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Let me re-introduce myself: Please welcome our brand new look!

I worked with Erin and Tim Cooper over at CooperHouse  for the last six months on bringing my vision for this space to life. Given all that’s been going on, what with a new baby and a new book and a family and the holidays (need I go on?), the fact that they were able to take the essence of my creative side and bring my vision into one gorgeous, cohesive package is astounding to me. For example, those little colorful circles up there around my brand name symbolize stepping stones for all of these little lily pads that have offered themselves to keep our family afloat the last 8 years. I couldn’t be happier with the way it has turned out and am thrilled to finally announce the re-design.

Over the past few weeks, our family has been carried on a whirlwind of travels, throwing our routines a bit. If you know me, you know that routine is crucial for my sanity, so it’s nice to have something consistent to calm my nerves and stay out of the fray a bit.

Nap time, bed time and meal time are all very critical to our well being. Travel and vacations all tend to wreak havoc on those things, though not in a bad way. We are all more than happy to get home to our familiar safe havens though.

I’m bringing back our Momma Loves feature for a couple of reasons. It feels good to have consistency over here in this very crucial emotional arena for me, and secondly I’m getting inundated with requests about what the kids are wearing on Instagram. Rather than tagging each photo to death, the brands will be mentioned here consistently.

I love adorning my precious babies with fun clothes, and  I have always believed-from the days when I made my own clothing in high school to now-that clothing is so much more than a thing. It’s a movement, an attitude, a feeling, an idea, an expression. All of the above.

I want my kids to be comfortable in safe, well-made garments primarily. If they are unique, whimsical and childlike, even better.

It’s always been a dream of mine to create my own children’s clothing line. For now I’ll play with what’s out there and brainstorm with what’s brewing inside my creative bubble.


Zoe and Evangeline are wearing organic pajamas by Skylar Luna.  


Beau is wearing Bobo Choses tank and sweats, and a Mini Rodini cap that I found at Poppy’s Closet.


Beau is wearing another Bobo Choses tank and pants from Tea Collection. Evvie’s romper is from Shampoodle


Jack’s shirt is from Munster and his trunks are Volcom. Beau’s outfit is the same from above. Zoe’s dress is Munster and her sweater is Roxy. The baby carrier is my Ergo 360. My dress is Theodore and my hat is Olive and Pique. The kids’ glasses are Babiators



Evvie’s sweater is Zara Kids and her headband is from Happiness Lives Here. My necklace (which I never take off!) is from Helen FicaloraIMG_6878

Jack’s Don’t Start Wars tee as well as Zoe’s cat dress and Beau’s tee are Munster Kids, Evvie’s dress is Little Hip Squeaks

Thank you for being here!

As always, Momma Loves is not sponsored.

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  • love seeing all those pictures and your beautiful updated design. you are a treasure, and you treasure your family–so wonderful to see! thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Momma! I knew about your new site ages ago, cause I check every day for new posts. 🙂

    Can you share more about your furry babies and what Momma loves for them? For those of us with only the four-legged kiddos, it is super special when you share your thoughts about the furry ones and what you recommend. Yes, I am referring to Charlie and Beau (I’m correct, right, that the kitty’s name is Charlie).

    Thanks with love from Chicago.

  • You occasionally wear a lace sleeved tank/halter top under shirts in other pictures that is really cute, any chance you remember where it is from. I’m looking for nursing cover ups that are so ‘maternity’ 🙂 As always your family is adorable, and I love the way the kids all look so close. Well done!

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