Weekend Getaway (Plus a Plum Organics Giveaway)

We are planning on heading to the beach for a few days this weekend. We don’t get to go all that often, but when the opportunity presents itself we graciously accept and begin the process of planning, packing and preparing everyone for being away from home. Leaving on a Friday means canceling plans, arranging house-sitters, family members to hang out at the house with our fur baby(s) and packing food, clothing and activities for the drive and the stay in our family’s beach condo. This is something Justin and I have had the privilege of doing since we met each other, so it’s an incredibly special time that we all look forward to.

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Packing for any kind of trip with the whole family is intense. There are bags upon bags and suitcases filled to the brim with all kinds of outfits and accessories to match the various different circumstances and activities that present themselves and we have to be prepared for. The beach brings it’s own set of expectations, so we can plan for the elements, weather, toys and food for days on the sand and in the water with four children and often, a dog too. We really do have it down to a near science at this point though, and I feel pretty confident that we know how to pack for the expected, and even unexpected things that inevitably happen and any given moment. Evvie seems to be our wild card lately, being on the brink of walking and more and more particular about what she will and won’t eat. Fortunately for me, the easy part of this whole excursion is packing food for meals and snacks on the beach, even when it comes to Evvie. She recently figured out how to eat the Plum Organics fruit and vegetable pouches on her own and enjoys it immensely whenever we are out at restaurants, walking to and from the elementary school or at any of the various sports that her siblings practice several times a week. I appreciate the easy packing and cleanup plus the knowledge that she’s getting good foods in her belly when we aren’t at home. I’ve taken great pride in making all of my children’s baby food, but I also know when and how to appreciate other options that we all like, especially when they make my life just a bit easier.

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Since becoming a mother nearly nine years ago, I feel like I’ve explored many of the vastly different options that I’ve considered worthy of trying. From breastfeeding to bottle feeding, starting solids and maintaining a mostly organic and very healthy diet for my children, I know what options I insist keeping as part of our daily routine and those that I’m comfortable with making in a pinch. The Plum Organics line of products is something that I’ve incorporated into our travel routines with all of my children. They are flavorful and nutritious, and they look forward to having them out and about, in picnics, at museums, at the park and on the beach, and that is something that I appreciate- when they happily eat something that is good for them and easy for me to grab and throw in my purse. The Plum Organics new line, Grow Well, has plenty of yummy and nutritious options from Tummy (with prunes, pear, peach and chia), to Bone (with mango, kale, banana and Greek yogurt)- those are both Beau and Evvie’s favorites and it’s great that they are getting extra fiber and calcium with these snacks, too. Click the link for more info on this great new line (plus a coupon)!




I personally cannot wait to trade in the traffic and hectic routine for calming white noise of the ocean and stress free days that only demand walking to and from the beach (along with the rest of parenting duties of course). These are the perfect circumstances to choose fuss-free packing and meal options and I gladly accept them to maintain all of our mental and physical health. The time alone with my family is the best kind of getaway and the perfect way to revitalize our spirits.

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I’m thrilled to offer one Plum Organics Grow Well premium gift pack including Eight (8) Grow Well™ pouches, One (1) Soft baby blanket, One (1) Tummy-time mat to encourage play time with baby and One (1) Organic Cotton Baby Bib to one of you! To enter, please follow me on instagram and leave a comment below letting me know why you’d like to win it. Winner will be selected randomly on October 23rd. Good luck and have a beautiful weekend!

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  • I would love to win this plum give away! My daughter is almost four months old and will be exploring the world of food shortly. I will be back to being a full time student come January, and although I am going to make it a priority to make all of her baby food my self, it would be excellent to have organic and delicious snacks on hand for the days I am extra rushed to get out of the house, pack the baby and her essentials, and make it to school on time.

  • I watch my 17 mo old nephew a couple days a week. We have a pretty consistent routine, but I have not been successful at meal time. He’s a pretty picky eater at my house. Id love to try these with him. My kids are in college, so this is all new again to me.

  • I adore Plum organics, best baby food out there! Both my baby and toddler love it!

  • My son loves pouches and I love Plum Organics! Our favs are the Mighty4 line. The stores around me carry a very limited variety, so I’d love to get my hands on these from the new line!

  • I love making my daughters food, but when I’m in a pinch, I grab a Plum pouch, yummy and nutritious, and Juliet is obsessed!

  • I would love to win! I have an 8 month old daughter who absolutely loves plum pouches. Living in NYC can be quite costly but I would never skim on her food – only the best for my little girl!

  • Would love to try these! Feeding our 8-month-old on the go is always tricky… you can’t beat convenient and nutritious!

  • I also try to encourage an organic diet when possible for my b/g twins. They love plum organic pouches and I love how healthy they are! We would like to try the new flavors!

  • My 11-month old son Cameron sucks Plum Organics down! He loves them. We have tried a ton of different brands, but these are always his favorite.

  • I love following your family’s adventures and have begun to incorporate Plum organics into our 8 month old daughter’s diet. This would be a great gift for us!
    Instagram: shelley_ann_w

  • I have my first grandson due the 2nd of January. I would love to gift this to my daughter in-love. She is planning on making all her own baby food as well.

  • I’d love to win this! I haven’t tried this line before and would love to introduce this to baby #3. Thanks!

