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  • Happy Birthday Beau! He looks like he just loves life!! Thanks for sharing his amazing spirit!

  • Happy birthday, little sweetheart!!!! stay the same – like a ray of light every day!

  • Happy birthday! He is truly a beautiful child with eyes so full of life. Thank you for sharing your family.

  • I cannot get over how much Evvie looks like Beau. All of your children are beautiful. Happy Birthday to Beau!

  • Happy birthday precious Beau! <3

  • Momma, your babe has captured our hearts. Every one of your littles are a gift… this soul literally radiates energy, personality, and joie de vivre. Thank you for sharing a snapshot of that with us. And Happy Birthday Beau!!!

  • What beautiful pictures…thank you for sharing. Happy Birthday Beau! He and Evvie are twins.

  • That is a beautiful post!

  • That must be the one of the most beautiful set of pictures i have come across in a long long time. You are a blessed lady!!! Happy birthday to your gorgeous son. May he always find joy in every thing.

  • I absolutely love your blog and your family! Thank you for sharing your life and putting a smile on so many faces every day when we read your blog πŸ™‚ I know you probably get asked this constantly, but what type of camera do you use? I’m about to begin a family of my own and I would love to purchase a good quality camera for capturing those moments!

  • beau is just magic. this post brought tears to my eyes. the love and joy in all your kids eyes is amazing and makes me believe in the good in the world.

  • Such a cutie!!! You can see his personality develop in these photos. What a character.

  • These pictures are priceless! It is amazing to see how much your children all look alike, little Evvie looks so much like Beau! Keep doing what you are doing, it is working! Wishing your family a magical Christmas and New Year!

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I too have a little guy like Beau who was also my “game changer”. As I sat here scrolling through your fantastic pictures, tears streaming down my face, I couldn’t help but reminisce over the past two and 1/2 years with Finn. You’re right…sometimes words aren’t enough…but these pictures are a wonderful representation of your love for him. We are all so blessed to be able to have a small window into your lives., and for that, I thank you! Happy birthday, buddy!

  • Happy Birthday cutie pie Beau!! Love your family. Lots of kisses and hugs to everyone πŸ™‚

  • Sweet Dude, Happy Birthday!

  • This was the best photo gallery!! Just Awesome!! Happy Birthday Beau!!!

  • Happy Birthday sweet Beau! What a light he shines! Thank you, Jessica, for sharing his beautiful soul with us!! Love!

  • Jessica,

    I have enjoyed watching Beau and Theo grow together. You have a beautiful family and I thank you for sharing them with us. They have brightened my day many of times seeing their pics. Happy Birthday Beau! Hope you had a wonderful day! β™‘

  • The pictures tell it all, Beau is such full of life and love! Happy birthday!! β™‘

  • What a dynamo! Love his spirit (even as I am sure it presents challenges every day!) I predict lots more fun times ahead. Happy Birthday Beau!

  • Happy Birthday Beau! What an amazing selection of pictures. Impossible not to see his spirit and your love abounding. Happy Day to you all!

  • Oh Jessica. This takes my breath away and warms my heart. Happy Birthday and Birth Day! xoxoxo

  • Now marked in the “when you’re having a bad day, look at these photos” folder. Especially the bagel, bib and mock “scream;” it’s a wonder you get anything done with all that collective cuteness around. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jessica…what a beautiful group of photos. I used to wait for them on my Instagram in the morning …a little gift from the NYC Shybas. Happy Birthday Beau!

  • Hi Jessica! I’m a member of Skyland Church, so I’ve met all of your little ones, except Evvie. I even got to meet Theo. All of you are such sweethearts! Happy Birthday to Beau!

    Thanks for sharing your lives with all of us. I love your photos, and your writing.

  • I’m awestruck by these photos — what an amazing child. all the best to him and the rest of your family now and in the future. thank you so much for sharing this part of your life…it is like a ray of sunshine every day.

  • What a beautiful family and what an amazing talent you have in photography. Your kids must be very thankful one day, for the way you captured their childhood. Happy birthday Beau!

  • Happy Birthday Beau! It has been a joyous year to watch you & Theo grow! May you have many many more happy birthdays!

    Thank you for sharing his life with us!

  • Happy Birthday to Beau!

    Thank you for sharing these amazing cute pictures with us. My 22 month old Son loves the pictures of theo and beau so much. We have to look every morning on my smartphone for new posts on instagram :-))

  • sweet, sweet babies. Congratulations and HB Beau!!

  • Beau Beau!!!! Happy Birthday, you cute little wild thing!!

  • Beau is such a happy, beautiful boy! Thank you for sharing your family with all of us. Happy Birthday Beau!

  • Happy birthday to Beau!
    It’s just wonderful to look at your photos. You have such a beautiful family!
    Three things I love:
    – the happiness on their faces
    – the happiness and the tranquility on your face
    – the brotherly love
    Apart from Theo and Beau’s photos of course!
    Sheer pleasure! xxx

  • Jessica- Thank you so much for sharing Beau and your family with all of us. These precious pictures brought tears to my eyes and gladness to my heart. Beau is such a blessing to so many and you have made a difference in many lives. Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Gee … 3 years ago, would you have ever thought after just giving birth, that this child, your beautiful new born baby, was going to unite so so many hearts from all around the world, all because of his precious heart & union with a puppy.

    Two souls, new to this life, find in each other what we all dream of… unconditional love, acceptance, & honour of who they are.

    Thank you Jessica for bringing your miracles to the world. We are blessed to share with you. Much love xo

  • I love reading your posts. But this montage of photos of your little game changer was one of the best. Thank you for sharing. And happy happy Beau!

  • Your blog inspires me everyday and I can’t wait to be a mother. If I’m half as good of you as you I’ll be in great shape. Beau lifts up my heart everyday with your pictures. So with that I say Happy Birthday to him and I hope it was amazing. Thanks for everything you do Jessica.

  • Awesome photos. I think my favorite was the one with Beau and Theo in the crib. Happy Birthday to Beau and his Momma.

  • This one made me a little weepy. Your kids are so precious. It’s hard to see Beau growing up! And I’m not even his momma!! My grandson is about 6 months younger than Beau so I think I’m really feeling his growing up pains on my heart. This is a lovely post. Thank you for sharing. <3

  • Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos of your beautiful family. You have a real talent as a photographer and a beautiful way of capturing special monents. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. Simply awesome.

  • I just want to say I have never commented on a blog before. I discovered you and your family through Instagram and I can truly say it brings a smile to my day no matter how bad it may be. I wanted to give you a compliment on your ability to capture a true moment in a picture. You are going to have some amazing memories to look back on. Keep up all of the awesome work you and your family do. Thanks for sharing your amazing family with us.

  • This post made me cry!

    Your family is so beautiful and I cannot wait to have children of my own and to adpot a puppy so they can grow up together!

    Thank you for sharing!!

  • This is one of my favorite post of your of all time I think. When I found your site Beau was still little (with puppy Theo) and I had my own newborn…a blond little boy just like him! He just turned 2 and now Beau is 3…wow. Thanks for sharing his story and you give me encouragement & inspiration for my own little trouble makers πŸ™‚

  • Wow! How special πŸ™‚

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