Swinging into School Season

This fall brings a lot of changes for our family. We’ve moved back to the town that Justin and I grew up in, the one where our two oldest children were born. We are closer to family and familiar neighborhoods, but we are barely unpacked in our new home and only days away from the first day of school. I usually am overly excited for this time of year when I can expect our lives to assume some type of order, but I think this fall has presented more chaos than usual and we are all eager for a little normal. We’ve had a really long and really relaxing, wonderful summer up until now and I think we are all more than ready for some structure, the kind that comes with the back-to-school routine.

Jack and Zoe will be starting in a new elementary school for the second time in two years. I have been dreading this change for both of them, but as parents we are making the best decisions we can for the lives of our children and family. I am nervous about what the social landscape will look like for my second and third graders, knowing how drastically kids change at that age and how friendships are somewhat developed by that time. Jack and Zoe are both really happy and easy kids to get along with, so I am positive about the change and feeling cautiously optimistic that the new environment will be a healthy one for both of them. Getting ready for the first day of school is still so exciting for them that we are eagerly preparing by sorting though supplies and creating checklists for things that they need and want for starting in a brand new grade in a brand new school. One of the biggest things for both of them is having clothes to wear that they like and feel good in. We found a really wonderful selection of quality pieces at GAP Factory that fit both their criteria and my budget comfortably.

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Zoe has really grown into her sense of style and it’s so much fun to watch. She organized her new closet within one day and plans her outfits the evening before, even on summer days. At nearly seven years old, she has a very defined sense of style and comfort for herself, and while that leaves very little room for my own influence, it is incredibly fun to watch her express herself with fashion. Zoe went from being the little girl that would only wear skirts and dresses to wanting primarily leggings, soft pants and shorts because she knows that she can run and play much easier in them. The denim jeans at GAP Factory that she found fit her snugly and are easy to do cartwheels in while fitting the style aesthetic that Zoe has so clearly defined for herself.

Jack and Beau are easier to dress, but both also quite opinionated. They want soft and comfortable too, and I want them to look presentable in situations that don’t always involve sports and lounging. The great thing about GAP Factory graphic tees, woven button down shirts and jeans is that we can check all of those boxes pretty easily. Jack is particular about how his t-shirts look and fit while being soft and easy enough to head out to play hoops during recess and after school play time. The styles are bold and colorful and suit an active child’s lifestyle well. Shopping is as shopping does, and so I found some Sexy Boyfriend jeans of my own while back-to-school shopping at GAP Factory that have become a summer staple. They are comfortable and easy paired with a tank and flip-flops or with a nice blouse and heels for impromptu date nights or lunch meetings.


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So many things are important and crucial when it comes to starting a new grade. Given Jack and Zoe will also be in a new school with new peers, it’s critical that they are comfortable and confident and it’s my job to make sure that their needs are met in as many ways as possible. I can’t be with them and hold their hand through their days, but I can do my part by giving them the tools to function their very best both mentally and physically. I definitely appreciate when I can find clothes they like for a decent price, helping to make this back-to-school journey as seamless for all of us as possible.

In case you are also back-to-school shopping or need an extra little incentive, I’m happy to offer an extra 15% off in-store and online from 8/5/15-8/19/15 with code MGC15. Excludes clearance. Happy Shopping!

Beautiful photography in the second portion is by my friend Julie Cahill Photography.

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