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The past few months leading up to the launch of Naptime with Theo and Beau has been a whirlwind; I’ve experienced my fair share of exhaustion of course, but not without also experiencing immense amounts of joy and humility. One of the most beautifully humbling things I’ve seen is the outpouring of support for this book (and its two sweet main characters) from people all across the Internet.

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It’s beautiful to see a community that I’ve long been a part of come together to lift one of their own (me!) on their shoulders and celebrate something lovely and wonderful that has come from sharing our lives on the internet. My family is thrilled, my children are thrilled, it is beyond comprehension how this has all come together but I couldn’t be more proud.

My mom and I took Evangeline to New York City for press the day Naptime with Theo and Beau was released. We spent the day in a studio, and the evening celebrating at a restaurant that I’ve always wanted to take my mother to, Gramercy Tavern. Being in the city for this particular reason, with my mother and my new baby girl, celebrating my new book was something I don’t think I could have ever wished or even dreamed for. It was beyond. I will never forget it.





We went to Barnes & Noble in Union Square on our way to the airport, not much more than 24 hours after we landed. This is the store I took my babies to throughout their toddlerhood on cold days when there wasn’t much else to do. The nostalgia/excitement was almost more than I could bear.





We picked up more than a few copies of People Magazine while were there too, with a side of squeals. Unreal.

We’ve now wrapped up our official first week on the market, and I just want to pocket this feeling and save it for always. I am humbled and grateful for all of your support, always. What a ride this has been.

Naptime with Theo and Beau is the perfect way to celebrate the loves in your life, too (grown or little)! We have so much to be thankful for.




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