Dancing with Technology and Screen Time

Jack watched his first television show when he was about 20 months old. Zoe had only been around a week or two, and I was at my wits end trying to figure out how to nurse her and entertain him at the same time. During a particularly fussy period for Zoe, I became exasperated. This juggle with two babies was brand new for me and very intense. Without really thinking, I turned to Thomas the Train, and Jack was hooked. I felt guilty about it, so much so that I remember the day clear as a bell, but I knew that his television indoctrination would come sooner or later. From that day forward, our dance with technology with the kids began and has been a learning experience ever since.


I’m not a fan of screen time, but I think that it’s enjoyable and relaxing for them and harmless if monitored carefully. Even after Zoe and Beau came along, we’ve been very diligent about limiting their total daily screen time to 1-2 hours.

Zoe and Beau have never been all that interested in TV, apps, or video games, and they regularly lose interest in most after about 20 minutes or so. Jack is the opposite. He is the type of child that will lock his attention into the screen and completely immerse himself into whatever he’s watching or doing. He’s seven years old, and most of his friends are watching TV or playing Xbox games and iPad apps, along with games like Pirate101 and Wizard101 on the computer. The reality is, he is at that age. I’ve just decided to be proactive and diligent about establishing boundaries.


I recognize that many of these factors are leading him to wanting more time in front of screens, so we developed a Reward System where he can actively start earning his video game time once his homework is done and his room is picked up. Fortunately for us, reward charts were made for kids like Jack. He wants to please, he wants to do well, and he wants to play with the things his buddies are interested in too. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve come around to feeling OK about letting him play games on certain devices as long as I know all about the game, and that there is a security function enabled before he uses them. For games on the computer like Pirate101 and Wizard101, I know that he’s not only getting used to the keyboard and functionality, but he’s also working towards a goal within the game that is ongoing. The controls and functions are smooth, intuitive and engaging for a child and they pride themselves on safety as well. Jack particularly likes the combat with the giant frogs within the Pirate101 game and the ability to search and achieve higher levels and other “worlds”. The games are both free to play but if you opt into the game’s membership, the player can access more worlds quickly which means more story lines and more adventure. There’s incentive within the game, which creates incentive for Jack to achieve more within our own Reward System.


Once he’s finished his daily or weekly tasks, he can earn screen time minutes (capped at 30 minutes per day) by completing extra “chores” including collecting dishes and putting them in the sink, collecting dirty laundry and putting them in a hamper, feeding Theo and Charlie, helping me prepare dinner, set the table, or fold towels. Each task earns a popsicle stick, and each popsicle stick can be lost with poor behavior. Jack works really well with incentive and clear guidelines, so this has been effective in curbing some attitude and behavior issues we’ve had, too.

Overall, I’m comfortable with this system and am content with letting them use approved screen time. With Wizard101 and Pirate101, the incentive to earn coins and the engaging graphics and goal make the games interesting and compelling for a child Jack’s age, which makes me think he’s using his brain and actually enjoying himself. Plus he’s learning the value of earning one of his favorite play times, all of which are things that I’m striving to highlight in our parenthood as well. Jack is an avid reader at bedtime, and extremely athletic and is outside playing during the day, but it’s fun for him to have a little play time indoors, too. He’s getting his feet wet in this realm of skills within technology, something he’ll surely use in the future. As long as we have clear guidelines, I’m comfortable watching him explore this side of computer gaming, too.

If you would like to play Wizard101 and Pirate101 with your kids, use ‘mommasgone50′ at checkout for 50% off a 1 month membership. Valid until 12/01/2014 at 1:00am US Central Time.

Thank you to Kingsisle Entertainment for helping me tell our screen time story, and thank you for reading.

