Fighting for Firsts and a Shot at Life

The introduction to preschool has brought many firsts for our family. We found out rather last minute that we’d be moving across the country, so the spot on the waiting list at the preschool in the Bay Area that I had reserved for Jack was devastatingly relinquished. We moved to New York City the the summer before he turned three, and at that point were already late in the game for signing up for wait lists and interviews for the private preschools in our area and surrounding neighborhoods. The pressure was enormous and exhausting, but in retrospect, necessary to prepare us for living in Manhattan and adjusting to the standards of the school system. We ended up finding a lovely twos program at the local Y for both Jack and Zoe, and eventually realized that the perfect preschool was literally right under our noses in the community where we lived. We interviewed and applied and both children attended for two years. Jack and Zoe both gained so much through being in a small, creative and nurturing setting with caring adults and first friends that they made and have kept to this day. Preschool was monumental for them as developing little people, and for Justin and I as parents. The teachers and director became family to us in a city where we had none, and we all miss them dearly to this day.

Moving back to the Bay Area has brought a new learning curve as well. We moved to a different town and completely different area then the one Justin and I grew up in and left for Manhattan, and we’re finding that the adjustment hasn’t been as completely seamless as I, for one, expected (have I learned nothing as a parent, I mean really). Our community has a very quintessential, liberal beach town mentality, an aspect that we can certainly appreciate on many levels, though also brings new challenges on others. Jack and Zoe attend an exceptional public elementary school and we’re now getting our feet wet with the introduction to preschool with Beau. Aside from the emotional, wrenching, bittersweet beauty of watching Beau absolutely soar with pride and excitement over the prospect of attending school himself, there has been a rather unexpected new barrier presented on the road to our and Beau’s future.


It’s likely naive to assume that finding the perfect place for Beau and our family would be easy. He’s only two, for Pete’s sake, right? Given how pivotal the preschool experience was for Jack and Zoe, and knowing that Beau is as ready as he could possibly be solidified our decision to find a program for him to attend. I think it’s incredibly important for him to have his very own thing now that his new baby brother or sister is due any day, too. That, unfortunately just might be what keeps him from attending preschool.


We found out rather last minute, after our forms had been signed and a check submitted, that Beau would be attending this program amongst children that have not been vaccinated.

It’s widely known and understood that there are families that don’t vaccinate. I’m not interested in their reasons why they make decisions that they do for their family, be it medically, religious or otherwise, and it’s certainly not something I want to even address. I make my decisions for my children, they make theirs. I feel fortunate to live in a country where we are not only given access to medication that is proven to prevent deadly disease, but I also value our freedom to choose.

That said, Whooping Cough has been declared an epidemic in our community. In January of this year, Assembly Bill 2109 was passed that requires documentation that health care practitioners have informed parents about vaccines and diseases, though they are able to submit forms for exemptions due to medical restrictions and their personal belief system. Whooping Cough, or Perstussis, is the most deadly to infants under three months of age, and this year has presented a 30% increase in cases of the disease already over 2013 as a whole.

As a parent making reasonable, rational and informed decisions for my children, I could not allow Beau to be in a situation with other toddlers that might have been exposed and unprotected against the disease, especially knowing that our new baby will arriving any day. It’s not a risk I’m willing to take, and I am incredibly upset and angry about potentially compromising what should be a lovely first year of preschool for Beau.


I’ve had plenty of discussions had with my obstetrician, who also lives and raises her girls in my community, as well as our pediatrician and even my friends that are parents in our neighborhood about the situation. It’s not an easy place to be, especially as hot button as this topic tends to be, but we’re moving ahead and making decisions based on the information we have. We’re adjusting his schedule and have found a place for him to be where his peers will all be vaccinated and his risk is greatly reduced. I plan on cleaning everyone and everything often, as well as breastfeeding to protect babe as much as possible. We are doing what we can keep our family safe, without feeling the pressure of actually building and enclosing us in a bubble like I’m inclined to do.

It seems incredibly poignant, and I am incredibly honored that I was asked to be an ambassador for the United Nations Shot at Life Campaign. This campaign works to provide vaccinations to children in developing countries that might not otherwise have access to such life saving protection. Globally, 1 in 5 kids still don’t have access to the vaccines they need, and a child still dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine preventable disease. This campaign aims to provide a chance for these children to experience the “happy and healthy firsts” that many children in our country are able to have and something many of us take for granted.

This is where you come in. For every comment on this post or share on social media, Walgreens will donate a vaccine to a child in need up to 60,000 during the month of August. I’m the last to post here, and am hoping to take the campaign out with a bang! As of right now, there have been 52,595 vaccines raised thought the power of social media. It’s astounding, and I for one could not be more proud to be a part of this.

Here’s to many more happy and healthy firsts for all of our children. Please comment and share as you see fit!



During Shot@Life‘s Blogust 2014—a month-long blog relay—some of North America’s most beloved online writers, photo and video bloggers and Shot@Life Champions will come together and share stories about Happy and Healthy Firsts. Every time you comment on this post and other Blogust contributions, or share them via social media on this website, Shot@Life and the United Nations Foundation pages, Walgreens will donate one vaccine (up to 60,000). Blogust is one part an overall commitment of Walgreens donating up to $1 million through its “Get a Shot. Give a Shot.” campaign. The campaign will help provide millions of vaccines for children in need around the world.

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  • I heartily support vaccination efforts everywhere! Good luck at getting all the way up to 60, 000!

    And good luck to you and your family as you welcome a lovely new addition.

  • Wow, what a dilemma!! I am glad you found a solution that (while not the perfect school the original may have been) protects you and your unborn (and your other kids). Thank you for expressing the process diplomatically yet unequivocally. And for your contribution to Blogust.

    • It’s nice to know your baby is protected by herd immunity. I’ve had two kids start life in the NICU, and I was thankful for those immunized around us when they were still too young for vaccinations.

  • What an important topic! Thank you for addressing this, and good luck to Beau in his new school.

  • Sorry you had to deal with last minute changes. So frustrating! Beau’s going to do great in preschool, and thanks for a way for us to contribute to 60,000!

  • Such a hard decision but brava to you for doing what feels right for your family. Sending you strength and peace over these next days and weeks as baby comes! Wonderful post!

  • I’m so sorry to hear this – education is the key.

  • I completely agree with you, they are your children and you have to protect them. Good luck to Beau!

  • We’ve seen infants die from whooping cough here in Oklahoma as well. It is devastating & preventable. Thank you for supporting vaccines!

  • Great post — want to send support for you in putting your family ahead of all else. Beau will do great wherever he is, look at that guy!

  • Tough situation for your family. Happy to add a comment!

  • Such hard decisions… glad you found a solution that fits your needs!

  • I’m happy to take the time to comment and help reach toward the goal of vaccinating up to 60,000 children. I am 100% in support of vaccinations… especially having just received the whooping cough vaccination so i can spend time with my new precious nephew. I try not to judge others for their decisions, but vaccinating seems SO IMPORTANT!! Not just for your own child’s safety, but for the safety of others around them. It bugs me to see so many celebrities now coming out AGAINST vaccinations, many of whom are not educated enough on the topic to do so. Thank you for doing your part to share your knowledge in support of vaccines.

  • I believe this whole anti-vaccine movement to be absurd because although it’s each parents own personal decisions, it holds inherint consequences on all children, ie your situation. So frustrating…

  • Thank you for addressing this issue. Although my children are grown, I still feel it’s important to have all children of the world vaccinated. Good luck to Beau on his new adventure and I’m hoping Theo won’t miss him too much! 🙂

  • Good luck on the goal! Here’s my contribution 🙂

  • Feeling relieved for you finding a place for your precious Beau. He is going to love it!

  • Unfortunately California, particularly northern California, has a large population of unvaccinated children. I’m glad you found an alternate preschool for Beau to protect your new little. You can’t be too careful. I’m sure Beau will thrive.

    “Globally, 1 in 5 kids still don’t have access to the vaccines they need, and a child still dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine preventable disease.” This quote is astounds me. It’s so sad.

  • Heres to 60,000 good luck in school beau!

  • Thank you for this- a well thought out, responsibly written post, but I would expect nothing less from you! here’s to 60K indeed!!!

  • Great post! We are so close to reaching our goal of 60,000 vaccines! I’m so excited!

  • My son was born 8 weeks early right in the middle of RSV season and whooping cough. We did not let anyone come into our home, or hold him for that matter, who had not had the TDAP vaccine. We also made sure that his daycare requires vaccines for all of the other children attending there. It is not a risk I am willing to take either. Thank you for this post.

  • Hoping you get to 60,000. I am about to be a first time mom and you are a great role model!

  • Oh Jessica! I know of the Whooping Cough epidemic that has plagued Northern California and am so sorry that there isn’t protection from a herd mentality that would come with a majority of the kids receiving vaccinations. This is something that we faced in our own preschool for our kids. We chose to vaccinate while others didn’t but we were in the minority and I always worried that those who didn’t put their kids at risk. Thank you for your involvement in Blogust and sharing your family’s story. May your post make people pause and think about the importance of vaccines for all kids as part of this campaign.

  • I just had a discussion with my granddaughter who has a 3 month old son about this very topic. She is concerned about him being around children at day care who may not have been vaccinated. Must ask her if she has gotten firm information about the day care population!

    And thanks to this program for helping children throughout the world have the chance to grow to be happy, healthy children.

    • I’m very lucky, I think, that the preschool in question was transparent. Though it was the first thing I asked when we were checking all of the schools out! Important to be diligent.

  • Wholeheartedly support your effort. Vaccine access and follow-through is so important!

  • I support vaccinations 100%! Excellent post.

  • Good luck and thanks for bringing attention to such a wonderful organization!

