My Heart in New York City

The family and I took a boat ride to Liberty and Ellis Islands before our flight home, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect closure to a truly full circle experience for all of us in the city that we all grew up in one way or another.


We got home really late to a very carsick baby boy and a house full of ants, but we had a very happy dog and cat to welcome us and seeing their sweet fuzzy loving faces was actually everything.

We talked about Theo and Charlie nearly every day we were gone. The fact that they were in such loving and caring hands (family) made us feel that much better, but it definitely felt like a piece of us was missing.

I have a TON of photos and a few more stories from our trip that I’ll share over the weekend, but I wanted to leave this video with you. I try not to lament on and on about my adoration for this city, but the truth is, it’s a part of me and something I won’t easily let go of.

I ran into these two guys raising funds for the Salvation Army in front of Bloomingdales on Lexington and I was smiling so hard my face hurt. Enjoy it, and have a lovely weekend.

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  • He’s so happy to have his family home. So sweet to see how happy everyone was to be reunited.

  • Love the video of Theo being reunited with his people and the kids laughter and squeals. Very cute. And the hugs. There is nothing better than a dog to greet you and welcome you home, whether you’ve been going 5 days, or 5 minutes. It seems to be the same to them! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for sharing this video amongst all the stories & photos. I truly look forward to reading your posts & seeing your family. I love that you realize how lucky & blessed you are. As a single woman dying to have a family of my own, it’s so lovely to see. You are doing an incredible job on all fronts! I have an amazing furry son but I hope to be a mommy like you one day! Xo

  • Thank you for sharing this! I grew up on Long Island and lived in NYC after college. Your video truly embodies the spirit of NYC, especially at the holidays.

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