Weekend of Restoration

With the end of the kids’ school year and my trip to New York City falling within the same week, not to mention being nearly seven months pregnant has been emotionally chaotic to say the least. We’re all kind of racing from one thing to the next without really stopping to just absorb and process everything. I’m probably the worst at it of all of us; Justin is able to compartmentalize when he’s at work and when he’s at home, when he’s with the kids and when he’s otherwise engaged. I’m immersed in every single way with all of the components of our lives-there is very little separation. I write about my family from the computer in my home while my kids are at school and the baby and puppy nap. My family is my life and, in an amazing and mostly fortunate twist, also my job in many ways.

It’s the elements surrounding my own mental separation that I haven’t been able to really sort out, and while I’m grateful to be able to be as involved as I can at home, it’s often at the expense of working, or vise versa.

Given that this weekend was both the first of my older kids’ summer vacation as well as Father’s Day, it was easy for me to put everything else aside and just be with them completely, all weekend.

We celebrated summer and we celebrated Justin and it was truly one of the best weekends we’ve had in months.

Even errand running was fun between Costo and Home Depot to BBQing and makeshift hot-tubbing in our $12 pool in our little back yard with fake grass.

photo 2
photo 1
photo 2

Perfection, really.

Sunday we all slept in late and I made Justin’s favorite breakfast of biscuits & gravy before heading to the Boardwalk.


Zoe has been the most amazing big sister to Beau lately. She helps, guides and plays with him in the sweetest way… It’s entirely heart bursting. They went on rides together while Jack and daddy tackled the bigger coasters.


We went swimming after playing on the rides for an hour or so, and then onto a BBQ at my mom’s house.

photo 3

Even though the weekend was technically about celebrating the incredible father that Justin is and has been from day one, we all benefited from just being together and (mostly) enjoying one another’s company. It was exactly what I needed.

photo 1

Restorative indeed.

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  • Your kids are beautiful! That last picture is really something special… frame it.

  • Every single one of your posts just move me. What a beautiful heart & soul you have. Thank you.

  • I look forward to your blog every day! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family with all of us! You are such a great mom and you should be proud of yourself!

  • Your photos are beautiful and your words are so heartfelt. It makes my heart happy every day to see your beautiful family and all of the love and joy you share. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse every day! Brings me a happy moment every day!

  • Such a beautiful family, I especially love the way Jack loves on his little sister (so reminds me of my older brother). Glad you guys got a chance to enjoy yourselves in the moments at least for a weekend πŸ™‚

  • Beautiful piece…and even more beautiful pictures. I love the fake grass…we had that in Florida amidst the greenery!
    I hope you enjoy the summer and your third trimester. Lucky you, to be among your family and friends in California!

  • Just beautiful…..don’t forget to get yourself into some of those family photos!

  • Hi there – just a Quick note to say thanks for all of your inspiring, cheerful, and gorgeous work. You’re putting some good stuff out into the world, and I’m totes grateful for it. Thanks! πŸ™‚

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