  • What a wonderful way to bring positivity to the situation at hand! Cheers,

  • Happy to be able to contribute to this worthy cause! I am 100% in support of vaccinations! I hope Beau has a wonderful preschool experience!

  • Jessica, thank you for your work to give vaccines through this blog post – and for making the world a kinder, gentler place!

  • I wish people weren’t so afraid of vaccinations! I’m happy to comment and share for the cause!!!!

  • What a challenging and frustrating situation for you to have to deal with, especially with a new baby on the way. I admire you for being informed and making last minute changes to protect yourself, husband, and your precious children. Beau will be successful anywhere he attends because he has a supportive family and puppy that love him!

  • Having had whooping cough a few years ago, I cannot imagine a child suffering through it. It was absolutely awful.

  • My daughter went to preschool in Hollywood with some unvaccinated kids. Luckily, nothing happened when we were there. Now, there is a big Whooping Cough epidemic in L.A. and I know somebody who got it…this is the first time I’ve known a kid who had it. This is a great campaign! Xo

  • Love your mom missions and love following your family!

  • I’m so glad you were able to find a solution for Beau that works for your family! We are expecting our first in January and have chosen to vaccinate – our reasons, our family. I’ve been looking at daycares for our future nugget, and I’m running into the same issue! Best of luck to you, Beau, and your campaign 🙂

  • One more to 60,000! While it’s a last-minute change you had to make, I’m glad you found out before school starts. Good luck to Beau!

  • Let’s go. We can make it!!!

  • Totally support and admire your decision: Happy and Healthy First. Good luck, Beau 🙂

  • Vaccinations save lives, not only the lives of those vaccinated but the lives of those around them! Here’s to 60,000!

  • I support your effort. Here’s to 60,000!!! Love your blog and all the pix of Beau and Theo, they warm my heart. Congratulations on the new baby coming, can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or a girl!!! Hope Zoe gets her baby Sister!!!!

  • Here’s to reaching the goal of 60k!
    could Beau be any cuter and excited for school…. glad that you found an alternative!

  • We are pro vaccine. Thanks for the post.

  • This makes me love you even more. What a worthy cause to get behind. 🙂

  • Cheers and good luck to the babes from NYC!

  • Here’s to as many vaccinations as possible! Great campaign!

  • All children worldwide should be vaccinated. End of story. I can’t imagine putting myself, my children or any one else at risk over a disease that has been eradicated thanks to medical science. Why would risk exposing yourself or anyone you care about to a disease they didn’t have to catch? Here’s to 60,000!

  • Great blog.. Thanks for sharing

  • Glad you found an alternative, what a great mom!

  • All my great wishes from Argentina! I love you blog, your pics and your family are sooo cute. Im so pro Vaccination, that I understand you completely, and so happy that you are part of this action with UN and Walgreens.

  • 🙂 it’s heartwarming to see how much ‘good’ one small little fella can make in this world … being direct or indirect … it’s a beautiful thing!

  • I would be angry about upsetting my little one’s first year of preschool. I have always been pro vaccine and never wavered nor have I been suspicious of vaccines. Ever. If these dreaded diseases are to be wiped out the only thing we can do is vaccinate.

  • Good luck in school and with the new addition. Vaccines are so important!

  • One more towards the 60k! Such an important discussion.

  • Hoping children everywhere have a happy and healthy school year.

  • Cheers to more vaccines!

  • I completely support you. My 2 mo old daughter caught RSV when pertussis had reached epidemic status in our town. Her doctor struggled with whether to hospitalize her or not because he knew there were several cases of pertussis in the pediatric unit of the hospital. Luckily, my mom is a nurse and the doctor gave her strict directions on how to manage my daughter’s RSV at home but I was furious that her health was compromised by the decision of others. I applaud the campaign and your conviction in keeping your kids safe.

  • Thanks for the wonderful post. Best of luck for a healthy year.

  • Glad you found an alternative…what a scary situation to be faced with!

  • Fantastic message and awesome efforts towards keeping all healthy and safe.

  • Jessica thank you for posting on this subject, which can be controversial. Cheers to getting to 60,000 vaccines!! 🙂

    Congratulations also to you and you’re family on the upcoming arrival of your new baby! Hope Jack, Zoe and Beau all have a blast at their new schools too.

  • As a nurse and momma who vaccinated her child I think this is a phenomenal program!! I also agree placing my child in a classroom with children that could potentially expose her to preventable diseases is a risk is like to avoid at all costs. Kudos to you for educating yourself and standing your ground for your families safety.

  • Glad to hear someone stepping up for vaccines and refuting the false allegations against them!

  • Johnny Crows Garden is a GREAT preschool that my three went to. All children vaccinated.
    Good luck, Jessica!

  • This is such a wonderful cause. Thank you for raising awareness and sharing your story with us. Best of luck as you await he little ones arrival!

  • Kudos to you for being on top of it! Here’s to 60000!

  • I’m glad you found a safe school for Beau. Getting free vaccines is fantastic!

  • Can’t help but support this cause. If it even saves one childs life, it’s worth the effort.

  • Thrilled to support this cause!

  • Here’s to 60,000 🙂

  • Good job, not only are you educating parents you’re also helping others get much needed vaccines.

  • Thank you for your take on this! I am happy you found a pre-school that fits your needs and keeps your children safe. I am a firm believer in vaccinating your children. I have 3 and all have been vaccinated on schedule. Kudos!

  • Thank you Jessica for bringing light to a great program! Sad that there are people in other parts of the world that would give anything for these vaccines that so many of us willingly walk away from. Kudos to you for taking steps to protect your little one(s)! xoxoxo

  • As an educator and an auntie to the 4 brightest stars that shine in my galaxy, I just can’t understand why any parent/guardian would knowingly put their child(ren) at such risk by not vaccinating them.

    Of course parents should make their own decisions for their own reasons, just as you are with your beautiful family. I get it, really. Parents want to protect their kids in the best way they know how. But the benefits/rewards of vaccinating totally outweigh the risks. I hate that not vaccinating has become a trend, especially after some celebrities came out in support against vaccinations. I am so glad Beau’s preschool was very open with you about the non-vaccinated kids in their program. Fortunately vaccinations, including Tdap, are mandatory in my school district. Phew!

    Thanks for supporting this campaign. One step closer to 60,000!

  • Gorgeous post! Thanks for sharing your firsts with us!

  • My co-workers daughter who is 12 was out sick several weeks with whooping cough! She also has asthma and other respiratory problems. I so appreciate you for raising awareness!

  • As a mother of a son starting preschool next week and another still in my belly, .I appreciate this post so much. Thank you for sharing and I truly hope the goal is reached!

  • It’s a shame that you had to experience this. But I’m glad you’re able to give a voice to the cause. It shows how the decision not to vaccinate affects the community.

  • Such a great cause and thank you for being part of it!

  • Good for you for standing up for what you know is right for your family and acting accordingly. Here’s to a great preschool experience for Beau.

  • Love your blog and love this particular message. Best of luck with the new baby and with Beau’s new start!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this campaign and giving all of us the chance to contribute toward healthier kids.

  • Thank you for supporting such a great cause!!

  • Thank you for writing on this important topic!

  • My heart aches when I think about the rollercoaster of emotions you must be on these past few days. You are making the right decision and there will be a silver lining to this. There always is with the hard stuff!

  • Hope you make it to 60,000! Children who do not get vaccinated put the entire community at risk.

  • Great post! Good luck with the new school and the new baby!

  • Thank you for sharing. Here’s to 60,000!!!!

  • You’re doing what’s right for your family & I applaud you for standing up for your children’s health and well being! I’m an educator in early childhood so I understand the importance of educational programming, but it’s not worth putting your family’s health at risk! You’ll be able to fill in the “gaps,” and he’s at an age where his best learning is through play and real life experiences! It’s amazing that you’re able to use this experience to advocate for those who don’t have access to the vaccines that our society doesn’t seem to deem “necessary,” or even helpful.

  • Thanks Jessica for an important sharing.Thanks lot UN’s Shot@life’s campaign for happy and healthy firsts for all of our children around the World.Wishing success of this great effort to reach 60,000 !

  • This is amazing. So happy for Beau! (and GO Walgreens! 🙂

  • Gladly adding a comment to help support this! Thank you for bringing this to light!

  • All posts are so beautifully written! Love the messages sent from every post.

  • I’m certain the last minute change did not help the current state of your life, but I am glad you were able to work it out.

  • As a pediatrician who has watched babies die from pertussis, I applaud your decision. Unfortunately the pertussis vaccine is not 100% effective, so vaccinating your own child is simply not enough.

  • Thank you for supporting this cause and for making us aware. Go Beau! Have fun at school little man! 🙂

  • Love your blog and stop by every day for new posts. As a new mother I’m more than happy to leave a comment for such a good cause.
    Love from Iceland

  • From healthcare providers everywhere, thank you for making a informed decision to keep your child safe and help prevent the spread of vaccine preventable disease! You won’t regret it and neither will your children!

  • Every child every where deserves to be protected from all diseases!

  • I just wanted to say *THANK YOU* for posting about this subject. As a mother of two, as well as a former public school teacher, I know firsthand the importance of vaccinating your children and the astounding effects NOT vaccinating can have on the general public. Here’s to 60,000! Cheers!

  • One closer to 60,000!!

  • Thanks for supporting this cause, and for the incredibly thoughtful post. Good luck reaching the vaccination donation goal!

  • Fascinating, so frustrating, and such an important process to share. Thanks for this, Jessica, and for all you do. Wishing you well during a whirlwind of a Fall for your family!

  • I bet a lot of parents have faced this decision too. Thanks for sharing for such a great cause. Good luck with the new baby!

  • Vaccines for everyone!!

  • Sounds like you best of a hard situation. Vaccinations are so important, thank you for participating in this program.

