contact Polarn O. Pyret at thredup@polarnopyretusa.com and a bag will be sent to you absolutely free. They will send as many bags as you want! I happened to fill a few with my own clothing that I just didn’t need any longer-and I feel great about it.


For more details and plenty of answered questions about the Polarn O. Pyret and thredUp process. Please visit this link on the Polarn O. Pyret website:http://theplayfullife.polarnopyretusa.com/?p=1388Can.

Earth Day is so much more than a day of reflection, it’s a day to be inspired and to consciously make little changes in your lives that would respect our planet and make a difference. Our children are watching, and the more we can involve them in the process the better.


This post was sponsored by Polarn O. Pyret. All opinions are my own.

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  • Great site, and awesome kids! Looking forward to reading more.

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