Timeless Treasures

It’s no secret to anyone that we spend a great deal of time together. Between our youngest, Evvie, Beau and Theo, Jack and Zoe, we are pretty much always rotating blocks of time with each child amongst my husband and myself. Mornings are spent piled in our bed, as usually one or two children stumble into our room at some point in the night. Evenings are spent around the dinner table and then reading books with the girls in Zoe’s room, or with the boys in Jack and Beau’s room. Theo is always happily plopped on one of our beds, as long as one of his siblings is there with him.

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Evvie is already so used to having lots of energy and different personalities around her. Her spirit is so vibrant and she is developing more and more into her own little being. She is constantly happy, and it’s something that is so completely addicting to be around. Seven months is such a magical baby age and stage. Her bright eyes are always focused and she is constantly trying to be one of the big kids (already). These moments are so fleeting and I can tell that they only flying by more and more rapidly the older she gets. The drawers in her closet are brimming with onesies and outfits that I’ve tried but I simply cannot squeeze her into any longer. The newborn stage will forever be the most crazy lovely part of my life, and I cannot fathom transferring these out of our home for good. This is a really important factor when I choose the items that I bring into our home and lives to begin with. I put so much care into the clothing and blankets that adorn my babies with because these are my memories, my photos, the items that are filling the boxes that I will unearth when they are ready to use them with their own babies. Monica & Andy is one of these brands that has found its way into our lives and has become an instant staple.

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I have all of the blankets from when Jack, Zoe and Beau were babies. They’ve gone from swaddling little bodies to warming cold toes in strollers to picnics and beach wraps, working their way through the different ages and stages of my children’s lives like forever companions. Monica & Andy’s large organic, muslin baby blankets are perfect for huddling under while watching movies, tucking in at bedtime and coming along for road trips and have worked double duty for all of these things so far. I’ve long adored their organic baby clothing too, sweet and instant classics that line the edges of my heart and some of my favorite photos of baby Evangeline. And the essence of motherhood is literally woven throughout the fabric, as the entire line is created and tested by moms, so I know the quality is unmatched and the love is real.


There are so many things that pass through our lives, things that often don’t have much meaning but that make up different important facets of our everyday lifestyles. The kids are growing and changing at a rate that I can barely keep up with, but these certain mementos that will hold spots in my memory and in my cherished photos. It’s crucial that I find brands and items that really withstand this test of time and our various travels, and Monica & Andy’s items are perfect examples of that.

I might add, by way of the gifting department, Monica & Andy have created beautiful Hospital Boxes that consist of an Organic Coming Home in Cotton Blanket, two Organic Newborn Tops, one Organic Luxury, Muslin Four Layer Bib + Burp Cloth and an Organic Newborn Top Knot Hat, all of which can be delivered to the hospital. A very lovely and thoughtful idea that I wish I had thought of.

I’m thrilled to announce that Monica & Andy is offering a discount to my readers of 15% off a purchase of $50 or more. Just add discount code MOMMASGONECITY to your order. The code will be good through Wednesday the 22nd.


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