August is Waiting

I realize that the month of July has been over for four days already, but at the pace we’re moving, the rate our weeks are filling, and the faster this last trimester seems to be flying has me feeling nostalgic. Not like the normal nostalgia, more like I miss last week and I’d really like to go back and feel it again.

August has presented itself on our doorstep proudly and persistently. It’s gentle intermittent ringing of our doorbell has turned to full blown bangs on the door, signaling it’s presence and eagerness to hurry us through the last few weeks before summer officially comes to an end.

We’ve gone to the pool, spent time in camps, ventured to Disneyland and Lake Tahoe and even the Caribbean. Jack has lost both teeth to the old-school string-on-the-door technique thanks to help from his (dentist!) daddy and papa. I didn’t think people actually did this but he was incredibly thrilled by it and proud of himself. He’s recently poured himself into the Junior Lifeguard camp that we signed him up for, and watching him test himself physically, mentally and socially is just incredible to me. He truly has grown into a little gentleman and it blows my mind daily.


Zoe spent some time in Swan Lake ballet classes that she positively loved, but I think the biggest changes have been around her and her little brother’s relationship. These few summer months have really allowed me to take stock in the little lady that my precious five year old is becoming. Her little Virgo soul shines every day; She makes her bed every morning and cleans and organizes her things (and 6 outfit changes) throughout the day. Of the three, her beautiful, nurturing heart is the most excited about welcoming a new baby into our family, and I personally cannot wait to witness. She’s even taken to allowing Beau into her very pink world, dressing him up to play house and then very patiently returning the favor, playing trains with him or shooting hoops in our back yard.

This upcoming year is going to be major for her. I’d just like to sit and enjoy this time right now this second before it all changes again.


My sweet baby Beau is a wild man. He’s now walked the earliest and learned to swim the earliest of all my children (so far). His confidence and attitude is profound to say the least, but as you all know, his heart and sweet, gentle nature is as well. I’m grateful for the balance, as he’s much different in so many ways than my older two. He will stammer and struggle to annunciate his words until he feels good enough to let them all come out, and instead of getting frustrated if we don’t understand, he’ll try a little harder. Earlier this year we had him tested for early intention for speech as we saw similarities with his older brother who also has (had) a delay, but just as the therapists suggested he might, his words began flowing loud, clear and rapidly only a few months later. And, to my surprise, last night he began saying “hi baby” to my belly and patting gently. I hope I never forget these moments.

photo 2

While the summer has definitely thrown some hefty wrenches into our routine, Theo and Beau have managed to make time for naps about three times a week. The other days, Beau sneaks in a teaser nap in the car or skips it all together-slightly terrifying for me, as I’m certainly not ready for him to grow out of this sweet routine. Theo is usually game for whatever, he’s happy snoozing with his boy and he’s happy hanging with the rest of the family. I’m not sure how we got so lucky, but Theo is a very special pup. He’s nearly human.


There’s a lot going on on the blogging front, too. I’m really fortunate that tons of my favorite brands want to be a part of this online journal and our lives, and while I’m struggling a bit to find balance (surprise! NOT), I’m definitely trying to maintain a good ratio here. Thank you for being a part of one of the craziest times in our lives. We really appreciate your love and support!

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  • and we all so appreciate your thoughtful, inspiring, very special blog about your precious family. You respect and love each of them so well…. your children (including Theo) are a blessing to all of us who follow… Thank you! (and can’t wait to meet baby #4)

  • Your blog makes me want to have 3 or 4 kids, more than the 2 my hubby and I plan to have. I don’t think he’ll be as gung ho about that as I am.

  • You are blessed beyond words. So glad we get to have a glimpse of that blissfulness. Lots of love from Montreal, Canada.

  • I just love reading your blog! Thank you for sharing โค๏ธ

  • While I am the mother of two grown children, ages 25 and 29, your post brought me back to a time in my life when mine were little. It was nice to reflect on that happy time in our lives when it was borderline chaotic, but fun and happy nonetheless! Hug those little ones and enjoy every moment because they do grow up so very fast!

  • While I love your blog as a whole. This is my favorite post and I love that you have this journal of sorts to remember your LOs when they are little and sharing what amazing children they are which reflects upon yourself and your husband as amazing parents. Love seeing all the amazing photography and love the sponsored posts-thank for sharing those with us!

  • Your blog and the pictures of Theo and Beau are some of my favorite things – thank you for sharing your world with us! My youngest child turns 16 tomorrow so I love hearing about little ones again and look forward to seeing #4!! I will be sad when your boys (one human/one furry) stop napping but we’ll have all those past photos to enjoy when that day comes. Many blessings to you and your family Jessica from Lodi, WI! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It was nice to read a blog post that wasn’t sponsored!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I agree, Susan! I don’t read this blog much anymore because so many of the posts are sponsored, which just don’t appeal to me.

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