Sharing Memories and Moments: Petco Summer Photo Contest

The following post was sponsored by Petco. To learn more about their summer photo contest on Instagram, please go here.

Memorial Day Weekend should be spent respectfully honoring and peacefully remembering those who have served our country and sacrificed ultimately. It also means explaining to my children, who are just about old enough, to learn and be thoughtful about how the country works in this way and what we can do to be mindful of the reasons behind their holiday from school.

This weekend has always signified the beginning of summer, the great changes that come to the weather and our school schedules, and the fact that I turn a year older in the week ahead. It’s a rebirth of sorts, and beginning this new phase is always exciting and joyful.


We’ve spent the greater part of the weekend playing outdoors. The sun is out here in California and ready to celebrate as well, and the kids are nearly jumping out of their skin with the anticipation of playing all day saturated in watermelon, sunscreen and vitamin D. We spent the Saturday at the beach, Sunday at the pool and then all day today with friends at the beach once again. It’s an entirely different Memorial Day than we’ve been used to in New York City, and I have really come to realize just how much better it is for us here. Not only that, but we have an incredibly funny and lively new companion in Theo with us, who makes all of these experiences that much more fun all the way around. Not to mention that much sandier and slobbery-er.

photo 2

Sharing these days with Beau-who is experiencing much of this for the first time-and Theo, who is definitely experiencing these things for the first time, feels like we all are, too. Jack and Zoe are getting much more brave testing out their boogie boards and jumping off the diving board at the pool, and Beau is fearlessly attempting to do every single thing they do, despite being two years old and slightly less coordinated. He has a passion and a fire inside of him that won’t quit and it’s the neatest/scariest thing to watch as a parent.


Theo shares his spirit in this way, too.

photo 2

This week’s Petco Instagram Challenge prompt is “See New Things”, and it couldn’t be more timely for our children, including Theo.

To enter Petco’s Summer Photo Contest, follow Petco on Instagram and upload your own moments with your pets with the prompt and hashtag #PetcoPlaylist. Every week from May 16th through June 19th there will be a new prompt and another chance to win a $500 Petco gift card and ultimately $1000 at the end of the contest.

I know that for us, these summertime moments are exactly what Instagram, photography and social networking were created for. I am constantly documenting the little moments that make up our big life picture. I personally can’t wait for summer to actually be here, and for the kids to be out of school, obligation free.

Well, except for their duties to play and eat and laugh and run and sing and dance and just be joyful.

photo 3

I hope that you had a peaceful, lovely and mindful Memorial Day Weekend. I can’t wait to see your Petco Play List entries!

Thank you to Petco for sponsoring this post. You can find more information about the contest here. All opinions are my own.

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  • Nice pictures, as always 🙂

    Fun seeing your family having a great time, including Theo.
    There is so much suffering in this world… so it`s nice to enjoy something “light” for a change.

  • Your pictures make me want to get to a beach RIGHT NOW! Would you mind sharing what lens you use for your everyday shots?

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