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  • Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog earlier this week….I, too, have a 9yo son and a 7yo son (my older son is our Jack), but the technology push is definitely a struggle…I tried limiting to just weekends, but it is getting harder and harder to implement as they see friends/peers with different rules. I LOVE your incentive plan and intend to implement immediately. Thank you so much for sharing! And congratulations on your recent addition to the family. Best, Cynthia

  • I hear you, kids can be so different with screen time. Both of mine had a really addictive stage where I absolutely had to (and still do) curb their screen time otherwise they would watch something all day. Now that I’m homeschooling my oldest, she has a lot of online learning time (both videos and math/phonics games) – hence anything else is kind of out of the picture because she already spends an hour or so on the computer. If it would be possible, I’d love to have no screen time at all – but the real world is different and we’re compromising. In the summer thankfully we have very little screen time and live outdoors, but with New England winters, I suspect we’ll have to get real creative with screen-free entertainment.

    • first of all parents of kids wizard101 is a game for kids also but!!! wizard101 can be dirty like open chat and text chat for one!!! if kids under 13 get text chat your screwed. cause you may not think you can say bad stuff but you can space and finish the dirty word! btw why are people like ya’ll on the blog when you 2 don’t even play? nevermind just warning yew 😛

    • i really like wizard 101 because i get to play with all my friends at school ^-^ and then i can talk to some old ones and play with them safely unlike other games

  • Its so great he is doing chores! When I taught pre-school I was amazed at how many kids at 5 could do chores, and yet how many families never asked them. I think it really helps them feel competent!

    • wizard101 is my favorite game ever I’ve played since it came out wt I like bout it is theres millions and millions of people to meet and add as friends and the battleing is awesome!!! my favorite spell is temp XD my lvl is twenty six and I hope to get to spend more time on my labtop crowns are a bit crazy but not everything is bout crowns itz bout the game that’s freaking awesome!!!!!!! peace gamers!!!!!!! 🙂

  • I should implement this strategy for myself!

  • I love wizard101 because there are so many cool things to battle. my wizard is Lauren light petal and I am lvl 38. I have 55 critical rating and that is my secret to defeating super hard bosses!

  • this game is the absolute worst thing to ever be created. my son, brinathan, has been addicted for 27 weeks, 12 hours, and 32 minutes. know how i know? because i kept the time. he has nto come out of the room, always wnating to make me ANGRY!! AND He DOES(btw) anf homestly i dont know if i can take mich more. plz

    • Luckily, your son plays w101 and p101 then. The chat function in kingsisle games makes it practically impossible to mis-spell a word. If you do not have open chat, you have to spell everything correctly, which makes it a great tool in learning, especially when one’s parents are such horrible visual linguistics, such as yourself. Let him play, he’ll become smarter for it.

    • I’d appreciate if you would not insult someone’s spelling. Especially when only the letters are put in the wrong part of the word. My fiance has dyslexia and spells like that and sometimes leaves letters out but he is really smart. I’m not saying this person has dyslexia but I’d appreciate common curtsey for people with those problems. Also, though Wizard101 can be a good tool for learning it is also important to do other things besides staring at a computer screen: like exercising, socializing with your family because you won’t always have them, playing sports, doing chores, and just having fun elsewhere.

  • Relationship of children with technology is very interesting and I think it depends a little bit on their own personality as well as what they see from their parents. As a parent using laptops and cell phones, I cannot forbid myself from using them. However, I limit their screen time and it is confined to weekends. On weekdays they get to play off screen and have to do their homework. Their homework might include online tools on the computer, such as Mathletics or The Learning Oddysey.
    Since we don’t watch TV, they never ask for TV. But beyond that, my son, 9yo, is quite addicted to other screen’s, i.e. iPad, computer and iPhone. My daughter, 6yo, could not care less if we didn’t let her. But since we let her, she will play games and watch cartoon or how to videos We monitor what they watch or play with and encourage them the games that teach coding.
    It is a tight balance between letting them learn, i.e. make good use of technology vs. letting them get addicted to the point where they cannot entertain themselves without technology.

  • I really like playing wizard101. The reasons are because I get to meet and play with friends. Also it’s amazing of how good the graphics are, the monsters are cool you get soooo many options for creating your wizard and what they wear. Lastly I think it’s a good game because you can be anyone you want to be without possibly shyness or how you look getting in the way, you just get to be you.

