Must Love and Lipstick

I met Justin at a mutual friend’s house. It was Christmas time and we were celebrating the holiday and ourselves, being home gathering for the reunion that happens around that time of year. I was dressed in my finest, he was wearing a pair of jeans and a tee shirt that still live in his closet and usual rotation today.

My beauty routine for going out then-nearly nine years ago-looks basically the same as my date night preparation today, except I spend about 1/5 of the amount of time as I used to. That, and I’m usually nursing one baby and cleaning crumbs off of another at the same time. Life as a mother of four is nothing if not layered and I would expect nothing less. Glamour is as glamour does, and even I could use a touch here and there. Rather than jump into my awaiting chariot arm in arm with my prince, I’ll add a new pair of pumps and a darker shade lip and a touch of cheek tint and fly out the door before someone needs me. I’ve found that if I change up my makeup game just a little it revitalizes my whole mood. I picked up the Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick and Lip Lacquer at Walgreens and was really happy with the results. I’m into wearing makeup that doesn’t really look or feel like I’m wearing makeup, so the wax-free gel technology makes it feel fancy without being overdone.

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Justin and I have been lucky enough to have spent most of our marriage living normal, perfectly average days together. Most of those days have consisted of working and parenting, learning and teaching. We haven’t had many date nights; they’re so rare, in fact, that our very first date since Evangeline was born was a momentous occasion planned last minute and made possible only because I managed to have a bottle for her in the 11th hour. Justin met me at the venue after work, and I threw on a dress, heels and a little bit of makeup before kissing all of my babies and racing out the door.

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We met up for dinner at Shadowbrook after he finished with his last patient and I squared the kids away with our awesome babysitter. We walked around the property which is so stunning and romantic, nestled on a hill complete with a trolley and a living garden. Before settling into a dinner conversation about our children, we tried to snap a selfie and breathe in the calm and silence. A perfectly normal, otherwise average night, but it felt like Christmas 9 years ago, when I was decked out in my finest and he was in his typical tee shirt and jeans. It always feels like that when we’re together. One thing I’m learning is the key to a successful marriage is taking the time to clear our nuclear atmosphere and hone in on our relationship.


I so appreciate these nights that we have together and how even a little bit of lipstick elevates my mood and attitude about dressing up for a special night with my husband. The Revlon HD Lipstick and the Revlon HD Lip Lacquer were the perfect tint, price point and free of fuss to kick up our date night just a notch.

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