Simplifying for Family Time

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Monday, January 5th at 7:28 AM, and we’re about 18 minutes into our first day back to the regular elementary, preschool and work routines. The kids are eating the last three bananas with the last three pieces of toast from the loaf of sandwich bread that I bought last week. Our cat Charlie is already upset because, while she has a bowl full of dry food, we ran out of the canned wet food last night. The paper towel holder is holding the brown empty carcass of an already spent roll, and, while I usually have backup bottles of dish soap, that too is propped upside down into the soap dish on the counter. I’m filling water bottles and scrounging up the last of the carrots, sliced deli meat and homemade popcorn from last night’s “movie night” for their lunches. Evvie is starting to whimper in her seat, but Beau still needs my help getting him dressed and brushing his teeth before we pile into the car and head to school in the next 30 minutes. As much as I literally cannot wait for our next trip to Target, it’s been harder and harder to schedule a time to get to one since baby Evangeline was born four months ago. We soaked up our time during the holiday break going to the beach, going hiking amongst the redwoods, and just staying inside and doing art projects. For some reason, it’s much more challenging to run errands on vacation, so I chose not to and now it appears I’m scrambling and paying the price. Just this week I was introduced to 2015-01-03_1420315236 2015-01-04_1420341884 2014-12-30_1419974593 While we subscribe for monthly deliveries of diapers and wipes already, certain things like cat food, paper and cleaning products are things that I really dislike going out to buy almost as much as I really super dislike getting gas in our car. I never seem to buy these things before they actually run out, so signing up for a delivery service that I wouldn’t necessarily need to remember to order sounds absolutely ideal. I would much rather focus my time and energy on helping the kids with their homework, playing trains or reading them books any day of the week. While I still need to make lists of things I need, and as much as I love browsing through Target with my Starbucks, I think I’d save a lot of money this way, too. IMG_1927 IMG_1438 IMG_1500 Target offers regular deliveries to those who sign up for the Target Subscription service. I am already preparing a list within their system of things we regularly run out of and need, and I’m thrilled that I don’t have to worry about having to take the trip to the actual store, or worse, actually running out of dish soap or cat food. I can spend that extra time with my kids doing what we really love, going to the beach, being active and being together, whether we are on holiday or not. Thank you to Target for sponsoring this post, and thank you for reading!

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  • i had no idea that Target offered this service. gonna check it out right now. thank you so much for the info. and, as always, thank you for the amazing pics of your gorgeous family. best to you and all of yours in 2015.

  • I am so with you on hating to get some of the essentials, especially putting gas in the car, so thanks for sharing the info on this service! We have an 8 month old, and I work full time, so the less I have to spend my free time with him doing things like picking up dog food at the store, the better.

    Hope your year is off to a great start!
    Summer Ann

  • Thanks for sharing with us. However I am wondering what the environmental impacts are for this service that include the extra packaging, and extra gas for larger not so fuel efficient trucks? This is also a question I have for the Amazon orders for things that we can get at our local grocery stores.

  • Phew. Glad to know I’m not the only one who runs out of cat food before she buys more. Yikes. Sorry, Romeo. We love you, swear. We just hate errands.

  • I love when Charlie gets a shout out.

    • haha! She really does need some more coverage. She’s just so elusive most of the time!

  • We use Amazon for a lot of things like that! It is amazing not to worry about diapers, wipes, cat food, and deodorant! With Target doing this now, maybe we can drop one Prime membership and use Target for somethings. Thanks for giving me something to explore!

    I just love your site 🙂

  • I love amazon’s subscribe and save feature. it is very easy to work with and offers more flexibility than target. I tried target’s subscription service and really did not like it. hope it works out for you!

    • Really Mariah? What didn’t you like about it?

  • These photos are fantastic, your family is beautiful!
    Thanks for this information on Target, I didn’t know they offered this service!

  • the best thing that I did for our family budget was eliminate a trip to Target to pick up all of those cleaning, household and personal items! I’ve been using Amazon Subscribe and Save for several years and it really is a game changer! I will have to check the differences between the two and see…
    Thanks for sharing. I live in the land of 10,000 target stores and had no idea they offered this service!

  • Out of curiosity – is that Beau painting in the last picture? He looks so much like Jack! Or is it an old photo of Jack when he was Beau’s age?

    • That’s Beau! He’s looking so much like Jack lately, which is interesting because they’ve really never looked alike (to me) 🙂

  • this is such a great service! I don’t necessarily mind running errands (unless I have all 4 kids with me), but I HATE when I have to go to the store because I didn’t plan well and we ran out before a regularly scheduled trip. What is it about vacation that throws the whole schedule out of whack? Having staples delivered on a regular basis also eliminates the need for hoarder-like storage of backups!

  • These delivery services are life changing! After I had my twins, I started using Amazon Mom delivery services for diapers, wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. I also use for dog food delivery (I always forget about dog food). Recently, I’ve started ponying up the extra dough for peapod delivery from Stop & Shop. My husband travels for work and we only get to spend time as family on Sat. and Sun. As much as I enjoyed my alone time at the grocery store on the weekends, delivery allows us to soak up every second of the weekend together. I’m definitely going to check out Target delivery!!! P.S. LOVE your blog!

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