    • i like wizard 101 because thiers nice people the mosters are so graphic and like what you sayed they gave you sooo many options so your wizard can wear

      meet me now at the water fall in the wizard city

    • i like wizard 101 because thiers nice people the mosters are so graphic and like what you sayed they gave you sooo many options so your wizard can wear

      meet me now at the water fall in the wizard city and my name is cheyenne

  • I love wizard101!!!!! It’s the best game ever!!! My son got me into playing and now we play as a team and love every minute of it.

  • OK i feel bad for these kids i am sorry to say but 1 hour of screen time i agree we need to limit how much owner kids play but not competently separate them from technology i let my kids play 2 hours in the morning and 3 hours after dinner but make them go to sleep at 8:30 and only let them play on weekends but 1 hr a day come on let them have some freedom

    -bob 2014

  • When I first started to play Wizard101 I thought it was hard, then my mum and dad said: Its good for learning difficulties. So, I usually play it around 3-5 times a day after I did chores, garden etc. Thats why I love playing Wizard101.

  • I love w101

  • well…i defiantly agree with this awesome system, but one thing i do have to say maybe you may take into consideration is maybe play with your kid, liiike..let him play his time with his friends for 50 minutes if he completes his chores then maybe play with him if you have a separate computer or laptop with him for maybe a half an hour or an hour, it’d help you bond with your son and he’ll be learning alot, pirate101 is a ton of learning you can do, like history with cool ranch there being a character *SPOILER* named Merriweather Clark, and his father i forget the name of but he sailed to cool ranch and found bunch of stuff this game i dont even consider a game to young children i consider it a learning experience 🙂

  • My son started playing Wizard101 a couple months after the game’s debut. He has aged out of it as my daughter has grown into it. Each gets 1 hour of gametime AFTER chores and homework are done. Like you, they can also lose gametime with bad behavior. The incentive to have screen time has helped my son pull up his grades and has given me one more thing I can do with them. Video games are not bad or evil. The can be very instructive and educational. It is the parents job to set up guidelines for playing them and start teaching kids that to get the reward, you must first complete the tasks. When technology that kids are actually interested in, teaches them to take responsibility and earn their rewards, rather than taking or demanding, it can be very beneficial. Outside that, I really enjoy both Wizard101 and Pirate101. I tried out both games before either child was allowed to play. I wanted to see and judge for myself whether I thought it was both safe and suitable. They surpassed my expectations and I found them both engaging and enjoyable as an adult as well.

  • I like wizard101 but it is starting to get hard but it is cool and interesting

  • i really like wizard 101 because you get to learn attacks meet new people across the world fight nasty creature like orgeeres and stuff

  • so boss best game i played in years you should really try it out best game of my life

  • Yea, my 11 year old daughter loves these games. Both of her accounts have been hacked, and we weren’t able to recover them 🙁 But she is starting fresh with an ice wizard, so she is pretty happy 🙂

  • when I started playing wizard101 I was like hmm how do you play this game and now i’m already level 20! its so awesome and one question can you start making the crown shop use gold to? please cause its really hard to keep on and keep on buy crowns it so annoying just please? and another one is can you start selling some items from the bazaar for crowns instead of gold pretty please?

    • Anna, there are some items in the crown shop that you can buy for gold. On the right hand side of the screen, there are tabs for gold and crowns. SOME, not all, items have both a gold price and a crown price. For example, brooms and horses (brown and black) can be purchased for gold. No wizard has to be without a mount :). You can’t get crowns from the bazaar, but you can earn them in increments of 10 in 2 ways. Playing trivia on Freeki games, and watching videos. The videos have to be enabled by going into settings and turning on the setting that says earn crowns. Hope this helps!