  • So sorry things did not work as originally planned, but you must do what is in your childrens’ best interests. Here’s hoping your readers can help push over the 60000 donation mark! Love your family & your obvious love for them.

  • Thank you for supporting vaccines!

  • Super important topic and I wholeheartedly agree-please vaccinate!

  • Thank you for posting about this – It amazes me that people rely on herd immunity without understanding their decision’s impact on that immunity.

  • Glad for your Beau and thanks for sharing for a great cause!

  • Thanks for doing this!

  • Wonderful post. Thank you.

  • As a mama to a 6 month old and a mother/baby RN, I am 100% in support of vaccines. You go mama! Thanks for this post and thank you Walgreens.

  • Good luck to Beau! Keep up the good work.

  • Here’s to 60,000 vaccines!

  • I had whooping cough as an adult and it was the worst time of my life. Thank you for this important message.

  • No infant should be exposed to a potentially deadly disease when there are precautions that could help to prevent it. Thank goodness you work hard on being flexible and going with the flow, Jessica. It is hard to change preschool plans midstream, but am sure you and Beau will rise above this change of direction. He will thrive and bring that dynamic personality to any situation!!

  • Three cheers for you!! Making the right decision for you and your family based on facts and a desire to keep your family safe. You are a strong mom and your children are extremely lucky.

  • I don’t usually comment — but this is a very good reason to do so. Vaccines are truly life-saving.

  • Thank you for sharing your family and for being so passionate about a great cause! xo

  • Great campaign! Here’s a vaccine from Holland 🙂
    Good luck to you and Beau with pre-school!

  • Awesome post! You inspire me!

  • good for you! as a dental student and a mom who vaccinates her child, i applaud you for your decision!
    I wish you the best with your delivery and welcoming the baby into your family 🙂

  • Happy to help. Beau seems adaptable and will be happy anywhere

  • Awesome cause! Hope you help get to the $60,000!!

  • Here’s to 60,000. Thank you for being a lovely inspiration that we can all give back to this world.

  • Thanks for the post! I’ll need to ask my sons preschool now!

  • 100% behind the move to vaccinate ALL the children in this world. Let’s keep our children and grandchildren healthy.

  • Great cause! Thanks for sharing!

  • When our son was four weeks old and our older daughter just your Beau’s age, we unknowingly allowed an unvaccinated child (and her parents) into our home to see the new baby. Our son ended up in the ICU, fighting for his life for several weeks. It was excruciating. I remember climbing into his crib covered by the oxygen tent that first night, just holding him. It’s hard to believe how much your heart can be wrapped into this tiny chest working so hard to breathe. I would have taken it for him and I barely knew him. He survived, thank GOD. But vaccines? I have no words for how life-saving they are. You made the right choice. I dare not speak of what I feel about the choice NOT to vaccinate, because it’s not my place to judge. My son lived, but I want all children to have at least a fighting chance. Thank you for this post, for Walgren’s for their sponsorship, and for the opportunity to participate by sharing (briefly) my own story.

    • Tears in my eyes reading this, Carolyn. I’m so sorry you went though this and so appreciate you sharing your story. <3

    • I just told my son what you said and he was touched. He’s now young adult and knows the amazing gift of life he was given. Oddly, back then we didn’t even know there were people who chose not to immunize. It was shocking to us to discover that a) people would bring a coughing child into the presence of a tiny baby; b) they hadn’t immunized. WHAT? It just about killed me to think I might not get to know who my child was because of a decision someone else had made. Clearly, 20+ years later it can stir strong emotions. A life held by a thread and then it holds. And we move on gladly. But we remember and are stronger for it. I look forward to watching (via your lovely pictures) who you will next welcome into the world.

    • Not a mama yet but as a nurse and hopefully future mother I completely agree! Here is to 60,000!!

  • Here’s to 60,000 children getting life-saving vaccines!

  • Happy that I had to scroll down so much to reach the comment box!!!!!!! All those vaccines! I love the Bay Area, but I haven’t raised my kids there. I can see how it could be difficult to adjust. HUGS.

  • Here’s to 60,000. REAL medical Education is the key.

  • Not a mom yet and had no idea that this was a delima… How awful! Can’t imagine not vaccinating my future kids.

  • Though I am not a mama, I so appreciate your post and your passion. I’ve loved watching you and your family grow!

  • Vaccinations are so important! Thanks for sharing! Good luck to Beau!

  • What an easy way to send an important life changing message. Thank you!

  • Here’s to 60000!

  • I teared up reading this post. (Full disclosure: I’m 31 wks pregnant with my first baby and cry. at. everything.) Thank you for sharing your experience! It sounds horrendous but I’m glad your family has found a solution. This has been weighing on me recently as I’ve been bombarded by opinions from friends/relatives on both sides of the “debate” who think it’s ok to bombard me because I’m pregnant and don’t I want to know this stuff? (For the record: Though it’s not a perfect system, I will definitely be vaccinating my child.)

    I have to think that this kind of situation will continue to come up again and again for parents in the coming years as people continue to make choices about vaccinations. I just hope I will always have school options for my kids where all of their peers have been vaccinated.

    Also – thanks for giving us all an opportunity to give back and feel like we’re a part of something just by commenting on your blog! Easy peasy action = hopefully huge result for kids around the world! Hurrah!

  • I am a nurse in women’s and infant services and I think this is a fantastic campaign! Vaccines are something I always encourage my patients to get! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your absolutely precious pictures with all of us!

  • I applaud you for making an educated decision for your family!

    Thanks for vaccinating your children!

  • Typing this from the hospital, where I hope everyone around me is vaccinated! Vaccinations protect not only your kids, but people and children around them who are immuno-compromised! Glad B-Dawg found a spot. Xox

  • Thanks for raising awareness around this very preventable illness!

  • Here the schools have signs up …
    No Shots
    No school
    No kidding ….

    Good choices Mama xxx

  • A wonderful post and decision for all your family members!

  • Thank you for your great post, and supporting such a good cause. Here’s to 60,000!

  • GREAT post Jessica! I am glad that you were able to find a place for that sweet boy! I will share your post as I too believe in vaccinations but also respect other’s choices. It’s just hard to see epidemics and rises in diseases that we didn’t see in the past when so many children were vaccinated. Good luck!

  • Thank you for this effort!

  • I struggle with understanding how not vaccinating is even a choice. I try not to judge others and their right to make the decisions they deem best for their families but it is really hard when those choices can possibly make another very sick or worse, cause their death. Protect yourselves and others, vaccinate!

    This is a great cause and I am happy to help give back to those in need!

  • Thanks for supporting Shot@life by sharing your story. I pray for the very best for you and your family, including the little one who’s coming! : )

  • This is such a great post! I agree with everything everyone has said – so thankful that you’re behind such a great cause. Keep up the good work! Go Walgreens!

  • Glad to lend my support!

  • I wholeheartedly support this post and the mission to vaccinate children! Those that choose not to vaccinate their children rely on the population to KEEP vaccinating so these diseases do not run a muck with our society. I thought you were a cool mom before, but now I truly believe you are a GREAT role model mom for so many. Keep it up!

  • VACCINATE! I can’t believe schools would allow students to attend if they aren’t vaccinated.

  • So good to hear others with this point of view, it was one of the first questions I asked when interviewing daycares. I want my vaccinated child around others who are also vaccinated!

  • Thanks for sharing, and for participating in #Blogust!

  • Sorry about Beau, but get it! Here’s to vaccinating more children!

  • Constantly amazed at how wonderful of a mother you are while seeming capable of managing so many important aspects outside of your own home. You are a model of grace and empathy, and I fully support your efforts in this shot at life campaign! Best of luck for a wonderful year for all three of your beautiful babies and certainly the one to come as well!

  • Beau is such a doll – and you are an incredible mom!

  • Thanks so much for this post! It upsets me that we are starting to lose our fight against preventable and deadly diseases. My husband almost died as a toddler from whooping cough, an uncle was disabled by polio and late died from it, my grandpa had a weak heart valve due to a preventable illness. I think a lot of people just don’t understand what it was like to live in a world without vaccinations.

  • I fully support this campaign and your blog! Kuddos to you for doing such wonderful things – and, no matter what others say, you are not a sell out. I enjoy your posts now just as much as I did before the sponsorships!

  • Here’s to 60,000! Protect our kids!

  • What a great mission! Here’s to 60,000!!!

  • I fully support your decision and hope that you get tons of comments and shares!

  • A great cause! Like you I respect the right of each parent to make his or her own decision but vaccines were developed for a reason. Good luck to Beau, with his “packpack”, as he starts school.

  • Thank you so much! Could not agree with you more!!

  • What a great post in the last days of this campaign to urgently get children the vaccines they need for a healthy life because doesn’t every kid deserve a shot at pre-school? Your contribution to this cause is amazing. Thank you!

  • Hooray! Happy & healthy back-to-school for everyone! “Just be a cork on the ocean.” That’s my motto! Thanks for the opportunity to help a child somewhere around the globe 🙂

  • The irony of this post is not lost. May beau have a successful year at his new school

  • Great post! Totally pro vaccine here, especially since our kids spend time out of the country.

  • Yay to you and to Walgreens! What a great cause!

  • I applaud your decision to put your children’s health first. As a mom and a nurse, I feel we are blessed to live in a Country that supports and encourages immunization and also affords us the opportunity to immunize our children. Thank you for your support of this worthy cause that promotes children be immunized against preventable diseases.

  • Thanks for the chance to help vaccinate babes who need it!

  • Thought-provoking and interesting post. Thanks for supporting SHOT@LIFE’s important vaccination campaign & BLOGUST 2014!

  • My first child had an allergic reaction to the dpt vaccine… and things were under control..somewhat..our solution was half doses, a month apart..problem solved..There is always a happy medium….I am a real hard nut to crack..but just seeing my child in the hospital and in critical care was reason enough to work out a solution…

  • Hi there,
    Though I am not a mother myself, I am an avid supporter of child vaccinations. I’m South African and we see so much poverty and children facing incredible obstacles in life and it boggles my mind that anybody who has free access to proven medical advancements would choose NOT to make use of it to protect their children.

