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Successful parenting as a mother of four children starts with the very basics, cohesively mapped out within the framework of a day. I try to be as flexible as possible within that particular framework, but I find that if everyone knows what to expect, our days tend to be more seamless than not. As my children grow and we all find ourselves with new needs and in different stages, I’ve become something of a Gumby Mom, I try to be as flexible as possible while maintaining certain principals.

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There are certain things that make all of our lives happy, healthy and generally more enjoyable-all key principals within my parenting strategy that have become the steel beams within that framework. During the school year, Beau, Evvie and I have our own schedule where we spend time at the beaches or parks in between his preschool days. We’re planning our summer now, those long days that often (happily) don’t have any structure spread out between various different trips and activities. No matter what we have going on, I have to be sure that my refrigerator is stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables and an accessible snack drawer that they can head to whenever they get hungry. Making sure these things are available to them (and that sugar and processed, packaged treats are not) is a big part of what keeps our ship running smoothly. NatureBox is a snack subscription service that delivers a box of delicious and healthy options right to your door. They have over 100 snacks to choose from, making it easy to find something for everyone in the family. Plus, all of their snacks are made with zero artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, zero grams trans fats and no high fructose corn syrup.

We spend a lot of time out of the house, whether it’s our various trips to the beach with Theo and the family, to park dates with Beau and Evvie, to Jack’s baseball games that are now scheduled a couple of times per week. More often than not, I’m reaching for things that I don’t have to worry about preparing or spoiling on my way out the door. The NatureBox Toasted Sesame Stix, Dried Mangos and Roasted Corn Kernels are some of my big kids’ favorites, plus I pretty much always have a stash of the Fruit Chews in my purse or diaper bag in case they need a little fun pick-me-up. I find that if I’m prepared with a stash of these things at all times I can prepare to occupy hungry tummies and even stir-crazy tendencies when we’re waiting at the doctor’s office or in line at the post office. Even for myself, I don’t ever leave the house without a clementine and a bag of almonds in my purse because the truth is, I don’t usually have time to make myself elaborate meals and my snack times generally save my sanity as well.

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There are a few subscription services that I couldn’t live without, ones that align well with my personal and parenting philosophies. I want to be sure that my children have the healthiest food options available to them at all times, and that the companies that we invest in also have similar values. The monthly curated deliveries take out the extra trips to grocery store where I’ll sometimes be tempted into buying something that I might otherwise not want in our kitchen, and they’re a simple way to keep our pantry stocked. Beau and Zoe especially are in a mode where he’s only interested in snacking, so the more healthy options I have available to them, the better. It keeps the various different moods and phases of our large family in a somewhat streamlined, comfortable zone for everyone. NatureBox is a really wonderful option for our family and I couldn’t be happier to share our story with you.


I’m thrilled to offer one of you a year-long subscription to NatureBox to try it out for yourself!

To enter, please browse their snack catalog and leave a comment stating which snack you like most about the product line. Giveaway is open to all US and Canada residents and a winner will be chosen next Monday, April 20.

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