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I never thought I’d get used to living without a car. About six months after we moved to New York City, I was trudging through the wind, ice, and rain with two kids and three bags of groceries crammed into our double stroller and I realized that I had finally gotten to the point of acceptance. I no longer had a trunk to store our groceries, or a quick and safe haven from the elements when getting to the doctor’s office and other errands. I also no longer had a safe(ish) place to put my children while getting to and from anywhere in a somewhat timely manner.


I was terrified of walking with both of my very young children out in the middle of the city, and they’re little legs got so tired, so fast. The following spring, we bought Jack a Mini Micro scooter and a helmet just like his buddies had in his preschool class had and we began to find the answers to a few of our problems. Jack loved every minute of his newfound freedom, and I got to test the waters of allowing him to ride along side the stoller while out and about in the city. It was challenging for both of us, but I realized quickly that we were also building trust in each other by extending his boundaries of freedom. Zoe and Beau both began riding at around the age of two, and while we had some more issues with listening, they also picked up on on our rules quickly. We began to find not only efficient but also an incredibly fun means of travel to and from school, the doctor’s office and other errands.


Now that we live in Santa Cruz, our lifestyle is incredibly different, but they still love to ride their Mini Micro and Maxi Micro scooters to and from school. Beau is riding the Mini Micro 3in1, which offers 3 rides for 3 ages – at age 1 its a ride-on with seat, at age 2 it’s a Mini with O-bar, and at age 3 the T-Bar turns it into a Mini Micro scooter. Jack and Zoe ride the Maxi-Micro, which is the highest rated scooter for both transport AND fun.The Maxi rides smoothly like the Micro but with the curve and carve of a skateboard. Not to mention, each part is replaceable for those that are harder on their scooters (like my boys). Zoe and Beau picked up on riding very quickly, and turned normal routines that I’d often get push back from if they have to ride in the stroller or car into a fun incentive; If I allowed them to ride their scooters, they were happy and willing. This was one of my first dances with boundaries with them, and being that the consequences were dire, I was incredibly strict. If they pushed the limits even remotely, they had to ride in the stroller without question.


Watching them gain confidence within themselves as well as me made for hugely successful lessons for both of us. With the Micro scooters for adults as well, all of us can make a family outing of riding scooters along West Cliff in Santa Cruz; it is peaceful, fun and great exercise, and something we can all enjoy together-the kids love seeing us do things that they do, too. We’ll be bringing these scooters on our trip to New York City next week, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have this option when I know they won’t want to walk extensively. Happy, tired kids means a happy family.


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  • definitely will be purchasing two for christmas! love how handy they are and i love how you handled the no car thing so seemingly well! you are a rockstar, mama. but i’m also glad you get to experience having small children with a car now too. 🙂

  • Hi! I was already thinking about getting these for my kids for Christmas, the review sold me:) and 20% off is awesome, is there a coupon code or is it automatic? Thanks!

  • Just went to buy one for my son but you don’t list any promo code?? What do we enter to get the 20% off??? Thank you! A perfect xmas idea.

  • Nevermind – I see it’s right on their website. Thanks!

  • Noooooo!! I live in Canada and like usual, shopping here sucks. I can’t buy it with the discount code and instead have to spend 37 dollars more to buy it here. I am SO fed up with Canadian shopping. My son would have LOVED one of these (three years old with TONS of energy!).

    • is there no way to have someone you know stateside buy it for you and then ship it to you? it might be cheaper…. good luck!

  • Jessica –

    Thank you for a great post. We love what you say about how riding Micro helps build kids confidence, we have seen that too. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your time in the city!

    Micro Kickboard Team

  • My kids are teens now. They had razor scooters. Too bad these micro ones weren’t around. They look really fun. Love your blog!

  • Those helmets make me happy. Safe noggins are so important when children are on their wheels. Way to go, Mom! Best wishes.

  • Where are the helmets from?

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