Traveling in their Comfort Zone

We’re getting ready to embark on a fairly long trip to New York City with all of the kids during the holidays. I’ve been flying by myself with two to three kids for years now, and consider myself something of an expert. Except that any parent knows they can be an expert for about five minutes before a child changes and everything once known flies out the window. That said, there are still a few things that I always do before taking a flight or road trip with small children that seem to help them adjust in any scenario.

I generally go to the dollar store and stock up on new toys or activities that will last for the duration of the trip, and for the older kids I pack books and art supplies like coloring books, markers and workbooks. In each of their travel bags, I stash new snacks and one special treat for good behavior towards the end of the traveling period. Most importantly, I pack a special blanket and their favorite toy or animal blankie that they can sleep with that will smell like home to them and keep them comforted. We like to travel on red-eyes with them for the sole purpose of sleeping though the flight, so having their special blankets is somewhat crucial and they always appreciate having something of theirs to cozy up with. These blankets and small personal “lovies” come in handy when they sleep away from home almost any time-as a parent I know all too well how important it is for them to actually sleep, especially in changing circumstances. This year, I found a Peekawhoo, an online boutique that not only carries our longtime favorite brands like Angel Dear, JellyCat and Mudpie, but they personalize the special items, too.


Since Jack was born, my kids have all had these little Angel Dear Animal blankets, and these along with their blankies were what I would stash into their travel bags and suitcases. I ordered Evvie her very own personalized “ammie” (as my children call them), as well as blankets for all four children, beautifully embroidered with their initials. This also happily solves the quarrels over whose blanket is whose-also a gem amongst us parents to more than one child. I’ve also packed my own tote that will double as a carry-on and diaper bag full of diapers, wipes, pacifiers, an extra change of clothes for Evvie, and a couple of things for me; head phones, hand lotion and sanitizer.


Beau will even bring his very own stuffed JellyCat puppy to take the place of Theo while we’re away. There are only a few things that I am sure to bring while traveling, and stuffed animals and blankets are some of their favorites-they are the most comforting to them.


The beautiful thing about watching a child attach to a toy is that they are consciously developing ownership of something and finding security in it. I love seeing my kids get attached to something so special and personal to them, especially when it comes to depending on these things when they are outside of their home and comfort zone. Peekawhoo has a large selection of beautiful gifts for children that will make lovely and thoughtful holiday, birthday or baby shower gifts both for mother and child. For me, knowing that there is a shop online that not only personalizes these items but also carries my favorite brands is a grand gifting resource. I couldn’t be more excited for our trip to the city, and I’m confident knowing that my children will be thrilled and comfortable during our travels, too.

Pleased to offer a discount code for 20% off the entire site, Now through this Monday, November 24th at midnight with the code MGCLOVE20.

Thank you to Peekawhoo for sponsoring this post, and thank you for reading!

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  • thanks for providing the discount! gonna order some things for my little nephew right now.

  • just love reading all your posts and seeing theo and beau and evvie and then.

    Safe trip and happy thanksgiving

  • Love the Jelly Cat dog! Just ordered a couple for my girls for Christmas. Wish I would have had the discount code but after receiving them, they were worth every penny! 🙂 Have a fab trip in NYC!

  • The code won’t work 🙁

  • Just a follow up to this blog post and to let others know how awesome Peekawhoo is. I order a puppy blanket for a new big brother and a pink elephant blanket for his new baby sister with both monogrammed for a co-worker. Mom said her son adores his blanket. She also shared how Dad figured out how to wrap his new baby girl in her blanket so her name shows and her face lays gently against the elephant. I can’t wait to see a picture. A mutual friend who saw them said they were SO cute.

    Thanks Jessica for blogging about it and for getting us a great discount. I plan to order a blanket for two more co-workers when their babies are born (must be something in the water!

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