    Great blog and beautiful kids! 🙂

  • What a wonderful cause, God bless!

  • I’m amazed that there are so many parents willing to jeopardize not just their children’s health but also the health of others by NOT vaccinating their children.

  • Good choices, Jessica! I’m happy to support this cause. Gina

  • Thank you for sharing such an important message and cause. Here’s to 60,000!

  • Such a tough decision but at least we have choices in this country. Thank you for helping other kids get a shot at life!

  • Very interesting topic! I’m not even sure when my kids were in preschool if I would have even thought to ask about the other kids and if it was required to have them vaccinated. But I can understand the choice you made. Good luck with the new preschool!

  • Thank you for aligning with such an impactful cause!

  • Great post! Happy to help other children receive vaccinations!

  • Thank you so much for all you are doing to help kids get their vaccinations!

  • It’s such an irony that we who have easy access to vaccination live in a society where some are rejecting it while other countries would give their eye teeth to have them available. Beau looks like he will thrive anywhere, so don’t worry too much about where he ends up.

  • Yay to healthy babies!! Let’s do this!

  • As a mom and physician, I commend your decision and your post! Good for you! Beau and new baby will be healthier this way.

  • What a great cause! I hope your post helps reach the 60,000 mark!

  • Vaccinate! Thanks walgreens

  • Good luck getting to 60,000

  • Thanks for raising awareness and partnering with such a great cause. Here’s to one more vaccination!

  • I have to agree with you on vaccinating your children but to each their own, let’s put an end to preventable diseases and illnesses!

  • I hope this comment helps you get to 60,000!!!
    thank you so much for the work that you do and for your daily posts

  • Your babies are so darn cute! I hope 60,000 get donated!

  • Love that you stand up for what you believe in. Children need advocates. As parents that is our job. To be their voice and do things for their best well-being.

  • Good for you for asking! It seems unbelievable to me ( at least in my opinion) that if it were possible to prevent your child from getting a disease, that you wouldn’t be standing in line to make that happen. Thanks for helping impoverished counties allow to stand in line! Kudos to you.

  • Let’s get to 60,000!!!!

  • Great post! I completely agree with your thoughts on this topic. And thanks for spending time on such an important cause! Shot at Life sounds like a phenomenal organization to support.

  • Thank you so much for writing this post and taking a stand! As a public health professional I am so happy to see a social media icon take a stand for vaccinations by sharing the way her own child is affected by other parents irresponsible decisions.

  • I work in vaccine research, I endorse this 150%.

    p.s. love you blog and instagram – brightens my day!

  • Hope you reach the goal! Great article!

  • So proud of you for sharing your story. It saddens me to hear otherwise thoughtful, rational people abandoning their logic when it comes to protecting their kids and others with vaccines. No thought to herd protection. No thought to the rejuvenation of long-eradicated/extirpated/managed diseases. Why, why must some people respond to emotional pleas instead of logic? It is so very hard not to respond with anger. Doing as you are, acting instead of passionately (so passionately) rebutting their intellectual torpor, is inspiring. Fight the ignorance and fear with knowledge and love. Would love to learn more to help!

  • I totally 100% agree and support your decision! way to go momma!

  • Amazing program and poignant post. Thank you!

  • Yay! Comments = vaccines!

  • Thanks for sharing this very important information… Hoping for 60,000… Congrats! On your newest family member!!

  • Good work for #Blogust. What a way to make a positive out of a anguishing situation. You know how I feel. xo

  • Awesome. Huge proponent of vaccinating. Thank you for being a strong voice for both it’s importance and the consequences that those who choose to not vaccinate cause for others.

  • Couldn’t love this post more!!

  • I’m glad the school was honest with you about the vaccination rate of the children. It could have been horrible to find out after the new baby became sick. Certainly a great way to provide vaccinations for children around world.

  • As a mom of a preemie I really appreciate this post. While I try not to judge the choices of others it is scary when it presents such a real and serious risk to your child.

  • It’s so nice to hear the voice of reason regarding vaccines. Thank you!

  • Great cause! Keep up the good work, Jessica!

  • Vaccines are very important! Good luck with the new baby!

  • So nice to see a mom speaking out on supporting getting your kids vaccinated!! It’s the most important thing you can do to keep your family safe yet other moms have been scared by the media into believing otherwise. Great post.

  • Glad you are such a strong Mom, and I hope Beau enjoys spreading his wings. Here’s to 60,000. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to help!

  • How frustrating regarding the school! Glad you found an alternative that will work, though!

  • Love this post! Great decision. I feel that shots are a must, but I followed the Dr Sears schedule and just spread them out a little.

  • 100% agree with your decision for your family

  • While I agree I’m glad to live in a place we have the freedom to choose certain things, people’s choice to not vaccinate their children is on that directly impacts me and the health of my family. Not to mention it is completely without merit – there is no scientific basis to any claims of harm coming from vaccines. I applaud you for finding a preschool where other parents’ “choice” will not threaten the lives of your family.

  • I bet we’re close to 60K!!

  • Thank you Jessica! So glad you were able to find something for sweet beau. Thanks for sharing your story, I appreciate you being the voice for so many of us!

  • Such an important dialogue and discussion-kudos to you for not only being an ambassador for a serious public health need but also sticking to your guns for the protection of your family. It sounds like you have course corrected and everyone will be the better for it.

  • Thank you for your post. Go Blogust!

  • Thanks for drawing attention to this important issue!

  • This is a big deal- I hadn’t even thought of having a little one in preschool and bring pregnant and the non- vaccinated risk!! Aye

  • I am 100% in for this and I remain baffled by those who question the science behind vaccines. We are expecting our first child and had considered asking potential pediatricians about their stance on vaccines… but your post (and the stories here) are quite a wake-up call. Thank you!

  • What a wonderful cause to support.

  • Jessica, thank you for using your voice to help children stay healthy.

  • I’m glad you wrote about this! We are due with our 3rd baby in December and in mid-March I will be returning to work and she’ll be going to daycare with our middle child. They have to attend a new daycare since the one my 2nd child attends doesn’t take babies. I will definitely make sure the kids and teachers have all been vaccinated before enrolling my children. I have heard the argument for heard immunity and not vaccinating but you know what? Sometimes science does it better than nature and THAT IS OKAY.

  • Bravo! Fantastic that you are an ambassador for this.

  • I have been such a big fan of your Theo and Beau photos but now after this post, I am a huge fan of yours too!!!!! Way to stand your ground, be a strong momma and do what is right for your family! I’m a Shot@Life Champion and thank you so much for supporting #Blogust!!!

  • Very important message and cause! Good luck & thank you for giving us a chance to help!

  • As a public health advocate and mother of 5 also living in Northern California I applaud this post!

  • Good luck on reaching 60,000! What an awesome cause!

  • Thank you for shining a light on this.

  • Being a parent – one of the hardest jobs ever and they don’t come with handbook :). We do the best we can and you are doing awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your family’s journey with us through words and pictures. Best of luck!

  • Blessings for a happy, healthy year!

  • Vaccines, to me, are a no brainer. Good luck!

  • Hurray for you for making this post. As a scientist, I actually cannot fathom why parents would choose not to vaccinate. Why would you knowingly endanger the health of your child, and others in your community who are living with suppressed immune systems? It is a selfish and poorly informed choice. So thank you for taking a stance, and for helping people who truly want to protect the health of their children. Well done!

  • Here’s another vaccination!
    Your position is well-stated and very fair. Everyone needs to do what’s best for their own family. Wishing you and your family the very best. Looking forward to hearing about the new baby!

  • Commenting for 60,000!!

  • I would have done the same thing- glad to hear it has a happy ending!!

  • This is awesome. Love your blog!

  • what a great cause. glad to be able to help in some small way. good luck to you and your family as the arrival of your latest member draws near!

  • Thanks for opening up on a topic that mums politely avoid but is such a big issue!

  • I am a liberal who loves science! My six month old is up to date, I wish everyone had access to life saving vaccines.

  • Oh man that is a hard one. We had a cousin have a baby this summer and when my doc asked a few month prior to that if I wanted an updated vaccine, I quickly said yes. I’m glad you found a new place for Beau.

  • Great post, great cause, great work!

    Good luck to you and your family for the upcoming birth, Jessica.


  • Happy to add a comment to help somebody else!

  • Here’s to 60,000. Good luck to all of your littles this school year!!

  • thank you for donating Walgreens!!

  • Have we reached 60,000?! This really opened my eyes to what I’m exposing my newborn to! Thank you so much for this post, really, thank you.

  • It’s interesting to me how all of the comments here are pro vaccination, yet I know full and well that their are many people who don’t fully vaccinate or follow a delayed schedule. I have no qualms with saying that saying my children are not fully vaccinated although they were both vaccinated with DTaP because of the whopping cough outbreaks. People who are ‘pro vaccine’ assume that those who choose not to vaccinate as suggested are somehow less informed or foolish but I just direct those people to my childrens MD father.

  • It’s good to know your blog is able to help so many out. I hope all these comments and shares are able to make a big difference for others.

  • So glad you found a new “safe” pre-school for your family. Thank you for helping other children get the opportunity to live.

  • I’ll comment for a great cause. Yay! One vaccine from me to a child. It is as easy as that.

  • What a tough situation to be put in. Good for you for putting the health of your children above all else. You can never be too careful.

  • Thank you thank you!! The false information out there that leads to parents not vaccinating their children is startling! We need to keep spreading the word. Please vaccinate for the benefit of all!

  • Heartbreaking to think that our herd immunity is lacking 🙁

  • Here’s to another vaccine!

