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I’ve been traveling with my babies for years now, as hard as it is for me to believe that. Taking the family to New York City was the first time we’ve traveled with all four, all together though-something that felt like an incredibly monumental feat.

There are a few products that I love that we used the entire trip, and I’m more than happy to share what worked for us with small children in tow.

Orbit Baby Stroller

We’ve had this stroller for years, but this is the first time we’ve used the Gate Check Stroller bag. The entire stroller fit inside and we gate checked the entire thing.


The kick boards are absolutely essential for families with multiple children, too.

The Nuna Sena

As far as travel beds are concerned, I personally can’t get behind something that I have hard time putting together. Not only was the Sena easy to put together and take apart, but it is a great size and perfectly functional in a small hotel room as well as a larger apartment. Evvie slept so well with her own space and we all were grateful for that.



This is another product that I’ve had and used for as long as I’ve had babies. This particular model is the ErgoBaby Performance Collection Ventus, and it’s the first time I’ve tried it. It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to wear under coats and outerwear-a critical component when traveling with baby in colder temperatures. I wore her the whole time we were in the city and we were both comfy and happy.


The infant insert works well when transferring her outside of the carrier too-it keeps her warm and contained, even when in the arms of new people (including Santa).


Micro-kickboard Scooters

A huge part of travel is walking, so anything that I can do to make that a little bit more fun is absolutely on my priority list. All three big kids took turns riding around on the scooters through airports and along side us in the city (without complaints!). We simply gate checked the scooters and we were good to go.


Wikki Sticks

I keep a stash of these little wax covered colorful sticks in my diaper bag at all times. They are great for keeping busy hands entertained at restaurants and on planes, with out any mess and with a whole lot of imagination.


Oeuf NYC

I adore this hand knit, alpaca wool jumpers for Evvie. I knew that she’d be warm and cozy while wearing something soft, breathable, warm, and completely adorable.


Momma Loves is not sponsored. Some photos were taken at a Kid & Coe property.

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  • Thanks for all the great ideas for travel with little ones! Our grandchildren range in age from 14 to 11 months. Anything creative like the Wikki stix is perfect for the older ones!

  • I love this post. We have an almost 8 month old and so far we have taken him on 3 trips (Chicago, Disney World, and on a cruise). The Ergo carrier was a lifesaver for me every single time. It makes navigating the airport or the city so much easier because you have both hands free. Glad you travel with your kiddos too!

    Summer Ann

  • Hi, thanks so much for all of the inspiring posts! Just curious where your plaid shirt, seen in a few pics here, is from? Loving it! Thanks for sharing any info.

    Merry Christmas!


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