  • It’s A pretty good game I like it ^_^

  • So yea i love Wizard101 but the thing i hate is the way they hack it and glitch it like:
    cheat engine
    switching accounts to be a higher lvl and more so i hope they get rid of them character name:Jose Strongflame
    badge: scribe of the howlin’ wind
    level: 21-23
    whoever reads this then finds me gets free tc

  • When I started playing wizard101 i was lonely and thought I was alone. But then I met friends that loved me for everything and everything I do. I usually play Wizard101 on my leisure time and embraces the game. It helps me in academic and social terms of my every day life. I love this game 🙂 Antonio AngleBlade. 😉

  • so when i start to play wizard101 it was hard to level up. that you make freinds and have fun on wizard101 because it you is playing the game. you are the one who think is easy but is can be hard or easy. so if want to play a fun game on the comupter it is wizard101.

    • You can find me in Wu area 1 on a Royal Lioness mount, plus get new tc.

    • can you go there right now I am Nicole thunderheavan

  • For a portion of my life (3 years) I have grew fond of wizard101, and pirate101. Then within this time I have realizied the pros and cons of these types of games. Growing up as a fourteen year old male, I have noticed that some people have a good control over these types of situations, and others seem to have little to no control with this type of problem. **Off Topic** If I was asked “If you were a parent of two children, how would you pare with one of your children having too much screen time?” In my eyes, there are a bunch of ways to handle this, but the way that I would tackle this type of situation would be by making two jars, Jar 1 saying Tasks and the other Jar saying Screen Time. Then I would take a couple of popsicle sticks and on each one of them I would wright a certain task, with each task being worth 10 mins. of screen time. Then with each completed task, that certain popsical stick would go in the Screen Time Jar. Therefore, earning the task completor 10 mins. worth of screen time. As a final thought, if you ever wondered, in wizard101 my name is Evan and I am a level 57 balance wizard. If you have any questions about anything hook me up. Good Luck

    • my name is Austin Battle hunter, storm type and level 28

  • My daughter and I like to play this game, because we can spend time together and I can help her on her quests.

  • i like wizard101 because you get to meet some people and make new friends. i have playing wizard101 for half a year. all i got to say for the people who hate wizard101 if you have not played it then shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey it’s me again :D. I forgot to explain why I grew fond of this computer game (Wizard101 and Pirate101). A couple years back when I was in 4th grade I had a friend that went by the name “Alex” over time we started to get to know more about each others likes and dislikes. Meaning that he had an interest in Wizard101. Trying to be a normal friend I had agreed to start playing with him. As time passed, I had came to terms with myself saying “hey this game isn’t that bad.” To make a long story short, I don’t feel like there is a single default to this great game. Thnaks guys/gals for your time. See you in the game. 😀

  • i love this game I have been playing since dec of 08 I almost have 6 max wizards 98fire 97ice 97storm 93death 92life and 64balance this game is by far one of the top best games you can play with or without family!!!

  • As a proud player and supporter of Wizard101 and Pirate101 for years, I started playing a year or so after Wizard101 came out. I not only found the story to be highly interesting, but the game it self taught me how to read, write, and type, When the schools told me I would never learn to read. I am 15, and read better then any high school student in my area. This game is great, and I will be a proud supporter till the end. 🙂

  • I read a post about the horiable game wizard 101 and the time spent down to the minnute spent on it . i too was addicted to the game spending 17 hrs. a day on it at one point. now i would never insult anyones mothering skills as i would not want my fathering skills critocized but. It took a hard look at me loosing my wife and kids to realize i needed a reward system for myself . Sometimes change has to be forced is all i am saying and the outcome can be a blessing . I just got my family a dog thanks wizard 101. her name is nikki. mike

  • I love Wizard101 a lot. I play it everyday, at least 4 hours a day. I get crowns every time there’s sales. The 80 dollar sale is the best, but I get the sale that I need at the moment. I would like the 80 dollar sale more often, but I most enjoy the card packs, mounts, and pets. I have lots of fun, with the few players that do really help me and I help them when they need me.

  • jelly! jelly! jelly! jelly! jelly! jelly! jelly! jelly! jelly!

    😀 i like W101 <———- jelly!

  • I like it because I get to learn great spells, and get a great outfit, and meet with my level 100 friends at so many worlds and I’m just in level 28 still!

