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  • Awe he looks adorable and ready to take on the world! Preschool was such a hard time for me, I felt like my baby had gotten so big! Congrats Beau!

  • Attitude: All Beau is the perfect description of this picture!! Such a cutie!!

  • Do you ever feel like you need to keep your brands a secret ? Everyone is always preoccupied only on brands on your photos ? And not on the photo itself .

    • Well, I work really hard at curating a very original collection of clothing in my children’s (and my) closets. It’s so much fun for me. Lately I’m noticing that a majority of the engagement on my instagrams is all product based, so I figured if they’re willing to come to this blog and see who we really are, I’m happy to link the brands (99% of which I buy myself) and serve as a resource. It’s the comments that I get when I publish a sponsored post that start to bother me! It’s all the same, the only difference is I’m getting paid to be vocal about the brands I support.

  • great pic and by the way, your sponsored post never feel like they are sponsored post because you write so beautiful.
    I like them and good for you that you a getting paid for it. There is nothing wrong with it. Others do it too. So, why not you?

  • I love Beau!! Sooooo much moxie for a little tyke – is he willing to share some of that confidence? Children…so uninhibited, they hold the secret to life 🙂

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