The Spirit of Autumn

It’s one of my favorite times of year, when the cold fall air begins to whisper in our sun-loving, California ears, that fall has come and with it the promise of beautiful traditions, cozy sweaters and hot chocolate in the afternoons. I truly love everything about fall, right down to the decorations that my simplistic nature normally cannot tolerate. The various different holidays that keep us preparing months in advance are some of the most fun times I have had as a parent. Unearthing the holiday boxes from their bins in the garage, carefully placing each decorative garland and remembering the previous years is so special, but it’s the promise of new memories to be made that truly fills me up.

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Jack, Zoe and Beau all have their costumes planned for Halloween. Justin and I have been thinking of group ideas, but none of the kids seem to be into that idea. Beau, for some reason, is making sure that I dress up as a “Halloween Cupcake” and I might just take him up on it just to see his reaction. Of all of the personalities living under our roof, Beau is the biggest and probably the brightest, and he is completely obsessed with holiday decorations. I surprised them yesterday when they came home from little league practice with a home freshly flanked in black, orange, brown and gold. A quick and easy trip to Ross Dress For Less made the hunt for fall and holiday decorations fun and low cost, but the reaction garnered from my three big kids made it all priceless. It’s exciting when events come along that bring fun traditions, fresh and festive tchotchkes to look at in our otherwise very familiar furnishings. If I can keep the cost down, it’s fun to bring new things in each year to surprise everyone with.

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“I LOVE these pumpkins and sparkles Mommy! They are happy pumpkins!”

“OH MY GOSH MOMMY! I love this pumpkin! Can we eat these?”

“MOMMY LOOK! These are so twinkly and beautiful!”

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Beau is enamored by each and every new decoration. The table runners, wicker pumpkin, glitter pumpkins and even the Halloween sign sitting outside our front door all came from the Ross Dress For Less fall display. As a fun little treat for them, I even bought them all superhero masks and capes. Our little Super Shybas actually get such a kick out of dressing alike (Evvie wasn’t having the mask) and it cracks me up to see them having so much fun with make believe.

Fall brings so much comfort, tradition and family together into one beautiful stretch of time. It’s fun to embrace the change of seasons, the planning of family events and shopping for sweet little surprises for our family and our children make it all so enjoyable and meaningful. It’s special to embrace these things so that they carry out through the year, but we will always have fall to remind us of home no matter what.

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