Momma Loves: A Big Week of Favorites

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This has been a full week of total life immersion. I’ve been in and out of my OB’s office which means any and all preparation for baby and nesting like a crazy lady. While Baby Shyba’s due date isn’t until the 11th, things are looking and feeling like our new babe may just arrive early.

These times always remind me of why I love being on social media so much, because rather than go through extensive trial and error with different products, I consult my web community. That’s part of the reason I decided to run this Momma Loves feature, to just share the things that I have found along the way that I use and appreciate in my every day life.

For starters: My life has effectively changed since purchasing our new Vitamix. I went from being a total kale skeptic to a complete junkie in the matter of a week. Kale/banana/wheatgrass smoothies every morning, served in a mason jar with a lid and straw for easy transport and no-mess (not to mention, easy on the stomach especially when there’s little room in there).

Momma Loves: Kale Smoothie

I finally found a photo processing/printing service that I love. I ordered a years worth of photos earlier this week from MPix and was thrilled that not only did they arrive a couple of days later, but the quality is superb. My family members will be thrilled that they finally have printed photos of the kids.

Momma Loves: MPix

I had a moment to visit a local toy shop, Automobuild in Los Gatos, while my laptop was being fixed. I expressed to the owner of the store that I was looking for an activity for my kids during these last summer days while I’m hugely pregnant and lacking energy for much active play. She immediately introduced me to BluTrack, a long plastic track for cars that the kids can use their imagination to create loops and jumps. To my amazement, all three played with this toy for nearly 5 hours the first evening and 3 straight the very next morning. It’s been the best money I’ve spent in a while.


I’m a foodie at heart, so when I heard about salt pigs and salt keepers, I immediately added it to my list of must-haves. After telling Justin about the Olive Wood salt keeper I was obsessing over, I woke up the next morning to his own, brilliant version (I still purchased the wooden one).

Momma Loves, DIY Salt Pig

I visited our longtime hair guru, Steve over at 5 Color Cowboy in San Jose to have my hair done before baby comes. He’s amazing and reminds me every time how much a solid hair style affects how I feel. He introduced me to Oribe Texture Paste in the process, which gives it that messy but maintained effect. Low maintenance is sort of my M.O. when it comes to personal style, and that goes for hair too.

Momma Loves: New Hair

These two, still napping daily and reminding me to take a deep breath and appreciate everything around me. These last moments before baby are so clear in so many ways, and so distant in others.

Theo and Beau, Momma's Gone City
Tee is Atsuyo et Akiko, shorts are Bobo Choses.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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