Holidays Personified

Each year the bigger holidays seem to take on a new form. Justin and I stay up late baking and preparing the baskets, hiding the eggs, setting the stage for the happy moments to take form and play out at dawn. It’s a cornucopia of feelings for me, my own memories folded into the batter of the new ones we’re creating.

I place a lot of importance on the rituals and traditions of these special days, even though they’re really just another day. These are the bookends of the time that waxes and wanes throughout the months that are peppered with baseball games, school, birthdays and field trips. I love preparing for holidays. I live for the looks their faces when they see the surprises in the morning time. Even though Beau played with his new toys during our Easter church service, he’ll remember carrying the basket of donated toys for local kids in need up to our beloved pastor, and I’ll remember him resting his chin on the pews during the moments that we say peaceful prayers for our loved ones. I’ll also remember his great big spirit wreaking havoc during brunch and dinner, just as it should be with this wild child of mine.

This was Evangeline’s very first Easter. We dressed up in seersucker, lace, linen and pointelle. We celebrated the spirit of the holiday, we celebrated each other, we celebrated the many, many gifts that we have been graced with.



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It only rains sporadically here unfortunately, but Mother Universe decided that the only other day besides Halloween (when it rained) that we actually really do need to be outside is Easter and therefore it shall rain on that day, too. And so it did.

It wasn’t enough to dampen our spirits though. In fact, we are so eager for a dousing and excited to see it that even the kids aren’t fazed by the cold and wet. Our egg hunts, all four of them that the kids were so lucky to take part in, went on as planned. We shlepped through the mud and poured soggy eggs into damp baskets and it was wonderful.

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We hunted and counted the loot and ate well with beloved family members. I don’t know how the rest of my holidays will look, but this one was perfectly lovely and exhausting. I can’t wait to see Evvie toddling around with a gigantic basket next year. These are the days.

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Happiness and contentment, personified for all of us.

I hope you all had a beautiful holiday weekend.

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