Theo, Beau and Evangeline: A Naptime Trifecta

There are fairly few things that contribute to the physical wellness of a child as much as sleep and nutrition do. In our home, and I’m sure in the homes of many toddlers and preschoolers, nap time (clearly) is a sacred ritual. I’ve always been pretty strict about maintaining the consistency and rituals of our children’s naps, and while I know better than to assume all of my kids will be good nappers, three out of four have been thus far. Jack and Zoe also napped well into their third year of life, and only when we introduced afternoon pre-kindergarten classes did their naps become fully eradicated.

Beau is no different, although of the three of them, he looks forward to and expects his naps the most every day.

I suppose I would too if I had a sweet, loving and cuddly furball napping companion like Beau does. Lately, instead of me announcing that it’s time for “nite-nite”, Theo will already be waiting for Beau in our room at nap time, something that we both find endlessly hilarious and adorable.

Introducing Evangeline to a nap schedule has been something I’ve waited for, looking for consistency and following her cues. It seems that right about when she turned four months old, she started presenting a bit of her own routine. She rises at around 6:30 every morning, cat-naps for a blip, and a few hours later by 11:30-12 she’s ready for a nice, long snooze. I’ve timed it as much as I can to coincide with Beau and Theo’s naps so that they’re all on a similar schedule, but it hasn’t been until the last week or so that they’ve really seemed to find their groove.


And, by “finding their groove”, I mean happily snoozing all tucked together for at least an hour at a time.


Evangeline is the first to go to sleep, and after she’s sleeping I’m able to sit with Beau while he and Theo fall asleep. Once the are both out, I bring Evvie in a little closer because honestly, they all sleep better when there’s another warm body and soft heartbeat right there next to them. I never leave the room in these scenarios-I find time to work or read quietly at my desk a few feet away from our master bed.

I’m trying not to get my hopes up that this magical nap time trifecta is a habit that will last, but each day this happens-with or without Evvie-I’m ever in awe at their sweet slumber.


Naptime With Theo and Beau, Autographed Edition UPDATE!

With the release of our forthcoming children’s book, Naptime with Theo and Beau on February 3rd, I am thrilled to announce that those of you who have pre-ordered may upload your receipt to receive an autographed copy, “signed” by the stars of this daytime delight themselves.


The form for uploading can be found under the Naptime with Theo and Beau link to the right, or simply click HERE to be redirected.

The autographs came out so cute, it was well worth the hand and paw prints all over our living room after this painting fiasco.



This year is gearing up to be one of the very best yet. I am just so completely honored and grateful to be right here, right now, witnessing this magic every day for myself and watching as these three bring us all together in the simplest, sweetest, most peaceful way possible.

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  • O my gosh!!! Thanks Jessica. I pre-ordered a book from Amazon back in July when a childhood friend posted about your blog I love seeing your beautiful pictures and reading your throughly words on your blog. Super duper excited to get an autographed copy. Made my day

  • I would be just walking around in tears of joy all day if I lived in your house…to see the three of them sleeping together in such peace is a balm against the harshness in this life.

  • It just simply warms my heart to see these photos and brings me peace. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • This has made this Friday even better. I found your blog after the Yahoo story on Theo and Beau, and I have been following ever since (and taking screenshots of the sweet pics to send my mother in law whose dog that passed recently looked so much like Beau). She loves the pics and these are just too sweet. Love the blog and I can’t wait to buy the book.

    Summer Ann

  • These pictures are just so precious. I have loved them from the start. And what a wonderful way to spend time with your children. Being close by reading as they nap.


  • Gorgeous! My babies always slept wrapped around our huge horse of a German shepherd.

  • Hi Jessica!

    Is there any way to sign up for the pre-order to your book from Germany? I went to fill out the form but it seems to be limited to the States. I’d so love to have a signed one, escpecially since I’m pregnant the first time and can’t wait to read the book to our little one in the future. Also, I’m a huge huge dog ( animal ) lover and grew up with dogs myself so you and your lovely family resonated with me instantly.

    All the best to you and much love from Berlin, Germany,


  • Anything else you do to help the kids and doggie fall asleep? Music or sound machine, etc.?

  • Good call on the book plate.

