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I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my cell phone. I love that it basically helps or assists me in some way throughout every single day of my life, but I sort of hate the fact that there’s a bit of dependency for that reason, too. There are very few days or times that I don’t have my phone either in my bag or right in my pocket for quick access, mainly for photo taking purposes. While I don’t use the cell to actually call people or places all that often, I’m always snapping photos. Some of my most favorite moments with my children have been captured thanks to my iPhone.

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Obviously, being on social media is also my business. It’s constantly amazing and surprising to me that I can have access to my community online through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and this blog easily and even remotely. I share and develop conversations throughout the day, and am able to do much of that right from my smart phone-makes for working at home, or the grocery store, or the elementary school pickup area much easier in a lot of ways. Developing working boundaries when I’m around my children has been incredibly pivotal in finding a balance in my work day, and leaving my phone in my pocket is a big part of that. Given this constant use and my need and ability to have my phone near me at all times, that leaves very little time for actually charging the phone, which is where the Resurgence Case by OtterBox has come in handy, sometimes a day-saver, literally. The case actually wirelessly charges the phone on the go.

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My days are spent mostly with the kids in some capacity, especially during the summer. We try to get out of the house bright and early so we’re home by naptime, and that generally means some type of hands-on activity. We head to the Boardwalk, or the beach, parks and even the Zoo… all places that beg for family photos and captured moments. I love being able to grab a moment in time with my kids being as young as they are, and how fleeting this time seems to be. The OtterBox Resurgence case for my iPhone 5s is something that actually saves me on a daily basis-it holds over 2 times the battery power, so when my phone runs low the battery pack kicks in. Not to mention the sturdiness of the case, which I have always known OtterBox to be popular for. With our life on the go, I’m dropping my phone frequently… or little hands are dropping it for me. The case is super protective and has never popped off. It’s as though this case was made for my lifestyle (I’ll take it)!

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I love taking photos of my kids, and I love sharing on social media. Yet there are definitely boundaries that I’m building and implementing around having my iPhone on me at all times. It’s incredibly helpful to have a device that will back me up when my battery runs low. Now, if I could find a body double to use in the same way I’ll be golden.

Thank you to OtterBox for sponsoring this post, and thank you for reading!

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  • thanks for sharing…i haven’t made it to “smart” phone status yet….i still have one with a pull-out keyboard! that being said, i need to get into a new phone asap. the one thing i hate about my current one, is that by the end of the day, i have almost no battery left and a 1-hour commute home! while i do have a cigarette lighter adapter, it is cumbersome if someone calls….an Otter Box Resurgence Case seems like just the thing. i had never heard of it, so thank you!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this! I clicked through and saw otter is making cute ones! I’m used to them being a little too utilitarian for my taste. I was happily surprised.


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