  • I have three children, two of which are now adults. We tried to limit screen time – but it only led to frustration, dishonesty, and rebellion as they got older. My son (middle child) was the one who has the “addictive” behavior with video-type games. You could just see it grab him – even walking past an arcade (yeah, I know, old school!)
    Once my children got old enough to need their own computers for school, all bets were off on limiting ‘screen time,’ so we went in a different direction. We limited access to the internet, and to the type of games allowed: no graphic violence (i.e. with blood, killing human people, etc.). Our computers are in the living room – no hiding, no hermits who don’t come out of their caves. My youngest daughter’s sign on has a parental lock that signs her off if she tries to go past her bedtime.

    Now, with my youngest, she has only ever played video games with her older siblings, at their house. But she does play games online – like Wizard101.
    In fact, we play it together – there was no way I would have let her on an MMO alone – but I was very pleased with the graphics, the battles, and the story line in Wizard101. Every day, she practices typing, spelling, and how to communicate with others in a positive way. It’s not all about fighting or winning, either. She loves to decorate her house, change her wizard’s outfits, train her pets, and visit other people’s castles for mazes and games. To be honest, I even play W101 even when my daughter isn’t online! It is the one game I judge all others by … and for my house, it passes the test (safe, responsive, no blood, positive interaction, and engaging at different age levels), every time.

  • Wizard101 is a fantastic game 10/10. Been playing over 3 years thanks to my Niece who introduced me to it,
    Just want to let some parents know who read this, that there is an option to turn chat completely off. All you can use is Wizard101 chat language, which is made up of words and phrases already created in game. This means your children can never see what people are saying or talking about in regular chat making this a super safe way of letting your kids play and knowing they can’t ever see or read anything that they might be too young to understand. This option is recommended for younger kids when parents can’t be watching all the time.

  • my name is A.K my wizard name is elijah silverdust and you can find me in massive fantasy palace in wolf deathsword house in am lvl27

  • I haven’t play pirate or wizard 101 Because I’ve ben distracted and on one weekend I saw man of la mancha and read the blog and dreamed the impossible dream to fight the unbeatable foe and to strike when my arms are to weary to run where the brave dare not go !

    -don fwel serfwantez

  • Jessica, I found your blog because it was linked from Pirates101. Very interesting read. The chore completion and technology time will always be with you as a parent in today’s world. One additional thing I’ve done is play the games with my kids, namely Pirates101 and Wizard101. I’ve been on Wizard101 with my kids for nearly 10 years now without paying the monthly subscription fee. Why? because event kids my loose interest or some areas are too difficult. By playing with my kids I’ve been able to spend time with them an play as a helper for them. By not paying the monthly membership feel and additional reward has been to purchase “Crowns” on the parent account when they are on sale. Then transfer a few thousand to my kids as rewards for completing chores, good grades and family kindness. Good thing about “Crowns” is they don’t expire and they can be used in either game Pirates or Wizards because they are linked to the account. Also within the Parental controls you can limit how your child can chat with other players.

    Thanks for the read. Remember only you can determine what you are doing is best for your child. And everyone else is only providing their option and everyone’s got one.

    Make a great day Jessica.

  • This game changed my life forever i have been playing now since it came out note that i am twelve no I dont play with any friends in real life considering my new friends are all from the bad school that i am in because im zoned there but you meet friends in their and it is a different relationship than real friends because they cant judge you which is my problem my real friends know my weakness and it is that im obese not very but a little and those friends will like you for who you are as a personality but i like these systems but everyone watch out if you let your kids play too much they will play even more and it will be therapy if im trying to get over bullies or me bullying myself i play and now i play to early in the morning and im not proud of that. Every kid needs some games but not too much

  • Wizard101 and Pirate101 are amazing computer games. Packed with fun things to do, you’ll never get bored! The best thing is, it has parental settings. Me, being a mother of four (Ana 7, Patrick 11, Teegan Olivia 13, and Dustin 15) all of my children play wizard101, and so do I! It’s entertaining for all ages, and sure is fun to play with your kids :). My wizardname is Calamity Fairydust, and I’m exalted diviner.

