Back to School & a Fancy Collaboration with Tea Collection

By the time September rolls around, the days are still hot and feel worn like a really great pair of leather boots. The sun is always welcome, but the hours stretch on as if ignoring that pestering shoulder tap coming from fall. We don’t want to call it quits yet, please. We want more swimming and popsicles at dusk and waking up long after that rooster has crowed. I’m not ready to give my children back to their educational institutions, and yet I know how badly they are ready and how much they long for the routine.

The truth is, I also long for that routine. I’m ready for a tidy schedule and the sweet relief of dutiful expectation. I love watching them learn and come home beaming with fancy art projects and perfect spelling tests held aloft. It’s not my favorite, preparing to let them go for hours at a time, seven days a week, but September and school are right around the corner and all three of them will be attending this year for the first time ever. Aside from the silent mouring, there is really only one thing that I actually like about the back-to-school season, and that is the clothes shopping. It always seems that every single article we own has been worn and washed a few thousand times over the course of the summer, and I’m ready to bring in the new gear to help them feel fresh and amazing in their brand new grade. The older they get, however, the more opinions they have about personal style and harder it is to accommodate those personalities. They always love whatever we bring home from Tea Collection though, and wear most of those pieces throughout the school year.


We’ve been buying and wearing Tea Collection for years. The colors are vibrant, the designs are bold and yet classic, and they wash well-a trifecta of awesome for this momma. Their newest collection, the Bauhaus Bang was inspired by the spirit of Berlin and the philosophy of 20th Century Bauhaus art. The colors and patterns are bright and beautiful, with a bit of an edge-keeping the girl styles just girly enough for Zoe and the boy prints cool and trendy for my second grader.


sidenote: OMG with the posing, kids. you’re killing me!

I’m thrilled that Tea Collection asked me to curate a few sets with their newest collections this fall, and am honored to be amongst some of my favorite bloggers: Rebecca Woolf of Girls Gone Child and Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things. It’s so neat what they’ve done on the website, what a treat it is to be featured!

You can shop my collections using the MOMMASGONECITY code for 20% off until August 25th, 2014.


I know all three of my children cannot wait until school starts. They’re excited and full of anticipation, but mostly can’t wait to see their old teachers, whom they both wept over leaving in June. I am looking forward to settling back into routine and even welcoming the fall season, chilly air and all.

Thank you to Tea Collection for sponsoring this post and choosing our family for your campaign! We’re thrilled. All opinions are my own.

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  • With a name like Tea Collection, it couldn’t NOT be cute! I will always love the getting-back-to-a-routine part about “back to school” too.

  • OMG Beau…. he is so cute…

  • Love your selections! I tried to use the MOMMASGONECITY code on the set but it didn’t work :(.

    • Hi! Thank you so much! The ode SHOUKD be up and running again!

  • Classic! The first shot captures J, Z & B’s personalities so well!! Beau looks like he’s about to levitate, while long-suffering brother hangs out and sweet Zoe shows her art work.

  • I think the code only works on the exact sets (you have to buy every item in the set) that Jessica’s kids are wearing not on any other items or any individual items which is kind of lame on Tea’s part. I order the playwear pants and terry cargos for my boys every year and had 6 pairs of those in my shopping cart. It’s great advertising on Tea’s part but disappointing that the code is so limited. I will keep searching for another code and let y’all know if I find anything.

    • The other two bloggers have codes, too if you go to their pages.

    • I love your selections but I just cannot afford a set plus the pants I need also- it would be $400+ for just 1 kid and I’d still have lots of other shopping to do for each of them plus new baby stuff- yikes! Jessica- you did a great job and picked adorable outfits!

    • Thank you! yes, $400 is definitely a chunk for one child. I will say that I’ve been buying this brand since Jack was a baby, and their things run a little big and wash incredibly well, so for me investing in Jack has paid off for Beau even in ways. I’m definitely choosy though!

  • I LOVE the sets you chose- especially the Girl set (such great Oregon wear!) and might actually have to get it for Ivy for back to school… Gray came home in tea collection layette almost 9 years ago and I’ve been a huge fan since then. It’s all he pretty much will ever wear, still!


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