  • Thank you for voicing your concerns in such a reasonable and non-judgmental way. As a health communicator, I find it interesting but sad that public health and pro-vaccine messages are actually backfiring. Perhaps if more parents that the stand you have, educators, even in more liberal communities, will rethink their policies.

  • Hope we get to 60,000. There are so many children at risk & sometimes it’s hard to find a way to help… one comment for one vaccine is too easy not to. ♡ thanks for an opportunity to help a great cause.

  • Well said!! Given all of the scary diseases out there that we cannot prevent, it blows my mind that someone would not take advantage of a proven tool that can eliminate the chance of harm to come to their child or someone else. Thanks for sharing!!

  • I am all in for vaccines. Here is another post for the cause. I am almost finished with my nursing education, and I am hoping to educate those parents who are afraid of vaccines with information and facts to help them make the best decision for their children’s health.

  • Such a difficult and painful situation for a parent to be in. Even though I don’t have the human children, I too go through the same issue with my furbabies ….they are required to have certain shots in order to be at certain places (doggie daycare etc) and I know that there are parents who are taken the necessary precautions and steps to protect their babies …both from and to others. It is a Hot button topic, but like you said, I’m grateful to live in a country where we have access to these protections and have the freedom to choose.

    It’s tragic that every 20 seconds a child dies from a preventable vaccinated disease.

    BTW..I still remember Dr. Bear (and he was a big ol bear of huggable, lovable man) giving me my TB shot and others and age 2.

  • THANK YOU for posting about this. It’s so sad that people would choose not to vaccinate when we have this luxury available to us. Particularly when you honk of the mothers around the world who would die to be able to vaccinate their babies from awful diseases.

  • This is awesome! I love reading your blog, keep up the amazing work!!!

  • So sorry you have had to make difficult decisions at the very last minute. I hope it goes well. Hoping for the best. And one more shot!

  • Great cause, good luck Jessica.

  • Hope you reach over the 60,000 goal!!!! YAY!!!!

  • Onward to 60k!!! Thank you for doing this. I’m in full support.

  • As a nurse I have seen whooping cough in little ones and it is not pretty. You stated this in such a nice way. I will never understand why some people choose not to protect their children from these diseases and as they make that decision, put others at risk. I hope Beau has a wonderful pre school experience and good luck as you all welcome the new baby.

  • Thank you for doing this with Walgreens! Here’s to 60k.

  • Couldn’t agree more. Good luck meeting your goal!

  • Thanks for the thoughtful post. Awesome cause.

  • I am so glad that you are raising awareness for this! I am a medical student hoping to go into pediatrics, and I think this is such an important topic to address when thinking about Beau and your future child’s health. Happy to leave a comment and provide a vaccination to a child that needs one!

  • Thanks to you and Walgreens. Vaccinate!

  • congrats to Beau on the upcoming start of his school career. It’ll be a magical time for him! I agree that the subject of vaccinating is a difficult one…so many honest and heartfelt arguments on both side. Here’s to 60K going to those that need and want them!

  • Thank you, what a great cause! It’s so sad to see children suffering from easily preventable diseases.

  • Here’s to 60k! May each child know the joys of the firsts.

  • Being from a developing country I saw the scars, pain and suffering of chilhood illnesess and the sacrifices mother did to get their children vaccinated . Many walked many miles to get this vaccines. Thank for helping to a great cause!

  • The timing of this post was quite serendipitous for me. We are just starting the hunt for a preschool for our first little guy and, quite honestly, I had not even considered vaccination status . It will certainly be on my radar now, especially as we are considering having a second child.

  • Wow! This is such a great campaign. Thanks for your thoughtful perspective on vaccinations and parenting.

  • What a great cause! Vaccines do no harm *for most*. Unfortunately my preschooler is not one of those. Us mamas who have made an informed choice to selectively vax so appreciate the respect and compassion of those who have had a different and easier experience.

  • Thank you for helping get vaccines for children overseas!

  • Hope I am helping you get to 60,000. Vaccinations are so important!

  • I think it is wonderful you are bringing this topic the attention it needs. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  • Thank you for sharing this post. I think it is important to have discussions about vaccines.

  • On a purely selfish note—- will there still be Theo and Beau sleeping/napping pictures now that he’s in school????!!!! Excellent blogpost.

  • You’re a good mama Jessica. All this navigating and protecting our babies is hard work!

  • Lovely piece. Great job advocating for healthy kids and families!

  • Yay for vaccines! My daughter is vaccinated, but my brother in law and his wife have chosen not to vaccinate their children, and their one year old recently came down with whopping cough! I can’t believe how quickly these diseases are making a come back when they’re easily preventable.

  • Good for you! What a great cause!

  • You are not only a wonderful momma, you are a wonderful person! So glad things will work out for Beau. Can’t wait to see pics of your new little!

  • Good for you taking a stand to keep your family healthy. You are much kinder about those who do not vaccinate then I am!

  • I am normally not one to comment, but happily doing so for the cause!

  • Boy do I ever agree with you on this! “Globally, 1 in 5 kids still don’t have access to the vaccines they need, and a child still dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine preventable disease.” These are straight facts! I’m sorry you had to go through that but it sounds like it’s working out. Good job!

  • Great post for a wonderful cause!!

  • Vaccines save lives! Thank you for supporting #blogust #shot@life

  • Thank you for sharing your experience and perspective. It was one I hadn’t considered- that your son would be a risk to your newborn because of exposure at preschool. I love following Beau and Theo and the rest of your clan. Thanks for sharing!

  • What a well thought out post. I personally do not understand this whole anti vaccination movement. It would be one thing if it doesn’t affect other children, however it does!

  • One day, I hope to be as exceptional a mother as you are. it makes me so happy to see people making choices and decisions based on what’s best and most healthy for their children, rather than relying on what others say or being naive to situations. Go you! Can’t wait to e-meet the new baby!

  • What a great cause, thanks for helping get kids vaccinated, it’s so important for the whole community.

  • Thank you for spreading the word!

  • Thanks for bringing this issue to the surface! This post was a good reminder that I need to check into the vaccination situation in my children’s preschool. I honestly didn’t think much about the other children’s immunization records because my children are immunized, therefore I thought protected. But we are going to be welcoming a new baby early next year so this is an important issue for our family. Love the cause your speaking out for.

  • Sorry you have to go through this! You are doing the right thing for your family.

  • Great cause! Congrats on your soon to arrive little babe & wishes for a great school year ahead for your other kiddos!

  • What a great Blogust post!
    I’m cool letting other families make their own choices, but when those choices have such a dangerous ripple effect it’s scary. I’m glad the preschool was upfront with you and that you had another option.

  • Every child deserves a shot at life! So glad you found another school for precious Beau! He will thrive no matter where he is. Just look at him 🙂 All the best for you & the new baby!

  • Sorry you had so much trouble

  • Good for you for making the tough decisions for your family and taking a stand on this issue, which is so important as a role model (yes! You are one!). Hopefully in addition to helping get children in need vaccines, you may have helped some undecided moms sway their decisions towards health.

  • Genius! Well played, Mama! (And, for the record, I cannot–no matter how hard I try–reconcile that there is actually such a thing as an “anti-vax movement”. Freaking. Insane.

  • What a great cause and a very good article.

  • We live in a country with privilege of making many choices – though I wonder if we knew firsthand what life was like in countries without readily available access to vaccinations if we’d still see that choice as such a luxury? I doubt it. This campaign is tremendous. Here’s to 60K!

  • Thank you for taking an intelligent stand on this important issue!

  • Such crappy timing, but all of your babies are so lucky to have a mom who will fight for their safety. Love you, Jess! xo

  • Oy, trying to type a comment on one’s phone quickly can lead to typos galore (see above). I meant to write that I wondered if those who opt out would see vax as luxury vs responsibility if they lived where medical care truly is a luxury. Such an important post and incredible campaign. Will keep sharing it!

  • I’d make the same decision as you. Your family is lucky to have you looking out for them!!

  • Commenting for a vaccine!

  • This is the part of the ‘educated decisions’ I don’t understand. If people don’t want to vaccinate, fine, but it actually puts more than just their own family at risk, and that is not fair. Glad you were able to work something out, and cheers to great school year!

  • Full support. Thank you for sharing.

  • You are such an amazing mother… Good for you for following what you feel is right…

  • Good luck to Beau in preschool. He’ll thrive wherever he is!

  • Way to go, Walgreens!!

  • Great cause! Hope you get 60,000!

  • Ref- Fighting for firsts & a shot at life, Shot@Life addressed global childhood immunization& vaccination for developing countries as global health priority.
    Developing countries governance, civil society,medical& health care services should integrate in far to reach /remote regions of world for universal child hood vaccines. Universal child hood vaccine could prevent diseases by right vaccine scheduling to preschool , primary health centers , families & community.
    Sensible parenting & society should give secure freedom to early childhood for
    social learning & education.Early & adult childhood needs emotions & care from
    parents for social life adaptation. Elementary school education/preschool is first step of
    social learning for early childhood.Sensible parenting should encourage & give
    familiarity of social biological process to early childhood for healthy
    understanding of elementary phase of life. Ref- @mommasgonecity

  • Let’s hope this pushes them over 60,000!

  • Thank you so much for putting this info and your personal experience out there Jessica! This is such a hot button topic and can be very divisive. So happy to see the overwhelmingly supportive response!
    (Way to turn some lemons into an awesome glass of lemonade….! In less than 24 hours no less!)

  • GIRL – that last pic of Beau with his backpack.. . he simply can’t be that big. I adore this post and your heart. Proud to be walking this journey with you xoxo

  • Such an important message! Vaccinations are to protect everyone, most importantly those who cannot receive vaccinations themselves.

  • An important cause. Commenting for a vaccine. Thank you for posting and sharing your story.

