Joy in Newbornland

There are few things as precious as a newborn baby. It’s an inexplicable feeling to hold something so brand new and delicate, and simultaneously rejoice in their health and growth while mourning the passing days. I know so well how fast this stage goes and I am fully unwilling to accept that this is my last time with a brand new baby.


Evangeline makes the sweetest little noises, and when she sleeps with her hands tucked under her chin on my chest, I just want to halt the earth on it’s axis. Please don’t let another moment pass. She smells so lovely and her skin is so soft… I don’t want to forget this moment as long as I live. I have three other babies that I’ve nursed into full blown childhood, and I can only vaguely recall them at this size and stage. There are photographs saved in albums that I dig out once a year, but I can barely put myself back into a moment like this with them. That is the bittersweet, heart wrenching toll of parenthood. They are unique and amazing every single day, but these newborn moments are ultra fleeting, and embracing every single part of it-right down to the laundry. Washing new baby clothes and blankets is actually fun for me believe it or not-I put a lot of care into the choosing and purchasing of baby clothes, so washing and caring for them is sort of therapeutic for me (and much more fun than stinky second-grade boy socks).


She’s been wearing a lot of clothing from the MBaby line, starting with her first day in the hospital (remarkable since she was so teeny it was hard to find much that fit at all). The Onester was so easy to snap on that the nurse went to tell the other nurses in our labor+delivery ward about how fantastic she thought it was. They’ve become our nighttime staples, because during the late night feedings and often subsequent spit-up baths she’s giving us both, I don’t want to fuss with clothes on top of everything else.

I don’t even mind that though, honestly. We’re still finding our groove with breastfeeding, and I know that her tummy is just learning to process everything. I’m just grateful that I can breastfeed at all.

The MBaby collection is full of super soft, very practical but also sweet pieces for babies. I love the different options the convertible pieces (the Sleepster) give us, and the swaddle blankets are so beautiful and unique looking. They’ve gotten softer with numerous washes, but haven’t begun to fade or warp whatsoever.


Being a newborn is a lot of work, but being a momma to a newborn is a whole lot of joy. Like, heart-bursting every single minute kind of joy. I’m thrilled that on the fourth time around I can actually somewhat overlook the lack of sleep and wild emotions to just sit and be with her.

I won’t for a single second take it for granted. Not even the laundry.

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  • It’s so intriguing to see babies faces metamorphosize. In each pose they can resemble someone completely different in the family.

  • Delic. I think it’s time to update your description with ms. E in the picture now. It’s amazing how they grow so minutely and all of a sudden they’re big people belting out “let it go”. I’m wondering what you do to capture such beautiful bright photography?

  • That was beautifully written Jessica! Wish I could sit ans have coffee with you!

  • Your pictures, your story, your beautiful children….every bit of it brings a smile to my face.

    I’m a mom of 4 (girl 18, boy 12, girl 10, boy 8) and the one thing I learned by the time baby 4 came along was to cherish every waking second of those early days, for they do pass in a blink even though at the time of sleepless nights and exhaustion they feel like they drag on & on. Haha!

    Congratulations! So happy for you and the family!
    Your pictures continue to bring me so much joy on a daily basis as I battle a chronic illness. Thank you for that.

    Hugs xoxo

  • Thank you for sharing your experience and photos with us! I look forward to your nap photos on Instagram and enjoy your thoughts/experiences of motherhood.
    This post reminded me of meeting my neighbor’s twin boys when I was about 19 – they were 10 days old. Their golden lab Abby greated me at the door as usual and then ran to the kitchen where the boys were nestled in their car seats. She gave them both a huge lick to the face, her tail wagging wildly – she was so in love and so proud of her family members already! Can’t wait for more photos/stories or Theo and Evangeline 🙂

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