    Ana = Anna Unicorndreamer / Ice / Lvl. 64

    Patrick – William Lighthunter / Death / Lvl. 90

    Teegan Olivia – Olivia Fireflower / Fire / Lvl. 87

    Dustin – Eric / Balance / Lvl. 100

  • Hello everyone! I’m Sara, and I don’t play wizard101, but my little sister Merdith does. She has down syndrome and she says “I love the game!”. Merdith would like to talk to you all about wizard101:

    hi my nam is merdith. wiz is fun. i make frends and i lik too ques. my dady plais wit me. my nam on wiz s marydarkcaster an i am deth. i am levl 92. an i am 13. by

  • Honestly as a kid my mother doesn’t limit me to how much screen time I get, I know my limits and responsibilities as a child. I don’t need someone to tell me to play outside or do chores, I play outside everyday and run 3 miles and play with my friends no matter if its snowing, raining, or even blazing hot. When it’s around 9:00 I
    start to go inside do chores, eat, do homework. By the time I’m done with everything its about 9:45 which leaves me 15 minutes to play or watch whatever I want, or some days I will stay inside and play on my computer!

  • As I have written before, I am an older player and love it! I especially think big kudos
    should go to the brains that think all this stuff up. I also wonder their ages, as I am an avid reader of fantasy since 1978. I find so many things, people, critters, monsters,etc. that I have read about. Also love the little nuggets that many young people would not even know about.
    Keep up the good work! Been playing since the beginning. My friends think I am weird, but I think it keeps my brain young!

  • I have read most of the comments above, and coming from my perspective I have to say that yes, it’s a great game, and yes, it’s a great learning experience. It’s not for everyone.
    I’ve been playing for 5 years now, and have seen a LOT of the most rude, profane, disrespectful and unsportsmanlike kids I have ever encountered. The kids who are polite and use manners are the ones who play with their parents.
    Oh yes, and by the way, at age 60, I haven’t outgrown the game…yet.
    I play every day and have met some amazing people from around the globe in many different countries. One family of six in Ohio has adopted me as their grandmother, we hope to meet in real life someday. I have real life friends who play and it’s a great way to keep up with each other while we battle monsters.
    I have six wizards although only two remain active, at least until the next world is released!
    I found the game while living with my eldest daughter who treated me like a prisoner. I was very depressed. I can’t thank KingsIsle enough for allowing me to escape into the Spiral during that time. Being supported by people I would never meet in real life helped me to forget, for a few hours, the pain I lived with every day.

  • lets meet please?….
    name: Nicole thunderheaven
    wearing : guardians outfit, cowl of the spider hat, and goldleaf shoes
    color: green trim and black base
    btw I was talking to the guy named alijah

  • i love wizard101. it is a fun and safe game. everything about it is awesome! 🙂 ~Erica GoldSteed

    • i have also been playing wizard101 for 6 years and the people at kings isle have worked so hard to make this a great game. i know, I’ve seen all the updates since the beginning! ~Erica GoldSteed

  • This game is epic, but maybe a bit of updates? Like cool ones, maybe new cool mounts? Maybe a Marleybonian car? Perhaps a Dragonspyre dragon? Ah, I like this one, a Celestia drill! Like the drills in Survey Camp? LOVE IT! What about an awesome world when you complete ALL of the game, including badges, side quests, catching all fish in the game, max gardening level, etc. Maybe the world can be based on fishing, somehow, lol sounds hard to figure that out. Maybe a world that is where Dalia Falmea came from? XD, sounds good to me, little fire elf friends. Well, what I’d like most, is when you complete a certain achievement you get a prize, for example, badges. If you complete a fishing badge, perhaps you get a new fishing aquarium? Or you complete a world and get a special gift for yourself? Like you complete Wizard City and you get a Wizard City epic house? 😀 sounds like that’d be fun. Maybe you do a special quest for Gamma and he (she, lol idk what the owl’s gender is) gives you a baby owl pet? XD I like owls, that’s why I said that. Just keep up the good work KingsIsle! And, please use one of my ideas. XD

  • Yeah I have to admitt this game is pretty boss. And parents this is a good game for your children, after your sons or daughters gets home and do their homework and chores please show them this game, its free on somethings on this game, they will be very intrested in the game and its free sign-up and the game is not a virus . I am 13 years old, and my wizard is Alex beargem and I still play this game.

