Fresh Faced

One of my favorite photos from my childhood is of me sitting on my mother’s vanity, looking into the mirror that I had completely smeared with her makeup. I was clad in only a diaper and dripping with what looks like face cream and baking powder. Don’t recollect that moment in time specifically, but I can remember longing to be wherever she was, doing whatever she was doing. She was (and is) more beautiful than I have words for, and I still feel wrapped in her love wherever I am when I think of her. There are photos of me and my sister dressed in her clothes and heels, prancing around and feeling larger than life. It’s how she has always made us feel, as though we could do anything and she would be there to lift us up, and she absolutely has been.

Along with the feelings of gentle nostalgia that comes when I see these rounded corner, warm hued old photographs, I can remember knowing that her vanity and her makeup drawer were off limits. It filled me with wonder and awe when I’d open these drawers filled with colorful objects that smelled amazing… they smelled like her. I love that photo of me on her dresser because, as much as I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing what I was doing, I gave in and went for it no holds barred. It’s that feeling that I get when I see my own daughters digging through my makeup drawer; it’s adorable and a little funny, even though I’m slightly concerned that something will be destroyed and there’ll be a gigantic mess to clean up. What I don’t want to worry about is them accidentally consuming something potentially harmful, and for that reason on top of so many more, I have been going through the process of ridding my makeup and skincare regime of cosmetics that don’t measure up to my safety standards, turning to products with more naturally-derived ingredients and even vegan, cruelty-free products. With the Honest Company’s recent launch of Honest Beauty, it couldn’t have come at a better time and I have been eager to try their new line. I have trusted the Honest Company with the very gentle skin of my babies, so I was relieved when this option came up and relieved my task of searching high and low for products that meet my expectations.

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I don’t wear much makeup on a daily basis. The truth is, some days I don’t even get a shower in, so the notion of taking the time to apply a ton of makeup just isn’t in my realm of reality. Even on special occasions, I’ll certainly add a little more eyeliner, mascara and blush, but I can’t wear too much without losing the feeling of me, and that isn’t something that I want to represent to my daughters, either. I want to look as fresh as possible; that is the goal when I wake up and prepare myself for the day. I found great success in the Honest Beauty Everything Primer-which is my new favorite thing ever, actually. It adds a soft base that seems to even out everything else nicely. I have never been a cakey-foundation person, so Everything Tinted Moisturizer was the perfect balance; it evens out my skin tone while still looking very healthy and natural. Mascara is my number #1 go-to, and I love that the Honest Beauty Truly Lush Mascara has a lash primer on one end that adds definition and body to my fine lashes. A little kick of the Truly Magnetic Heather Mauve eye shadow and a hint of Truly Exciting creme blush and I feel like a new and fresh version of myself and I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals in this daily ritual.

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As much as my daily routine of rounding up my children, getting them to school, taking care of the pets and making sure my business runs smoothly are all top priorities, I’m trying to also prioritize my self-care routine. I want to support brands that reflect what I believe in, the ones that make day-to-day decisions easier. It’s important to me that my daughters see me for who I am naturally, and I don’t want to ever worry about them getting into my makeup drawer. I wouldn’t even mind it if I walked in and one of them was diaper-clad and testing out my makeup.


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