The Art of Gifting

Justin and I were the first in our group of friends to marry and settle down. We were also the first to have babies, and have continuously been the youngest in our peer groups to have families. Our friends that were parents were those who we met in parenting classes and lactation groups-all of us, learning these things for the first time together. Now that we have four children and Jack is in the second grade, our friends have started their families, too. That means there have been lots of weddings and even more baby showers to attend, and many gift giving occasions and holidays.

That’s just one opportunity when I get to take my senior parenting status and use it in a really fun way; I know what has worked for me, and I’m pretty familiar with my go-to list of favorites for each occasion and age group for birthday parties, holiday gifting, and baby showers. Buying for babies themselves is often a sort of tricky one, because I often consider giving something that will be useful for the parent as well, but I often get caught up in the incredibly sweet things, too. It’s nice to find something that will fill needs in both areas.

Fawn Jacquard Muslin blanket (not printed!) and flower play mat

Ever since I was introduced to Apple Park a couple of years ago, I have added them to my list of go-to’s for giving in the baby category especially. Apple Park makes the sweetest line of organic products that range in age from infant to toddler. I know that when I purchase something from their line, I will be getting a very classically sweet, soft, and yet usable product that will last a really long time, if not forever.


Their hooded animal towels are so adorable that my 6 & 7 year olds love them as much as Beau does (and Theo too), and the organic blankies, rattles and patterned stuffed animals are just so lovely for gift giving. I have a collection for Evvie started that I adore, things that she will grow up with that are both unique and incredibly well made; the kind of things that become keepsakes even when they aren’t meant to.


Their eco-friendly animal packs are even made from water bottles from land fills. They are cute of course, but given our goal of being plastic-free in 2014, I’m more than happy knowing that I’m contributing to that goal as well.


Gift giving is an art all on it’s own. It’s a reflection of the person giving in many ways, and I personally put a lot of thought and heart into bestowing things to the people in my life that I love. Knowing that I have four children, I think my friends understand and expect that when I make a purchase it comes from a place of experience and trust. It makes it easy when there is one brand that I trust to be a go-to for certain occasions, and Apple Park definitely falls into that category.

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Thank you to Apple Park for sponsoring this post, and thank you for reading!

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  • When my kids were little and money was tight I used to go to our neighborhood comics store for birthday presents. Once kids can read they love comics. Archie, Richie Rich, super heroes…whatever you think they might like. They are around $2.00 (well they were then) each so even five is easy on the wallet and a great gift. Kids read them over and over. They were always a hit! No DIY kit or toy they will be sick of in a few weeks or, heaven forbid, something that gets re-gifted, given or thrown away. They can be enjoyed for however long, passed around and then, ultimately recycled. Win/Win!

  • Long time reader! Love your blog and what you stand for and your family! I’m pregnant with our first so having all these baby items are awesome!
    Quick question: I believe you have the nuna leaf seat, how to do you like it?? I prefer that one to 4moms, but can’t find many people using it!
    Thank you! I know you’re busy. 🙂

  • Love the bath towels! And Theo too! Baby Evvie is just precious as are all your kiddos. Nice posts, nice recommendations:)

  • just took advantage of the mgc20 discount!! saved a bundle and my nephew is going to love everything (well, his parents will…he’s 9 weeks old).

    thank you for the opportunity to save money on these really nice items.

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