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My weeks with Beau in the morning are coming to a close. Pretty soon, he’ll be starting at a school of his very own, a play-based preschool just up the road from us. His days will be somewhat short, but he’s so incredibly excited to be a “big kid” just like his brother and sister that it’s almost hard for me to get sad about watching him grow. It’s the epitome of bittersweet-I am filled with delight and pride watching him grow, yet crushed into a fine pile of dust thinking about my baby climbing out of his toddlerhood and into big-kid territory.

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Jack and Zoe were born about 19 months apart, so they’ve really spent most of their lives on the same sort of schedule. They’ve always had similar friends and have been able to take part in the same activities. Beau is three years younger than Zoe, and it has been just enough of an age gap to keep them on completely different levels-something that has been challenging but also a good thing for all of them in many ways. I’ve been really able to savor and enjoy Beau’s babyhood, and it’s been so lovely developing a relationship with him independent from the other kids. He’s been my wingman for the past nearly three years; He’s my errand-running buddy, but he’s also my sweet little mini date on adventures, too. One of our favorite outings on the weekdays, while big brother and sister are in school, has been going to our local Bookshop Santa Cruz for story time and mingling with kids his age. It’s an inexpensive weekly date, but the stores we head to all accept American Express, so I’m sure to use my Amex EveryDay Card to hit my quota for double points. It’s quick, easy, and though I don’t need an excuse to buy books, it certainly makes an easy decision that much better.

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It’s a full morning: We drop the big kids off at either camp or school and then our day together begins. Story time doesn’t start until closer to 10:00 am, so we head to our local market to pick up any non-refrigerated staples that we run low on frequently-like produce. I’ve been in the habit of making smoothies every morning, and keeping the fridge stocked with fresh fruits and veggies has proven to be a bit of a challenge. Beau likes to get his own from the smoothie bar in the market while we shop, and it makes for a perfect mid-morning snack before story time. We’ll hit up the gas station on our way downtown and then head to the bookstore, where I tend to allow him to pick out one book, one for his sister, and I grab a Boxcar Children book for Jack. Jack is a big reader lately, and it seems that every time Wednesday rolls around he’s ready for the next chapter in the series. Afterwards, I’ll grab a chai at the independent coffee shop and we’ll head back home for naps before it’s time to pick up brother and sister.

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Spending quality time with each of my children isn’t the easiest to arrange, but when I’m able to, I like to take them to do fun things like this. Sometimes we’ll head to paint pottery, or make tie-dye shirts, or simply grab a hot chocolate and play at the park together. The cost is minimal, but it’s an easy decision when I know that I’m also working towards hitting my 20 purchases per period goal with my Amex EveryDay Card, and the double points I’m earning will only go towards a bigger and better outing with the kids or, as it stands now, a family vacation that we’re planning.

I’ll miss my mornings with Beau dearly once he starts preschool, but soon enough I’ll have a brand new bundle and errand-running buddy. I’m content and happy knowing that Beau will be doing exactly what he wants to be; independently learning, making friends, and being a big kid just like Jack and Zoe. I just might need to squeeze in a books-and-hot-chocolate hooky day with each of them every once in a while.

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