  • I also made all of my sons organic puréed baby food. He has now moved on to table food and I’m loving the ease of the Plum line. He still loves these pouches and they are amazing for on the go. They have saved me so many times.

  • I’d love to win for my daughter who loves plum pouches!!

  • Oh man, as a mom who juggles two part time jobs and an 11 month old, I would love to win this giveaway for my little wonderlu. Easy, healthy, safe foods are proving more difficult that I thought. This would be great.

  • My baby girl lives plum organic a stuff. Her favorite is their frozen meatballs! I would love to try these new pouches! They are a lifesaver when we aren’t at home.

  • We are new to solid food, my little guy has been eating it for 2 months now. We would love this gift pack to try all the flavors! Plus who wouldn’t love all the extra goodies!

  • The top beach picture….is that a fin sticking up in the ocean???

  • I’d love to win for my 6 month old! I usually make his baby food, but Plum Organics would be perfect for the diaper bag, and on the go!!

  • I would like to win this awesome giveaway because I only feed my baby the best organic food and Plum Organics is definitely the best!!

  • While I know the pouches are technically “baby food”, it is a great way for my almost 4 year old to get some veggies. We gave our younger child pouches on the go, and when my older one also asked for one, we started buying twice as many!

  • I follow you on Instagram. I’d love to win because I am still trying to figure out ways to get my babies eating better foods and this would be a good way to try out the new Plum line! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • My grandson is 18 months old and lives in Lexington KY. I bought your Beau and Theo book for him the day it came out and he loves it! Both his parents work so of course that means a hectic daily schedule. Every day they make the drive to Keeneland Horse Park to give their German Shepard dog a good run and exercise time. Finding healthy, nutritious foods and snacks for my grandson for the drive over and time spent in the park, has proven to not be as easy for them as it should be. This sounds like the perfect solution and we are excited to get Plum Organics and find his favorite flavors!

  • Hey Jessica,
    My two year old has always loved Plum pouches. Like you said, they are perfect for traveling or if you just want to get some extra vitamins in their diet.
    I have a two month old also and when she is old enough, she’ll try them too.

  • Would love to win this for my daughter, she would love this

  • I think my little one would love these yummy flavors!

  • I would love to win this! My daughter is slowly being introduced to solids and she loves the Plum Organics pouches. They are perfect for on-the-go meals!

  • I would love to win this amazing pkg! I love ur little children and stay plugged in to what’s new and changing with u guys! Love little Evvie! My baby is 4 months old .. These varieties of pouches make ME hungry …

  • My littles still love Plum pouches, but I’d love to gift this set to a good friend. 🙂

  • My little ones adore “crushers,” as we call them. It’s something I can feel good about giving them as a snack while we are out and about! We would love to win a few!!

  • I would love some Plum Organics pouches for my son that’s starting solids very soon. A bib and play mat would be great too!

  • I would love to this!! I am a soon to be mother of 3! I have an almostb2 year old that still loves pouches! And an almost 5 year old! I would love to win for my new son! I need all the help I can get! I enter these things all the time maybe this will be my lucky one!

  • He’s our first little one. He’s pure love. Pure happiness. From his cries to his giggles, from his dirty bum to his soft cheeks, from his bald head to his tiny toes, all of him is sacred to us. With a passion to keep him this way, plum is among the few companies we trusted.

    We would love to win some of our favorites!

  • Oh I would love to win this!! My special/medical needs daughter loves these packets and finally can eat them since she has global delays that prevented her from eating solids for much longer than most kiddos. So yay!! These are so hard to find in the stores around my home, too. ?

  • Love plum foods!

  • Hi there!
    This single mommy would love to win because .. My 3 children & I have been through a very tough year.. It would be a dream come true to win a get-away.. We love the beach & in years past we’ve gone but this year could not afford to.. I can just imagine the looks on my kids face’s if we win..
    P.S. thank you for plum organics
    Makes my life so much easier & I feel good knowing they’re eating healthy organic yumminess 🙂

  • I would love to win because my 11 month old baby girl loves plum organic pouches! I love them myself lol, and I know baby#2 who’s in the way, would love them too!

  • Our baby just turned one last week! I made all of his baby food, but I’m interested in trying these for when we are on the go to make meal packing easier!

  • i would love to win because our little guy is just staring to learn about pouches and I love trying new ones out with him.

  • My daughter loves these! They are her go-to snack!

  • My little man just tried Plum for the first time yesterday and he loves it. He is almost 6 months old and he tried the prunes and we couldn’t feed him fast enough, he had it everywhere. I know he would love some more Plum pouches and a soft Blanket and somewhere to lie for yummy time.

  • I absolutely love Plum Organics for our 10 month old! She favors their “puff” snacks over other brands, as well as the squeeze pouches. (And they’re yummy too!) She is our first, and we are constantly learning! I think this gift pack would be a perfect addition for our growing family as we try for baby 2!!

  • i don’t do Instagram, so no follow (sorry!)
    But my son is just starting solids and I love how easy the pouches are for on the go (or crazy days at home, too!). I just hate how the pouches are more expensive than other baby foods.

  • I would love to win this for my 10 month old daughter 🙂

  • I would love to win this! My sons 5 months old and we buy him this food all the time.

  • My daughter just turned 6 months and we are right in the beginning stages of trying different solids. This giveaway is perfect and could not have come at a better time.=)

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