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Last year when we moved to our new home, part of my infatuation with the house was centered around the gigantic master bedroom. In addition to having it’s own bathroom (our own bathroom!), there is a balcony attached that looks over our downstairs patio, and enough space to put a desk. Creating a space for my home office was something I hadn’t considered before, but was thrilled with the idea of having my own corner to retreat to for working purposes (more bathrooms and space for me to actually work? In love with California already).

That corner has become more than a work space for me, a year and a half later. There’s a book case with a changing pad for Evangeline and a cable box on it, a dresser, a crib and a television amongst other things. The file bins are less than tidy, and the desk holds wires and cables from printers, cameras, phones, and video cameras. The first of the year means a fresh beginning, and I’ve made it one of my resolutions to get my working space organized so that I can move forward with my business and my life in the most effective way possible. I was relieved when Bluelounge gave me the tools to not only initiate this process but also help me meet that goal. Bluelounge creates products that help with office organization, most of which are available to purchase at Target.

As much as I wish I could say that my life and my home are perfectly organized, I’m really not there yet. As the kids get older and since we’ve welcomed Evvie into our lives, it’s becoming more and more crucial that my business space is as clutter free and well maintained as possible. This isn’t necessarily something that comes naturally to me, but as a parent and business owner, there just isn’t any room for error and I feel so much better when things are where they’re supposed to be. It’s gotten to the point that I truly cannot even function if I cannot plan for everything, and preparing for every situation is half of that battle.


Truly, it’s only a matter of time before we need to truly go over the landscape of our home and baby-proof every nook and cranny. Evvie will be crawling in no time, and these wires are top of my list to have properly contained. Products like the CableBox Mini, CableDrops, and Cable Clips are clean, sleek and easy to use for quick sorting and cleaning up of desk supplies. The CableDrops come in assorted colors that match with furniture, making it easy to keep them out of the way when my hands are full (which is always). They look nice, and I get another reason to head to Target for my much coveted Starbucks and shopping break with my sweet baby girl at my side.



I’m really looking forward to a much more organized and therefore successful year personally, as a parent, and with my business. I’m a fan of baby steps in most cases and situations, and have tried to embrace initiating these little changes that make a big overall impact, and hopefully paving the way for a greater everything overall.

In honor of the new year and supporting new goals and resolutions, I’m happy to offer a giveaway to win a full set of Bluelounge products to one of you.

To enter, leave a comment with your New Year’s resolution and a hyperlink to your favorite Bluelounge product that’s available at Target.com. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 20th.

Thank you to Bluelounge for sponsoring this post and helping me get organized, and thank you for reading!

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