New Routines and a Special Delivery

It’s a little silly to talk about finding balance (a dirty mommy word in my book) with a newborn, 3 big kids, a puppy, a marriage, and a career to manage. Elusive as it might be, striving for equality and the yin to my yang in every day endeavors is a priority, because without it there is chaos and disappointment. And so, every morning I wake up, I make mental notes and prioritize the day so that I can manage my own expectations in the most productive manner.

It’s much, much easier said than done. The truth is, a new baby takes priority of most things. Her needs are intense and immediate, as her little system can only take so much stress. My job as her mother is to bring as much calm and fluidity to her days as I possibly can. She needs to eat regularly, sleep regularly and have plenty of dirty diapers to change. The nice thing about babies is it is pretty easy (relatively speaking) to diagnose and fill their needs. If her needs are met, I can move forward with making lunches for the kids for school, dressing them and sometimes even showering myself, and getting them to wherever they are scheduled to be. At that point, sometimes, I can work. Finding new routines, aside from the emotions, is the most life changing aspect of bringing a baby into our lives, so planning and anticipating their arrival is consuming. Wonderfully consuming. As it should be.


For several of months now, we’ve been working with Earth’s Best, anticipating and planning for the arrival of their new packaging for their Diapers and Wipes, which will be introduced and sold at Target. Obviously you know all about my affinity for Target, so this is a match made in heaven for this momma. Earth’s Best is a brand that I’ve trusted since the birth of my first baby a whopping seven years ago. I was thrilled to be able to team up with them to celebrate the arrival of their newly designed, chlorine free, award winning diapers, just in time for the arrival of our fourth baby.


As a parent who has been diapering children for nearly eight years straight, I absolutely feel like an expert on the subject, and I certainly know what works for us. That’s a component of being a seasoned parent that makes bringing a new baby into the world that much easier and less stressful. Each child might bring a need for reevaluating the balance and schedules in our lives, but at least the easy things are taken care of. I’ve tried a ton of products and I know what works best for me in the every day routines of raising children from babies to toddlers to full blown KIDS. So, while finding balance with a new baby is challenging, at least I know that her needs will be met in the most efficient manner, and we can safely tackle the next challenges when they present themselves.


A Chance to Win a #Special Delivery:

Snap a selfie with Earth’s Best® products for a chance to WIN a special delivery – a wooden crate full of our favorite Earth’s Best products, valued at $100! Plus one grand prize winner will take home a year’s supply of our newly re-packaged diapers and wipes!

To Enter: From 12:00:00 PM Eastern Time (ET), Wednesday, October 22nd through 11:59:59 PM (ET), Wednesday, February 11th follow @earthsbest on Instagram and tag us using the hashtags #EBSpecialDelivery #Sweepstakes

One winner will be selected at random every other week to receive an #EBSpecialDelivery crate prize package! One lucky grand prize winner will be selected at the end of the sweepstakes to win a year’s supply of Earth’s Best TenderCare® diapers & wipes! Also be sure to check out the gallery of entries on the Earth’s Best® Facebook page.

Thank you to Earth’s Best for sponsoring this post, and thank you for reading!

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  • Seems like Earth’s Best is in real need of publicity. ItsMommyslife’s Judy just said the same things in her video on Youtube….who is next?!

  • Are you still using honest products as well? I have been ans enjoy them but just was curious if anything negative came out about them that I didnt realize to cause you to switch.

    • Yes! I’ve used the Honest Company’s products for years, though as a new mom I wanted to try new things- and the Earth’s Best diapers are great, especially with the new packaging. They’re both great products that are eco-friendly, and they’re both companies that i’ve trusted for years.

  • I just read Leigh’s post about your use of Honest Brand products, and I buy those as well on Wondering if Earth’s Best are as good as The Honest Company brand and if they come in any cute prints.
    I like Earth’s Best for food but have not used diapers from them as of yet.

    Which brand do you prefer?


  • Jessica…you did not mention your cat and he is never in the family photos…is he no longer in the picture?

    • Of course, she is still a part of our family. She just takes care of herself mostly other than us feeding her!

  • Earth’s Best have been my go to diaper for over two years. I love them. They’re very absorbent, last over night, they have fewer chemicals, no scent, are easy on my baby’s bottom – and my budget! I’m a subscribe and saver on Amazon and I can get these for a lot less than other diapers of similar quality. One other thing – I absolutely love that they are white and don’t have licensed characters! If only they made a pull-up! 🙂

  • Thanks for posting about these natural products. I am anxious to tell my former students about them, as they are starting to have families now. I wish these products existed 20 years ago. Doctors and friends told me I was crazy when I thought my son was having an allergic reaction to Huggies. These products would have made a huge difference for my son. I used to order medical wipes from Medline to find a basic portable, chemical free solution because that’s all I could find.

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