  • Thank you Jessica! Your words make a difference. I honestly don’t think most people realize the impact their decisions have on others. A scary future for health care on many levels! Best of luck to Beau in his new school and wishing you a pleasant birth experience with you new one! DON’T HESITATE TO VACCINATE!

  • Thank you for discussing this! Terrible timing, but it sounds like it will be a great place for Beau. Here’s to 60,000!

  • Yay preschool for Beau and vaccines for kids who need them.

  • I was getting ready to be extremely sad/mad that Beau wouldn’t be able to go to preschool! I’m so glad you found a safe environment for him (and your growing family)! I’m so glad you were staying on top of things and since we’ll be looking into preschools in the coming year, I’m so glad that you brought this up. I’m very non-judgemental when it comes to most parenting things but those who choose not to vaccinate their children really get under my skin. It may be a risk someone else is willing to take, but not me. Thanks for partnering with a group who is willing to share with those who don’t even have the luxury of choosing whether or not to vaccinate. Thank you so much.

  • Another comment for vaccines – an important cause

  • Good luck on reaching the goal!

  • You did right by your little ones, mama. Well done!

  • Good for you — great advocation for the health of your children and for kids everywhere! Thank you for sharing your story!

  • Here’s to 60,000! Thanks, Walgreens!

  • What a great cause!!!

  • Dear Jessica, thank you so much for your lovely blog. I support this post and I think that vaccination is so important to protect others – in your case your family and especially the new little one.
    Wishing you a healthy delivery,
    many greetings from Germany!

  • Here’s to protecting one more child

  • Good luck in preschool Beau!!!

  • I am a new mother living in an academic city in Southern Germany where there is a strong anti-immunization lobby. I had my 11 week old baby vaccinated just yesterday. I am tremendously thankful for the opportunity provided by vaccination to protect my own child and thus other children as well from potentially dangerous diseases.

    Cheers to 60000!

    Love your blog, too, by the way.

    Love, Manuela

  • Thank you for this post. As a student who is currently getting her masters in Public Health, this is incredibly important. While every family does have a right to vaccinate or not vaccinate their children, if a large portion chooses not to, in the community at large, the vaccine becomes obsolete. Herd immunity is a key aspect of vaccinations.

    I hope that Beau has a great time at the new pre-school you found him! I love your posts and instagram, you are a model of the mother I hope to be one day.

  • Such a difficult dilemma! Thanks for sharing your story. Smiles!

  • Sorry you had to change because of unassisted children. I wish people would stop believing the lies and look at the truth, that we now live in a country where more children survive childhood because of a simple step and that their children aren’t sick because other people are protecting their children by immunizing their own children.

  • As I am the only member of my family who vaccinated my child I am whole heartedly in support of giving kids life saving vaccines if it mean they no longer have to fear dying because of where they we’re born. I hope you reach your goal!!!

  • So happy to help the cause!

  • Let’s keep all children as healthy as we can.

  • Glad you found an alternative preschool. Hoping his first year goes well and everyone stays happy and healthy!

  • Just want to give one more kid a vaccine!

  • My daughter just had her 6 month shots yesterday. Here’s to other children around the world getting the same gift.

  • Glad it all worked out and happy to help an amazing and important cause! Happy new school year!

  • Thank you for the kind, responsible post. Here’s to one more and all the best to Beau!!

  • Commenting in support of vaccinations. You go, girl 🙂

  • I have unvaccinated family members and would not allow them near my baby until she was vaccinated, so I understand you taking every precaution! What a great program!

  • It is amazing how moms around the world share the same concerns. My 3 yr old started preschool on Monday and we are expecting our second child in December. It was a difficult decision to make because on one hand he was ready to be with children his own age, introduced to team playing etc. but on the other hand we were very concerned about illnesses he might be bringing home when our new baby is born. We live in Athens, Greece and unfortunately lately there has been an increase in parents who decide not to vaccinate because they believe vaccines cause more harm than good. We checked of course and at the local preschool we chose the vast majority of kids are vaccinated, their pediatrician is the same as ours which is a great thing but no law can force parents to vaccinate as it is considered an act of bodily harm if there is no consent.
    I wish the best to Beau and my little guy and all the new babies to come and let’s wish for less epidemics world around.

  • happy to comment, as a mom of five, all of whom were vaccinated. right there with ya!

  • You were wise to do your homework. Beau will have a great year, I’m sure – and you’ll have the comfort of knowing you did what you had to do in order to protest your family.

  • As a healthcare professional I am fully in the vaccinate camp as I’ve seen first hand the horrible ramifications of kids not being vaccinated… Kudos for doing the right thing!

  • Good for you for doing everything you can to protect your own family. I think it’s a great thing for you to take a stand publicly. Here’s hoping families will read up on the current research regarding vaccinations and will help to protect our world’s children. Very happy that Walgreens is helping in this cause!

  • With all that you have on your plate, I am so impressed that you take the time to research and evaluate how this could affect your young family! I am happy to add my voice to the tens of thousands who support vaccinations and the Shot at Life campaign. Best wishes to you with the new baby! I will be watching your blog and FB to see how Theo adjusts to another little guy/gal. 🙂

  • You absolutely made the right decision. I stand behind you completely and know that Beau will thrive in any preschool setting. My kids have had every vaccination available throughout the years including both my daughter and son getting the vaccine for HPV.

  • So glad you found a place for sweet Beau. I love your blog and how you share your beautiful family with this community of followers. Wishing you the best in the upcoming days .

  • Please remember parents and grandparents should get a whooping cough booster before a new baby arrives. Thanks for speaking out about this. Glad I could help get a child a free vaccine!

  • You are brave to take on this topic. I’m sure other countries wish they had the choices we do. I’m sure Beau will thrive wherever he lands. How could he not?

  • Oh Jessica- my heart breaks for you. This is such an unfair position to have put you and your family in (at the last minute) during this already stressful time. I feel that all state accredited preschools should require up to date immunizations and then it’s up to the people who choose not to vaccinate to find somewhere else to send their kids where they will not put other children and their families at risk. I am expecting our 3rd on Oct. 2nd and my first just started Kindergarten and the second is in a 2’s program and I am so relieved that they will each have their own place to gain independence and socialize without the new addition around. I am glad you found somewhere else for Beau and it will all work out but in the moment it must feel so frustrating and devastating. Thinking of you and sending the best!

  • Bravo. Hope you get to 70K, exceed your goal. It amazes me how parents listen to celebrities’ hysteria and refute scientific research. I support your right to choose how you raise your child but not when it puts others at risk. Glad the school informed you and you were able to find a preschool spot for Beau. Can’t wait to see him soar. Best wishes got an easy delivery.

  • I fully vaccinated both of my children (now ages 20 & 23) and fully support childhood vaccinations. Thank you for sharing this post and thank you Walgreens for donating vaccinations to children in need.

  • Argh, the non vaccine trend drives me crazy, death is a real risk from so many of these diseases, and it’s the risk to other peoples kids that’s the worst part. Admire your refusal to compromise your kids, best of luck with new babs.

  • I was nervous when I saw your topic was vaccine and was afraid I would have to unfollow you if you were anti-vaccine. Yay for vaccines!

  • With grown children and one starting her own family, I have memories of my uncle in a iron lung when I was a small child. He contracted polio when he was 16 and passed away before his 25th birthday. There was never a question about vaccinating my children. Thank you for taking a stand and thank you to Walgreens for donating vaccinations.

  • Is such a beautiful thing you are doing! I love how cute your family is. You are so lovely. Keep doing what you are doing… God bless you!

  • What a tough call for you, and I feel your pain. I’m also pregnant (32 weeks) and my obstetrician is having me get a booster shot now for whooping cough…apparently new research indicates that some immunity can be passed on to bubs in utero before they’re even born. We have the same issue with the epidemic here in Australia, though we are lucky enough to live in an area where there is almost 100% vaccination rates. Best of luck with bubs and the new preschool…he seems like the kind of kid that will thrive anywhere!

  • Awesome! So happy for you all on the babe, and thank you for sharing….I’m sharing this for sure!

  • Unbelievable….so sorry you had to go through this. I actually live in the same community as you with a nearly 2 year old and am new to the area. Am having a very difficult job finding acceptable preschools for us here!

  • As a 64 year old survivor of polio, I cannot believe why anyone who has the PRIVILEGE of having their child vaccinated would choose NOT to, basing their decision on conspiracy theories and other unproven misinformation. I cannot understand why anti vaxxers put more faith in the likes of ignorant, uninformed anti vaxxers like Jenny McCarthy (whose theories have long been proven wrong), than in medical professionals with many decades of experience, training, and testing under their belts. I don’t know why anyone would WILLINGLY expose their children to diseases that are fully preventable.

    It was 1954, the year before the vaccine was released when I contracted polio at the age of 3 and a half. One day I was a perfectly normal, healthy little girl, and within a week I was paralysed from the neck down. I was in hospital for months…it was brutal being separated from my mother and placed firstly in an isolation ward, and then a children’s ward. I eventually regained the use of my legs, but never my arms. My right arm is completely lame, as are both shoulders (I cannot lift either arm). I have the limited use of my left forearm and hand only. Both of my shoulders are wasted, and my arms are a good one-third shorter than they should be, due to the atrophying of my muscles and resultant halt in bone growth. I have scoliosis of the spine, I require a breathing aid to sleep as my rib cage and lungs didn’t develop beyond the size of a 7 year old child’s, my diaphragm development is compromised, and my neck is weak.

    I no longer bother to enter into dialogue with anti vaxxers as there really is no point, considering that when I tried previously to have an informed and adult debate, I was attacked and accused of being bitter and twisted and that I have a chip on my shoulder, which is so far from the truth as anyone who knows me will attest to. I have always strived to lead a ‘normal’ life. I studied, held a good job, married, had a child, and when my husband died when our son was a toddler, I raised him single-handedly (no pun intended, lol). As difficult as it has been, I have probably done more than most able-bodied people, just to prove to myself that I can. However, I’m not going to lie about it, as much as I make jokes and smile about it, my life has been one long physical struggle, and still is.

