Spoiling Myself in the Newborn Fade

I call it the Newborn Fade, this phase; Staying indoors, and sometimes just my bedroom for days on end, taking showers when it’s only desperately necessary (because the baby cries and I can’t even), literally staring and studying this sweet, brand new face for so long I actually lose track of time. I’m taking photos incessantly and writing gushing posts that really have no direction whatsoever. Call it mommy brain or what you will, but I’m sailing around with my head in the clouds and enjoying every moment like it’s my last. Because, well, you just never know.

We are matching!

Truthfully, these times come when the kids are at school and Justin is working, which ends up being about three times a week. Evangeline is with me one hundred percent of the time, but mostly that time is divided amongst 20 other things including 3 children, my husband, a dog, a cat and the household chores. One thing that’s nice about not leaving the house though, is not really having to worry about real clothes. I’m about 20 pounds over what my closet is tailored for, and this time around I wasn’t about to buy clothes just for this period while I (try to) lose the baby weight. It’s mental anguish that I just don’t have time for, so instead I’m wearing mostly really, really beautiful maternity and nursing loungewear from Belabumbum. They’re the perfect pieces for doing exactly what I am right now: the Newborn Fade. They are the softest, prettiest, lace trimmed pieces that are nursing friendly, and I truly feel wonderful in them. It’s good for my brain, honestly, because I feel great inside and out while I literally nurse this baby through the first several weeks of life.

Photos taken by Alex Solmssen for Belabumbum

In the past I’ve been really hard on myself trying to fit into pre-pregnancy clothes-exactly what my mind and my body don’t need postpartum. I feel fortunate to finally have this piece of mind so that I can focus on the important things: Caring for this baby, myself, and my family. Even if it means not leaving the house much, or wearing my maternity and yoga clothes when I actually do. When I’m here in my home, the sanctuary that I built and nested for months before Evvie was born, I feel safe and comfortable and cozy. My closet has been on hiatus for the past nine months, but the Belabumbum pieces that I’m washing, wearing, and rotating throughout the week have been a huge part of this transitional time. I’m spoiling myself and it feels perfectly wonderful and necessary.

Thank you to Belabumbum for the beautiful campaign and for sponsoring this post. Thank you for reading!

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  • You are so gorgeous, Jess. And so is your new little baby girl! Love you! (Miss you!)

  • Lovely! I love the Newborn Fade 🙂 I would certainly love to have some Belabumbum loungewear for the next time I have a baby, or well, right now would be nice too. Since we homeschool, I anticipate there will be days in the New England winter when we don’t even get dressed lol

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