Restful Ritual


These little souls, they hold the entire world, unbridled and unharnessed within the chambers of their hearts.

Children are as children do.


To really understand the napping situation, you have to know our family, and even then it’s feels just a bit over the top and unreal, even to me.


By nature, Theo and Beau are two of the most sensitive souls. When they aren’t running around full of energy and a gait like a match was lit under their rear, they long to be close to someone. Theo is never far from one of us, a companion and friend to each of us in a different way from the next.


Beau is tender and sensitive beyond his years. He’ll stop me in my tracks one moment from the quickness of his tongue, and the next he’ll be holding my hand, staring into my eyes saying “I luv you”.

Evangeline is still so new, but her dynamic is steady, sweet and inquisitive. She wants to know what is going on and to be a part of everything, her eyes darting from one person to the next, babbling and cooing and reaching for connection.


Naptime is a very calm, very quiet time in our home. The kids and Theo know what to expect, and they look forward to it. The rest and closeness of this ritual is as crucial to their well being as anything, and I’m inclined to think it’s even more so.


If they’re finding comfort and peace amongst each other, I can’t ask for anything more. I can hope for their sake that it continues as long as possible.



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  • It’s fascinating the tranquility that each of them seems to transfer to the others. I love that photo of Evangaline gazing at her snoozing brother.

  • That first picture has to be framed! I never thought it could get cuter than Theo and Beau until I saw that.

    – Summer Ann

  • Such a sweet blog and pictures. You can tel from Evvie’s eyes how curious she is about what is going on. Keep encouraging that heart connection between all four of them. What a gift Theo has turned out to be. So perfect for your family. Awesome story to encourage others to go to their local shelters, SPCA or humane shelter and give an animal a forever home. Thanks.

  • I’m always curious about the camera angle. Do you have a tall tripod set up and they sleep under it or are you on a ladder ??

  • As a mom of 3, I am so in awe of this Naptime tranquility. I only wish mine were this peaceful. My last baby is now a year and a half and fights me with naps because he wants to hang with his brother and sister. You are so lucky!

  • Adorable, that’s is all I can say : )

  • Precious, as anything can be!!!

  • Seeing your posts and photos instantly brighten my mood after a tough day. Love how Theo and Beau have grown together yet hold on to their nap ritual. Love that Evvie has joined in on the fun.
    I’m curious about how wake up from naps go, especially with little Evvie. (I sorta of imagine her waking up to Theo just staring at her as if he’s willing his human to wake up.)
    They’re so peaceful and content. They’re going to love that you documented this part of their lives the way you did.

  • So precious. My fave pic is the girls ready together.

  • that first photo, the one where your baby girl (adorable!) is photographed with a budgie on her shirt, what brand is that shirt from?

  • Your pic and writing is beautiful !
    I’m reading your blog from France and I realy appreciate it !
    Thank you.

  • This is too sweet! We are still fighting the naptime battles over here and I only have 1. I think of you all the time with your four kids and wonder how you do it!! I want to have a few kids of my own, so you are an inspiration to me! XO, Meg

  • This is breathing taking 1 of d most adorable things that wouldn’t take my mind off the beautiful pictures of theo and beau.I’m sooo inlove wf ds two I kud die

  • This is breathing taking 1 of d most adorable things that wouldn’t take my mind off the beautiful pictures of theo and beau.I’m sooo inlove wf ds two I kud die

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