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This past week marked my fourth attendance at the Mom 2.0 Summit, arguably one of the most sought after conferences for bloggers, entrepreneurs and brands in this industry. I began attending after I had been blogging for two years and even then could see and understand that the content brought to the panels, sessions and keynotes was motivating and inspiring, something that has kept me not only wanting to return as an attendee but also as a presenter.


The three days that encapsulate this conference are packed from yoga in the morning to dinners in the evening. I’ve attended alone and with babies, and last year I spent over a week in Georgia even though I was six months pregnant with Evvie. It’s one of those times of the year that I not only look forward to seeing my friends in this community, but I am eager to have conversations with women and men that I hugely admire and respect, while getting to dip my toe into the entrepreneurial end of the pool meeting with brand representatives. It’s a very interesting time to be alive and functioning in this social space, and I for one couldn’t feel more fortunate to be a part of a community that truly functions on its support of each other.



This year, I traveled to Arizona with Evangeline in tow. She is still nursing and up quite a bit at night, and it just doesn’t feel right to leave her yet so I invited my mom and my sister to travel with me to watch her while I worked. The Phoenician, where Mom 2.0 2015 was held, is an incredibly gorgeous property, a resort filled with palm trees, swimming pools and wild animals nestled at the base of the mountains. I had a hard time completely immersing myself into the programming and panels after Evvie got sick, but I was able to not only sit on my own panel but also sign copies of Naptime with Theo and Beau at the Lindt Chocolate booth. This year, Lindt was not only my sponsor at Mom 2.0, but they were also a major sponsor of the conference as a whole. I can’t quite think of a more fitting pair, between the photos of Theo and Beau and the sweetness that they exude naturally and the the overarching theme of the conference being about connecting and finding what makes each of us authentic and passionate.

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The Lindt Chocolate booth was stationed in the marketplace, in between ballrooms that held powerful panels of women and men and filled the seats and even some of the floor space. The team brought 12,000 truffles, wiping their stash clean each day they were there. These conferences are intense, and if there is one thing that a LINDOR truffle does is create a moment of calm amongst an otherwise hectic atmosphere. There were more than a few times that I needed to completely remove myself from all of the social stimulation and sneak to my hotel room to snuggle my baby and melt away with a couple LINDOR chocolates. The 100-degree dry heat was a close second, but nothing that I could tap into for more than a few minutes. For a couple of sessions at the conference, I sat at their booth, talking with friends old and new and signing copies of my book. It was an honor to be at the conference with such an iconic brand, one that is so supportive of me and encouraging people to take the #LINDORmelt challenge: The moment when you break the shell of a LINDOR truffle and, as it begins to melt, you let yourself melt away. I even gathered a couple of treat bags to fill for my mom and sister, as they are not only chocolate lovers but they can appreciate a moment of bliss provided by the LINDORmelt moment, lovingly made of chocolate created by Lindt’s Master Swiss Chocolatiers.

IMG_1531 IMG_1535 IMG_1556

IMG_1701 IMG_1866

We are home now. Evvie is feeling better, my mom and sister enjoyed the facials and Lindt Chocolate truffles that I treated them to for Mother’s Day, and I am still processing everything I learned and the ways I was most inspired by true pioneers in this industry. I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this incredible community, with thoughtful brands and meaningful partnerships on the horizon.

Now through Mother’s Day, download a coupon to enjoy a #LINDORmelt moment of your own!

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  • I love Lindt’s chocolate! So fun that you got to eat a schmorgasboard of it all conference!

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