The Force of May

It’s evident in the hallways at school, the walls that are dripping with artwork that has long begged to be taken home. The backpacks are stuffed in a corner, dirty and dilapidated, worn from day in and day out of packing and unpacking homework, lunch boxes and projects that have made the journey to and from school almost 180 days this year. There’s a shrill hum lingering in an octave higher than normal from the 30 energetic and vibrant souls in each classroom, breathing at the doors that are beckoning to be opened to release the hounds of elementary school.

May is that month that sits staunchly with a heavy case of senioritis during its final two weeks.  It’s the Thursday night before Friday releases a long weekend. It’s the final preview before the feature film begins. All systems are ready, the dessert plates have been placed and the candles have been blown out.


IMG_3331 IMG_3330 IMG_3149 IMG_3185

As a parent, waiting until summer begins is really, really exciting. I’m tired of the rushing around in the morning, the blur of bowls of half eaten cereal and pajamas strewn on the couch. I’m done asking if homework is finished or if the reading log has been filled out. I’m really so ready to just wake up with the kids and let them be children, to enjoy the ease of the day and the freedom of vacation. To know that with a lot of effort and diligence, summer vacation is an earned reward for learning to be capable, confident and astute students and human beings.

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Of course, in the meantime we’re throwing parties for the last games in little league, driving kids on field trips, preparing gifts for teachers and gearing up for the last IEP sessions and open houses. I’m lining up summer camps of all kinds; Church, preschool, little lifeguards, dance and soccer. My life, as much as I’d like to think it’s going from less scheduled and routine, there will be much more logistics to plan for and carpools to set up. This is a season in my parenthood that I really didn’t plan on getting here quite as quickly as it arrived, and as neat and wonderful and incredible as it is raising children that are school-aged, it’s getting much more complicated and much more hectic than I could have anticipated.

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June is around the corner and we’ll put those lunch boxes and backpacks away for a couple of months. The only bags we’ll be packing are the ones that take us on little vacations or to the beach on day trips. While there will be a demand for a little bit of structure, I am so excited to get my kids back.

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  • Doggone it… these kiddos could NOT BE ANY CUTER!! love watching them grow and change, and NOT change!

  • nice article….the kids are amazing — what lovely personalities they seem to have.
    i hope you and your beautiful family have the best summer yet!

  • Jessica, Kindly hit the pause button on your children. They are growing up so fast; Beau especially.

    Thank you.

  • I’m beyond ready for summer break! Moo’s had a great first year of school, but I do miss us being able to be on own schedules and having the flexibility to do more things as a family unit. Love the photos of the kids. They’re getting so big!

  • I’d love to hear what you give your kids teachers as a end of the year gift. I’m always stumped then give up and purchase mass amounts of Starbuck’s gift cards on the last day of school.

  • We have another 6 weeks of school here in the UK and these next few weeks are so jam packed that I am really looking forward to the Summer holidays and they’ve only gone back to school today after a week off! Looking forward to ready about the fun you guys have this Summer.

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