Capturing Pieces of Them

I haven’t quite grasped the practice of video taping my kids. Mostly I leave that up to Justin, and his phone fills quickly with all sorts of random clips of each child. There are baseball moments, first cartwheels in gymnastics, first rides on a two wheeler and even first smiles. My phone and most of my devices are full of still shots; snaps of all of the above, plus about 20 more to make sure that I got at least one really good one.


The one thing we don’t have very much of at all of is candid conversations with the kids. I want to remember that Jack is lisping with his two missing front teeth, and that Zoe has the most hilarious and adorable mannerisms, and that Beau’s words and language are coming to him quicker than his little mouth can keep up. I even want to remember the little cooing noises and the sounds of Evvie’s cries, the way they change so rapidly from the newborn phase. Shooting video is daunting for me, mostly because I find the editing process time intensive, mind numbing and excruciating. So, when we were introduced to the OneDay app and it’s incredibly easy, seamless editing and processing of video clips, I got excited.


The kids come home with all kinds of homework, but last night Zoe’s asked her to answer a handful of questions like “Who do you admire”, and “what are some of your strengths”-her handwritten answers were adorable, but would have been even sweeter if captured live and candid. That’s what OneDay does. It allows the user to ask questions, record the video of the child, and it neatly and easily strings together the answers into a short and concise piece. It’s honestly exactly the amount of time and effort that I feel like putting forth when using video, not to mention their attention span. The videos are easily saved to the device and I’ve even begun emailing them to relatives on the spot.

And, ladies and gentlemen: My toddler.

They’re cute and quick, and the kids had a blast watching them afterwards.

These moments are so, so rich and yet so incredibly fleeting. I’m thrilled that I have 6.2 million photos saved from the last seven years, but I wonder how often I’ll go through them in the future. I know for sure that having little video clips of my children with their different mannerisms and characteristics is going to be priceless to me, something that a photo won’t be able to provide, a brief moment back in time. The OneDay app’s ready-made template and simple functionality make this process much less daunting, especially for someone like me.

Thank you to OneDay for sponsoring this post, and thank you for reading!

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  • So cute! Thank you for sharing. I kinda miss the Vines of Beau just being Beau and hearing your older children’s voices is equally precious! You are one blessed momma

  • So precious. How neat that you have all of these cool technology tools to save all of these precious moments of your children for all time.

  • You’ll love these even more in years to come!

    • I think so too, Traci! Their little mannerisms. I’ll miss them.

  • They are so cute! I almost started to cry watching them.

  • Jack is so the ‘oldest’ child – very thoughtful. And, Beau very much the youngest with his zest 😉 Love how it displays each of them so individually and uniquely.

  • The one of Zoe and Beau didn’t play 🙁

  • My son and I just watched your cute little videos and as your oldest answered what candy he likes to get, my son answered the same! He was so excited to hear someone he can relate to, as Halloween can be a tough one for our kiddos with nut allergies! Thanks for sharing!

  • your kids are just so so precious! I have 5 month old twins and I look forward to seeing their personalities develop. These are wonderful memories to cherish!

  • The videos did not play for me!

  • Tina – try again/refresh your player and it should work.

    They are all such fantastic individuals! Does Beau really like pineapple?

  • Adorable!!! Watched each of them repeatedly and I love them…. Let me know if you need extra Aunties to babysit… Great flights from Houston to CA!

  • What great videos! Look forward to making my own. Your children sound exactly how I pictured they would and how lucky you’ll always have those videos to remember their sweet voices. FAN-tastic!

  • These videos, especially Beau, made me smile uncontrollably and laugh. Your family is so sweet. If I lived closer I’d want to be your friend. Wine chat! Haveva great day and thank you for making mine. 🙂

  • The videos are so cute. What a great idea. I think the very person “Up there” is Mommy, the photographer! 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  • Just wonderful! Beau’s just slayed me…lol! The whole time I watched it I felt as though I had been transported back to my middle (now 16 y/o) son’s toddler days…Thanks for sharing your blessings!!! xo

  • How beautiful to hear the voices of those 3 wonderful kids and to see their facial expressions to it.

    For those who can’t play the videos :
    It’s an iphone app so it doesn’t play on android devices. I couldn’t watch the videos on my android phone, but they worked on my windows computer.

  • Love, love, love these ! I have wanted to hear how these darlings sounded and it was so fun! Each of their answers and mannerisms surely portrayed their personalities at their current ages! Thank you, Jessica, and more please!

  • Jack and Zoe so sweet and thoughtful. Beau made me laugh out loud!

  • Jessica, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your sweet family with us! They touch my heart and bring a smile to my face, even when your posts are hard, because I’ve been there. I miss these days with my little ones, but you help me remember!! We all feel like we are part of your family, and could just hug you and these precious babies. Thank you. Just love them so!!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing these cute and lovely moments with us 🙂

  • My heart just melted! Thank you for sharing each of these special times with all of us. Each post and photo touches so many and always makes my day.

  • This is so cool! Beau is the same age as my son, Leo (I think they are a month apart); and they have similar little personalities, it seems. Is there an Android version? I couldn’t find it 🙁

  • What a joy to watch! Jack is so handsome and strong and wise. Zoe is beautiful! Spews out sweetness with every syllable. Beau….oh sweet Beau. What a complete joy to have in your life. I love that you treasure these times so much and I can tell just from observation that you are absorbing every bit of them at every stage that you can. Fantastic. You are the kind of mother that children grow up and write about how amazing their mother was. And PS: You gave your children those gorgeous eyes! What a neat thing for Justin, to see you in every one of his child’s face.

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