    As for autism, it has always existed, it’s just that it was kept hidden, swept under the carpet, not spoken about, and never had a name. And of course there was no Internet to spread the mis/information/ and conspiracy theories.

    In my opinion, and based on my own personal first-hand experience, you absolutely made the right decision not to place your precious child in a school amongst children that have not been vaccinated.

    Good luck Beau, and best wishes to you, Jessica, and your gorgeous family on your new little bundle of joy!

  • Well said…a family’s health is too precious to leave to chance

  • wholeheartedly #teamjessica on this one, both from the vaccination standpoint and doing whatever necessary to keep your kids healthy. best of luck to beau on his new journey…and theo, who may be terribly lonely without him!

  • So happy to comment!! What a lovely post Jessica. My heart strings pulled for you when you said there were unvaccinated children and I am so happy you found a workable solution. I would also make sure Beau’s teachers have had flu vaccines this year, or at least ask if they get their yearly vaccination. Influenza is also something to think about with the babe at home. Big hugs to you!!! I was in Santa Cruz last night with my parents between my shifts…and was thinking good thoughts for a smooth and beautiful birth! Soon!!!! Xoxo

  • I just happened to try to have a calm and rational discussion about vaccination with an anti-vaccine activist in the family yesterday. It ended with them screaming at me that the FDA was evil and that vaccines were “autism-serum”! I feel very strongly about the FACT that vaccines save lives and unless there is a medical reason (eg an allergy to a vaccine’s ingredient(s) or a condition that is contra-indicated), ALL children should be vaccinated. Kudos to you for raising awareness to the very real danger of not vaccinating one’s child! Here’s to 60,000!

  • I am pro-vaccinations, it is why so many diseases in this country are eradicated. I have teenage sons and they recently received the HPV vaccine so that they would not expose women (or future wife) to HPV. Such a small thing to do to prevent cervical cancer.

  • Good for you for protecting your family. I got whooping cough at 6 weeks of age, and the ONLY reason I survived was because I happened to be a month overdue and weighed 11 lbs, 3 oz. at birth, making me strong enough to fight this deadly, and completely PREVENTABLE, illness.

  • I am so with you sister on this! We are in 2014 and I see no reason to take huge and serious risks with my children…I have 5…so lets think about this…two in different colleges,different jobs, 1 in middle school,1 in preschool, and a 1 year old with already making me nervous allergies..think of how many thousands of people just my 4 kids come in contact with every single day..then come home to me…I have MS…so I already have a compromised immune system…and my 1 year old son who had huge complications at birth…I don’t need another worry…so we vaccinate..because its a no brainer…

  • Best of luck for a great year at preschool and prayers for healthy and happy children!

  • I enjoy reading your posts and am glad you vaccinate your children. Best of luck with Beau’s preschool experience. My children and all my grandchildren have had their vaccines. Hoping for an easy and safe delivery of your new baby.

  • I love your blog! And thank you for building awareness about vaccinations.

  • Vaccinate to save lives!

  • well put! here’s to more children having vaccines available to them

  • You made the right decision!

  • I applaud your stand on vaccinations and the affect it has on all of our lives as a whole. Good luck to each of your children this new school year.

  • Let’s make it to 60,000!

  • Nicely put, thanks for sharing and great work x

  • I also live in a northern california low vax community and have an older child. When I had my twins last year, I was able to get a pertussis and flu booster while pregnant and again just before I left the hospital. My doc told me that there was research to support this as my babies would get added immunities from the vaccines in my breast milk and this would hopefully protect them until they could get their first dtap vaccine. I hope you can get this, too. The vaccine rate in our older son’s school is pretty good but because of the lower rate in our community, I felt pretty worried about my babies until they reached 4 months of age. Thankfully, they have been super healthy.

  • Sorry to hear about your last minute change in pre-school plans. I also find it absurd that mothers won’t vaccinate their children. We also have a minority of parents here who don’t and made me wonder what happens with their children’s schooling, because when registering your child at a public school, you have to hand in your clinic card. All the best with Beau’s new school and the baby

  • Thank you for taking this on. I definitely support this cause.

  • Thank you for supporting this cause! My son’s preschool that he starts this week has a “no shots, no school” policy so they do not accept non-vaccinated children.

  • I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with this! It’s absurd that in 2014 we still have to worry about this…
    I hope this comment helps to reach your goal for Shot At Life’s worthwhile campaign! Best of luck in the upcoming weeks. I hope everything goes smoothly and that your transition from 3 to 4 children is an easy one 🙂

  • As a Mother I am all for getting my kids the vaccines they need. Yes I didn’t like that they cried and I cried while they were getting the shots, but I kept telling myself they need these shots. Thank you for writing this post and I pray that you will reach your goal to give these children the shots they need. I wish you and your precious family the best!!

  • Thank you for your support of this healthcare issue.

  • Great post. I fear for all these unvacinnated kids as they head to college etc. Scary.

  • what a great campaign! thanks for your help!

  • Go Jessica! Go Walgreens! Mark my words, there is a reason you have ended up at the new preschool and someday you may realize what it is. I’m sorry you had to go through the hardship. Stay on it Mama!

  • Here’s to 60K! I love this partnership. Good luck with the new baby!

  • Thank you for supporting this initiative and for carefully explaining your thought process. My Mother In-Law as a young girl had whooping cough, and it killed her infant brother. At 70 years old, she still mourns the loss and considers herself one of 3 children in the family. From her perspective, she feels that it’s naive to think that these diseases, which have been rare and isolated for many years, are gone forever.

  • Let’s hope children across the world get the care they need.

  • So glad our preschool requires vaccines…I never realized there were even places that allowed children to attend without (perhaps because we’re in the “non-progressive” Midwest)…just seems like disaster waiting to happen.

    Love the “Get a Shot. Give a shot” campaign. Here’s to vaccines to those in need!

  • Happy to comment and do my small part toward the 60,000. Yea for Walgreens and more opportunities for vaccination throughout the world.

  • I 100% agree with having children vaccinated! This is a wonderful thing to be doing xxxx

  • I follow your blog, but I’ve never commented (other than liking your stuff in instagram) – but an avid reader and looking forward to hearing wonderful news about your next beautiful project.

    But this, you’ve raised my level of respect for you here. You not only manage to respectfully decline the anti-vacccination folks in a very polite yet stern way, you make me proud! (not that that was the point of it, but you do)

    I live in a country where we get vaccinated through the schools, I remember having to get shots with my classmates and teachers and although it was the worst(!!!) I wouldn’t change it for the world. I keep thinking of the kids who can’t get vaccinated because of medical reasons and are constantly put at risk because parents choose to follow “scientific” evidence that have little or even no basis in reality.

    I wish you all the best, and here’s another comment to get those vaccinations.
    Much love xoxo

  • This is such a great cause! I don’t normally comment, but I am happy to add my voice for the health of kids worldwide.

  • Great cause! I applaud the strength and courage you have demonstrated to stick to your beliefs and protect your family. Cheers to 60,000!

  • Great post- and I’m glad you found some place for Beau this year. Can’t wait for news of the bebe!

  • Always lovely to see you doing something to help others, like you often do. Xo

  • We vaccinate. I totally understand your decision. My daughter attends a preschool where folks vaccinate and I’m expecting a new baby in december. Not worth the risk.

  • Here’s to 60k! I’m not a mom yet but love getting a my future inspiration from your posts and am happy to help with a great cause. Wishing Beau a happy/safe start to preschool!

  • Like you, I generally don’t engage those parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids – it’s like arguing with a brick wall. However, I really wish their kids weren’t allowed in to public schools with my kid, just as a matter of public safety.

  • Great post. I’m due with my 3rd in 10 weeks and I have a close friend a few states away with two unvaccinated boys. I’m dreading the conversation if/when she asks to come visit with her family after the baby is born. This post will give me the courage to tell her no. Maybe after a year and I’ll feel safer, but not the first 12 months.

  • It’s astounding that people here opt out of vaccination for their children. People in other counties would give their right eyes for access to life saving vaccines. They are safe and it’s the ignorant people that are going to bring back polio and measles to our country. They’ve already brought back pertussis. As if we parents don’t already have enough to worry about.

  • You are a great Mom and doing your best for your children. Very wise move and I for one support you.

  • Jessica,

    Happy to do my part by the simple act of leaving a comment! Love keeping up with you even though we haven’t actually connected in awhile. Having four grandchildren I felt it was so important to have the vaccine myself and hope other grandparents feel the same. Keep up the good work!!! Love, Jackie

  • So glad we live in the modern day with wonders like vaccines! But so glad that yall found out before the baby came…. Also congrats on #4! Cant wait to see pics!

  • Thank you for sharing your story….

  • it always shocks me when people choose not to vaccinate. i’m glad the preschool was transparent so you could make an informed decision. best of luck

  • Completely agree and I’m proud of you.

  • I can’t even imagine the children in my son’s preschool not being vaccinated. I am glad that’s something I don’t have to worry about and pray that we don’t have this issue when he starts elementary school.

  • I don’t usually comment in blog posts but the message in this post is incredibly important. I don’t have children yet but I cannot imagine not vaccinating my child. Growing up the schools I went to didn’t even allow entry without proof of our shots. Anyway, I hope the kids have a great school year and good luck with the new babe. Here’s one more to 60k!

  • Thank you so much for being the spokesperson. I’m happy to take the time to comment and help reach toward the goal of vaccinating up to 60,000 children. I am 100% in support of vaccinations !

  • I am also an avid vaccine supporter! Here’s to 60,000 and good luck in school Beau!