  • great blog i do enjoy playing out side and staying on computer i like our balance of stuff and i hope i can play with you jack

  • I love Wizard101 because I didn’t have many friends in school because people thought I was weird because I loved cats. Most of the people in my school hated cats or loved dogs more. I also was a book worm and a little odd. I also wasn’t the prettiest in school, with acne and a broken tooth from a bike wreak. Also I think I would of been called anorexic if people wouldn’t of seen me eat because I was skinny but I ate everything on my plate and asked people if they were going to eat that.. But on Wizard101 I made lots of friends that thought I was cool if you can believe that. I played until I moved to a different school and found friends and didn’t get bullied. I also got a little bit older and even though I knew there was people on there older than I was it just felt weird to play. But I started playing again just about a few months ago because come on it’s just to fun. But I only play it for 2 quests a day depending on how long the quest is.

  • I love Wizard101, I’ve been playing for 6 years. I’m the one that introduced my son to it and wow, did it change things for him. Not only do we spend time playing together, but his spelling, reading and typing skills improved 100%. They don’t let you use chat or text lingo, so he had to learn to spell, read and type quickly. He is now in college and pulling in really good grades! He has friends all over the world and is learning about different cultures by talking to kids his age on the game. It has been a wonderful experience for both of us!

  • i forgot look for me in the commons to claim your tc and reply so i can find your name and make you claim it. i like wizard101 cause:
    i like the spells they got
    i like the monsters
    and i like to spent time with my friends
    what i wish for wizard101 to have is that wizards can make a boss for friends to beat in order to enter your home 😀 and giving out 10,000 free crowns for free
    so if you need help with your quest that does not include crowns just ask me or reply below help. for me to give you tc just reply below i want to claim my tc.
    i will do anything for a person for 4 weeks if they gift me something besides tc.

  • I really love wizard 101 but I wish I lvl up faster xd

  • I really love wizard 101 but I wish I lvl up faster xd and I need a lot of crowns I can help you and will do it now (;

  • wizard101 is an outstanding game

  • guys I love this game come and join our add me on quest my name is blaze hawk stone lvl 27 ice my name is problay funny or weird but I like it and you may like it to so come and join its free

  • I love the idea of a reward system. I’m a social worker and teach parenting classes as well as have 4 children at home and use reward systems regularly. My only caution would be – loosing a reward for a negative behaviour. To each their own, however, we always say that you should never take away a previously earned reward. Similar – if you were late for work one day would it be fair for your boss to ask for money back from your last pay cheque? Probably not. I love following your blog and Instagram – you’re an amazing mom and have a beautiful family!! Much love!

    • Oh, I can completely understand that and haven’t heard that before! Do you have a suggestion for addressing poor behavior?

      Thank you so much!

    • Hey! Thanks for reading and responding! Awesome! Yeah often the reason why reward systems fail is because kids loose motivation to earn rewards. So let’s say he has a bad day and does 3 things wrong and looses all previously earned rewards – this could potentially cause him to not earn rewards if he is concerned they can be taken away. One suggestion we offer people is to consequence his negative behavior. So I’m not sure what you would normally use as a consequence but in my house one that works well is an earlier bedtime (even 10 min can be motivating). A secondary suggestion may be to control when he uses his previously earned rewards. So for example if he misbehaves today (and has 30 min of previously earned screen time) you could say that he is not allowed to use those rewards today and has to wait until tomorrow. So you aren’t removing them completely but controlling when he uses them. Also important is when you consequence the behavior – make sure to give lot of opportunity to keep earning rewards. So for those rest of the day he can still do chores to earn rewards to be used tomorrow. Once you have consequenced the behavior – move on. Motivation to continue is huge! They have to want to follow through. Sorry for rambling! Hope that helps!

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