  • Such sweet love. <3

  • I saw the trailer for the book. I was wondering, is it Zoe doing the narrating? Whether or not it was sweet all the same! <3

    • It isn’t Zoe, it’s the videographer’s daughter. Would have been sweet with Zoe, too though!

  • Oh I cannot handle this much cuteness all at once! πŸ™‚


  • Can you tell me where you got the pug sweatshirt? Love your blog!

  • Hi! I ordered the book via Amazon and am unsure about how to upload my receipt to receive their autographs. I absolutely adore your children and Theo and look forward to your blog and Instagram postings daily. Best wishes!

  • Keep doing what your doing, it is working. I love your posts, everyday they warm my heart. Your children feel so much love (Theo too), it is fantastic!

  • 2 yrs ago when u had posted puppy pics of theo and beau napping… I honestly believed we have the same dog. My dog look exactly like ur pup when he was a pup. Now that ive seen older pics of him… Im certain we share the same dog. Though mine has a nipped tail, bit older and chubbier. Hahaha…

  • Hello,
    I tried to submit my receipt for the book and it will not work.

  • I thought naptime with Theo and Beau could NOT be any more cute — and then you throw little Evangeline into the mix?! πŸ™‚ Something so sweet and simple… it really brightens my day. Thank you.

  • Thank you for sharing your family with us. Your babies are absolutely delicious πŸ™‚

  • Hello, greetings from Sweden. I love your photos and it filled my heart with such cuddling feelings. I have a babygirl and can’t wait for my partner to realize that we also need a dog πŸ˜‰ I wanted to ask you, may I please draw one of your photos into a painting?

    Best regards,

  • Such an adorable story! Dogs truly are mankinds best friend.
    What breed of dog is Theo?

    • Thank you! Theo is Shar-Pei + Shepherd mix.

  • To see the pics on your blog with the kids and the dog is a blessing and we can still have faith in humanity…….The pics are adorable and fill our hearts with warmth and joy <3 They made my day <3

  • This has to be one of the cutest darn things I’ve ever seen

  • Your pictures are amazing!! your children are precious! Where do you find such cute clothes for Evvie? I am in love with them and I have three girls of my own…I need some serious style makeover for them.

  • I think what drew me to your pictures initially is that they were of naps – of a sweet boy and his fur buddy. I envy them their siesta! I LOVE naps and can only look at your pictures while I’m at work. I relish weekends when there’s time in the afternoon to doze. Here’s to a life filled with naps!

  • Can’t wait to meet Evvie when I see you next (hopefully soon). Love the three of them napping together. It seems that California has made your family blossom even more. So crazy that Zoe’s 6 now and Jack’s almost 9. They are a year younger than Allegra (who just turned 7) and Ben (who’s been 9 for 3 months).

  • I have seen pictures of Theo and Beau and I didn’t think they could get any cuter, but they did! These pictures of Theo, Beau, and Evangeline are so sweet.

  • I am bummed that I didn’t see the preorder/autograph section. I received my book the other day. I am in loooove!

    Thank you, Shyba Family!

  • May God Bless you and your little ones.. I grew up with dogs always in the house and there isn’t anything better then a warm nose! My kids also grew up with dogs along with other animals.. They learned how to be compassionated and to take care of something beside themselves.. Keep up the good work!

    Myrna Garcia

  • We have a dog that looks exactly like Theo- same colors and very, very similar markings but ours is a girl. We rescued her from an SPCA in Virginia. She is very friendly and loves to cuddle with us.

  • Found your pictures of your children and their beloved pet so endearing!
    Just happened upon one of the photos on Facebook.
    What a treasure as you watch and
    it will be for each of them as they
    grow to understand the bond they share. Thank you for sharing!

  • The pictures are so cute.

  • Your children are so beautiful. And having grown up with a wonderful, loving Labrador, I can appreciate having a four legged best friend. Thank you so much for sharing these sweet pictures with the world.
    Best of luck to you and your family!

  • Loving the story and photos are so precious.

  • Fantastic photos thanks for sharing xx

  • I LOVE taking pictures of our granddaughters asleep as well as our dogs ~ so your story resinates with my heartstrings!!

  • Dear Jessica:

    Thank you for your gift of these pictures. I also saw you guys featured on television. I am thanking you because when the world seems gray and maybe even going in the wrong direction I remember or look at your pix and know love prevails.

    All the best,

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