  • What a great thing to be a part of! I think that vaccines are incredibly important and I am happy to comment to help others receive the vaccines they need.

  • UGH! sometime I get so frustrated while discussing this topic! Any idea how many lives have been saved with vaccinations? I can’t even!

  • You are such a great advocate for important issues!

  • Great post–Im happy to support the cause! Best of luck to your growing family!

  • Wow. Thanks for writing this. I’ve struggled with the same pre-school fears myself, but we are about a year behind you/Beau in the decision-making. Thank you for raising awareness of this issue.

  • Having a comment = a vaccine for a child is a genius way to stop the anti-vaccine commenters. I love it!

  • i never post but love your blog! this seemed like a worthy moment for a first of my own. good luck!!

  • I am so incredibly proud of you for stating your opinion and doing it so eloquently and in a non-offensive and gracious way. I, too, am in the same boat as you and spent many years as a chemo pal to terminally ill children (who had zero defense against any illness) so I am obviously a big fan of vaccines because while one disease might not kill our children, it could easily take the life of one who is immunocompromised. All that to say, kudos to you sweet lady. It is a hard world to give our opinion in now a days! I miss the old discussions in person!
    Best, Anna

  • Pertussis is serious. My daughter contracted it at camp in Maine two summers ago — she was due for her 12 year old booster shot at her annual physical but hadn’t yet gotten it. She was with a number of unvaccinated campers and this resulted in a significant outbreak there. She was so, so sick for weeks on end and we ended up in the hospital twice. Whooping cough is also known as the 100-day cough because it takes months to recover. I shudder to think about little ones that aren’t big enough to fight this off. It never occurred to me before this to ask about unvaccinated kids at camp, especially since my children are older. You absolutely did the right thing. My heart goes out to any parent who has to watch their child fight this completely preventable sickness.

  • Thankfully, Theo will have a new baby to snuggle when Beau heads to school! 🙂

  • Here’s one more vaccination.

    Choosing NOT to protect your children is a first world option that is truly befuddling.

  • Commenting for the cause!

  • Thank you for what you’re doing and for being a voice of reason in this current anti-vaccine ridiculousness.

  • Aw, shoot! It’s not August anymore but just in case…I hope Walgreens donates a shot for me. <3

  • Ooh, and I just saw a note about adults getting a pertussis booster before a new baby arrives…and my niece or nephew arrives in early Feb! Guess it’s time to make an appt!

  • So glad I could scroll down to comment and not have to read a ton of negative and hateful comments!!! Genious idea, way to go Walgreens and Jessica!

  • Thanks for creating awareness. Such a wonderful blog!

  • Thanks for a brilliant post..

  • So thankful to know you found out Beau would be exposed to children who weren’t vaccinated before sending him off to pre-K! I would have made the exact same decision 🙂 thanks for sharing!!

  • So sorry you have had to adjust your plans for that sweet boy. I suspect he will be happy and will thrive where ever he is because of the incredible love and strong foundation you and your husband provide. Best of luck to him and to this wonderful campaign!

  • This is great – keep it up.

  • I just had my first baby last week. I support vaccination and think it is crazy not to vaccinate against preventable diseases! I hope this campaign gets up to 60,000!

  • Amen to vaccinations! Every child deserves a chance at a healthy life!

  • Here’s to 60K vaccines. Best of luck with the new baby!

  • There is a hidden blessing in this for you. This happened for a reason. (I believe.) And I agree with you 1000%.

  • what a great cause! i don’t have children, but worked for a flu vaccine company for several years and became a huge supporter of vaccinations. they save lives! and yea, they are full of weird, unpronounceable chemicals… but so are doritos and advil. way to be a cheerleader for this!

  • Good for you for taking a stand on this. You were far kinder than I could ever be on this topic. I fail to understand why people won’t vaccinate their children.

  • What a great blog! I love that you are going to be an ambassador for this cause that could save the lives of children. I’m sure Beau is going to love pre-school. He and Theo remind me so much of my son and his dog. Slayde and Sadie 🙂 Love reading your blogs and seeing the pics!

  • Thank you for this post. It’s so important for those of us healthy enough for vaccines to get them and protect those around us!

  • My son was exposed and suffered in the hospital for a week with pertussis. His immunizations were all current but are not always 100% effective. The nights in the hospital were awful and he could not have visitors for days. I never left his room. Why anyone would willingly ignore a medication that helps, is beyond me.

  • Great campaign! Thanks Walgreen’s!!!!

  • Such a well written post for an important issue. Too many of these discussions turn negative and I am so happy to read such a fact-based, insightful, and thoughtful post around vaccinations. As a mother to a 4 month old, I wish worrying about other children’s vaccinations wasn’t added to my long list of worries. All we can do is protect our children by getting them vaccinated and doing what is right for our family.
    Here’s to 60k!

  • Here’s to another vaccine for a babe in need ♡

  • Way to protect your kiddos mama bear. And amazing work you are doing through the organizations you are working with.

  • Finding a new preschool for Beau was warranted. My teenage daughters, whose vaccines are up-to-date, contracted whooping cough last winter. Their tests came back negative, but the pediatrician confirmed the “whoop” at the end of their coughs (testing has to be done early to get a positive result). They had horrible coughs for almost 3 months, and one of my girls is a competitive swimmer! It is maddening and frustrating that this scenario occurs in this country. Thank you for your proactive work with vaccinations; they are critical for maintaining the health standards we enjoy and often take for granted.

  • I’d love to contribute to the vaccinations of more children. Thank you for sharing!

  • Congratulations to you for making such a difficult decision. I am not a parent and haven’t had to decide for myself yet but my mother and I frequently debate the benefits and downfalls. We are both teachers and I unfortunately contracted Whooping cough from a 4 year old who was not vaccinated and (i’m presuming but still pretty sure) did not receive proper medical treatment until after I contracted it and was treated and the school had to ask the student to leave until she was healthy again.

    While choosing to vaccinate is a personal decision, I believe it is important to consider the community and the impact your choices have on those around you also.

    Go you for doing the same for your family and for becoming involved in this outreach program! Hopefully this helps to get vaccines to those who want and need them!

  • What a great program!! All kids deserve to be vaccinated if that’s what their family chooses.

  • Excellent post on a very sticky subject. I 110% agree with you. As mom to a little boy it’s hard to tune out all the mis-information out there and make a decision on your true beliefs. Well said and here’s to 60k!

  • I totally agree on this subject of vaccinations! There is so much we can’t control! Why not take full advantage of what we are privileged to have available for our families! I applaud you for knowing your priorities and for keeping your family first!
    Your children are just precious, Theo too! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and stories with us!

  • I am so glad to read this. I have loved your blog for a while, but this is an excellent post, and I love that you take a stand. I’m sorry that you had to move Beau, and I hope his new school situation works out!

  • I really appreciate this post, although I don’t have children of my own, we have started TTC. Since we live in NYC, it is something that I am very aware of and feel very strongly about.

  • Sometimes, we have to be THAT MOM, out of love. I’m ok with making conservative choices that will help my babies lead long lives; even difficult choices can be lovely ones. And I would have made the same choice. I had a no-flu-shot, no DTAP, no visit policy, myself.

  • This is a great cause! Best wishes to you and your beautiful family xo

  • Vaccinations are so important!!!

  • Great cause!!….here is one more number!

  • So great that you are giving people an option they didn’t have before.

  • Good decision, mama. These little lives are too precious. Best wishes for all.

  • Thank you for such a great post. I just cannot wrap my head around the idea of not vaccinating your precious child. We have access to these vaccines! Many would love to be able to better the lives and health of their children by vaccinating. What is wrong with people? Here’s to 60k!

  • Here’s to 60,000!!! So glad you were able to find a preschool situation that works for your family and keeps precious Evvie safe!!

  • I fully support vaccines. Thank you for your position and best of luck to your sweet Beau!

  • Good for you for leaving the “vaccine optional” pre-k!!

  • Thank you for this post. Vaccines save lives!

  • Pro vaccine here! Good decision

  • Regarding whooping cough, vaccination helps, although there is a study which found that the vaccinated can be a symptomatic carriers.

  • What a tough situation to be in! I would have done the exact same thing, though. At the end of the day, you have to do whatever you can to protect your family. When my youngest baby was about 6 weeks old, my 21 month old developed a cough that the doc feared was whooping cough due to the fact that we had recently visited an area that was experiencing an outbreak. It was terrifying!!!! You made the right decision! Good for you, mama!

  • Congratulations on the new baby. Look forward to your Instagram photos all the time. Add my comment for vaccines to save children.

  • Am i too late? Heres to 60000….

  • Here is my little bit of help! Congrats on the new addition to the family! She looks adorable (all you kids do, for that matter!).

  • Just want to comment to support the campaign. Great blog!

  • Best whishes for a happy healthy school year!!!

  • Having had whooping cough as an adult, I would never wish it on anyone, least of all a small child! It amazes me that these parents are willing to either a. Put the whole class in danger. Or b. Rely on others getting vaccinated to keep their own children safe.

  • Here’s to 60,000! Thanks for taking this important issue on.

  • I’m a veterinary student; I don’t have children yet. When I do, I fully intend on getting them vaccinated. That said, it’s so encouraging to see other intelligent, progressive, informed women support vaccination. Because really, when it comes down to it, how can you not?

  • I think more parents need to be educated about vaccinations. My husband & I both did not want to vaccinate our first son, but after our fabulous pediatrician took the extra time to discuss with us the pros & cons of vaccinations, we thought it best to vaccinate. Our son was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum when he was two weeks shy of turning three years old. In no way, shape or form do I think vaccinations were responsible. As a matter of fact, we vaccinated our second son according to recommendations, and he is a neuro-typical three year old. I appreciate that you are part of an organization to inform parents.

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